Dispatch of network of collect lake home: A few days ago, by yellow shellfish of collect lake area community resides Party committee of community of street Wen Hua, Wen Hua appoint can sponsor, the item of small fact of the people’s livelihood that Shenzhen city initiates new popular science to promote a center to undertake looks ” the ala of popular science. Accompany you to hover ” communication of popular science of the whole people fulfils a plan, organized Wen Hua community kisses 25 pairs child walk into Shenzhen city to depend on a horological culture museum, open the brigade of a days. Shenzhen city depends on a horological culture museum is the industrial sightseeing tourist attraction that Shenzhen city gives priority to a problem the first times with time, article China community is close child people in the announcer guide below, be just as those who walked into clock of at all times and in all over the world ” grand sight garden ” , watched not only inside the house ” the brigade of days ” film, the origin that understands time and evolve into phylogeny horologically, also saw a series of China ancient time at the same time horological phylogeny of the clock with sundry chic modelling, world exhibits area and area of exhibition of of all kinds and different special subject to wait, roam in this to wade ” the brigade of days ” in, experience strong Chinese wind element, knew the deep history inside information of horological history culture adequately. Finally, article China community is close child people watch not only make horological car water, also participated in the spot to tear open outfit experience in interactive area, enjoy fruit, promote close child the collaboration between and communicate.
This activity of practice of popular science communication is Wen Hua community takes community ” one belt all the way ” thought, with the people’s livelihood project of small real issue is agency, played ” one belt all the way ” culture communication movement, make community close child people experience the world and China to pass through from the history and modern times, the experience arrived old the distinctive glamour with contemporary and horological culture, also strengthened the communication between parents and child and neighborhood at the same time, compose builds harmonious community.


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