Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Recently, bamboo shoot hillock is street party of lake scene community group the professional teacher that the service center invites Shenzhen city rubbish to classify the public to teach dandelion to plan shares Shenzhen city rubbish to classify relevant knowledge to everybody, come from community in all 35 students and parent attended to groom this. In the activity, party of lake scene community group project of service center company broadcasts a paragraph of video first, carry in video, processing of Shenzhen city rubbish should cost 9 one year 100 million, after the student sees experience Shenzhen city deeply the giant rubbish quantity of current and daily generation, understand the importance that rubbish classifies, pressing sex. Then, mr. Yan that will to dandelion plan introduced Shenzhen city rubbish to classify 2 plans, make student understanding current the rubbish of the our city classifies big target, put in from classification again, classification is collected, reduce useless source, division to achieve become useless to wait for a respect, processing of the buy before much angle introduces deep how to let undertake to rubbish, classification reclaims, become useless to wait for knowledge for treasure. Carry game segment finally, the relevant knowledge that consolidates pupils learn. Lake scene community has begun rubbish classification to found the job in the many villages inside area under administration, and among them a village is Shenzhen city rubbish classifies 2 demonstrative base. Bencipei example classifies relevant knowledge to let students acquire rubbish not just, more important is the pupil teacher that should let him student become conduct propaganda to popularize rubbish to classify.


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