Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Yesterday, collect lake area ” blue umbrella plans ” in Jing Bei elementary school is started. This ” plan ” it is Luo Hu area ” healthy teenager ” the action plans deepen and outspread, with ” care life, constantly strive to become stronger ” for core spirit, aim to prevent teenage children accident to harm. As we have learned, this plan will build 1 ” three linkage ” platform, executive equipment safeguard, perfect mechanism 2 measure, open pedagogic lash-up to come to help groom, common sense of harm of accident of parent precaution child and lash-up come to help groom, student precaution harms 3 course accidentally. Collect lake area will establish the instructor group that runs disease of center, area to accuse central doctor and expert composition by center of emergency treatment of group of collect lake hospital, company, offer for pilot school face the set that teachs worker, parent and student respectively public safety teachs course, content covers lash-up to save aid, daily traumatic processing, motion to harm interpose and communal and safe education to wait in all 13.


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