Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Zhang Yuhui of student of Shenzhen middle school is artistic now exhibit ” appropriate ” , will be in at 14 o’clock on June 30 blessing cropland area civilian cropland road 171 new China center of art of insurance edifice 408ATC exhibits formally, ATC is pure art chief direct Pu Yu participates in guidance. Zhang Yuhui is graduated from Shenzhen middle school, love dress to design, ever designed the clothing of two series, will enter the fashionable dress that reads American vogue to design commercial college to design major this year in September. Why with ” appropriate ” the theme that exhibits as this? Zhang Yuhui says: “May why does curiosity choose someone unluckily this, see this word perhaps can remember those ever had listened, unidentified not white general principle, but the matter that I consider to do is the feeling that it brings to me. The likelihood is stated ‘ appropriate ‘ what is drinking water like appearance letting a person the sense is same, think with this creation conveys inner sense of reality to suffer so, invisible feel the finely affection that does not wear to be put look seem coarse work in. ” be in ” appropriate ” under the theme, zhang Yuhui make choice of 8 stature titles, it is opportunity, accident, choice, conflict respectively, (not) reasonable, condition, agree and abrupt. Every stature caption is corresponding a work. “This backside is concerned with my real experience or knowledge more or less, in hoping you are seeing the process that postpone sincerely so, notice the detail in work as far as possible, and combine the story of oneself and experience go experiencing mood of work backside hidden. Because my original intention is the place that presents his through art not only,think of place to want, hope to be able to produce a few resonance or collision more. ” this is Zhang Yuhui is opposite ” appropriate ” think, also be to give oneself be about to oneself souvenir of 18 years old, souvenir is grown this is exclusive, just experience suitably. In be exhibited this, zhang Yuhui is conveyed through work ” appropriate ” the emotional colour of backside. This exhibit come continuously all the time on July 14, the citizen that have fun at can visit communication before.


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