Dispatch of network of collect lake home: “Beautiful a general term for young women, you came. ” in Luo Hu area east the lake is street in an a house owned by a citizen that looks at community greatly, dweller Jiang loves Hua Gang to opened a door to laugh. In her mouth ” beautiful a general term for young women ” it is to visit stationmaster of secretary of community Party committee, workstation, house greatly appoint conference chairman Gao Guixiu. The reporter understood in interview recently, look at community men and women greatly, no matter age size, call her ” beautiful a general term for young women ” , although have two words only, but conveyed community the kind sense of 20 thousand much person to this female secretary and admire feeling. Hope community is located in below Chinese parasol foot of a hill greatly, it is the village in the city of Shenzhen model, old old tile-roofed house population is much, much and fluidity backward, dweller appeals to big, infrastructure beg much. The tall laurel that stands fast to be as long as in basic level a gleam of 22 years is beautiful, rush in the job that weighs in misfortune danger in forefront. Arrive to look at community greatly from April 2017 up to now, she is directed early or late, participate in, coordinated pass through the territory of a country of the eastpart part swift passage is collected relevantly the job, big look at an area sewage to handle service project, big Ji Xinping looking at the bridge temporarily the bridge rebuilds, wall of Shenzhen reservoir danger rebuilds, groove guard of one class fountainhead violates a building. Come 22 years, gao Guixiu stands fast to work in basic level forefront.
Thickly dotted ground recorded the job that comes two years on Gao Guixiu’s jotter. Ren Xianping of reporter of newspaper of Shenzhen special zone is photographed 2017, she has the honor to win collect lake area to establish civilized town of the 5th whole nation advanced individual, had the honor to win 2018 ” Shenzhen city is new take on new as advanced type ” with beat back of Luo Hu area especially big typhoon ” Shan Zhu ” advanced individual. One side silk banner: “People good public servant, of one mind is people ” Gao Guixiu’s office collected a lot of silk banner, send technically at the same time among them ” workstation tall secretary ” , writing above ” people good public servant, of one mind is people ” . Two years ago, when Gao Guixiu will look at community greatly, team of community Party committee, joint-stock company team is diseased, property right of property of existence of area under administration is unsharpness wait for problem of more history bequeath. Two this years to Gao Guixiu take root community works, east the lake is street the party is versed in appoint vice secretary Xie Tongmin is used ” desperately 3 man ” will describe. He tells a reporter, gao Guixiu regards the community that is not former resident as the secretary, this does not see more, can blend in what community gets broad resident to approbate special not easy. Last year July, hope community undertakes drinking water fountainhead violates a building to demolish negotiation job inside one class groove guard greatly, community 87 office building is included to demolish limits, the public transportation field of community stands with respect to amid, a few buses of this station are the main transportation medium of communication that dweller of Chinese parasol hill enters the urban district. Hear message, a lot of ab extra tenement ask to retreat a room to perhaps be decreased in succession hire. “Many 50 dweller finds me at that time, ask how I should do. ” to assure a make things convenient for somebody be accommodating of dwellers, gao Guixiu began urgent and harmonious, used a week only, before the station of brand-new and public transportation field that a 1500 square metre control appears in the dweller. “Pass two days still can awaiting an area to build a summer house, everybody waits to need not suffer wind to blow insolation drench again. ” Gao Guixiu says. Come two years, in ” beautiful a general term for young women ” guide below, community became much a lot of ” miracle ” , everybody also more united. Last year typhoon, the tree inside community is blown entirely almost, gao Guixiu is taking under the canopy of the moon and the stars-work or travel night and day of a few commando, ” worn-out 4 saw, carry away 87 cars lodging is arboreous ” , cooperative defence typhoon ” Shan Zhu ” after achieving disaster, rebuild. Boots of two pairs of rain: River of daily make one’s rounds, community no longer ” Feng Yu needs waterlogged ” in the office that takes in Gao Guixiu, can see beautiful Chinese parasol hill, but the time that how can she take in the office truly is little little, accompany her most is the boots of two pairs of rain in the corner. “Before going to work everyday, I can turn early, see ground of few points construction, go going by wadi. ” Introduction Gao Guixiu, river of make one’s rounds is her more do surely every week ” homework ” , community once ” Feng Yu needs waterlogged ” it is the heart that affecting her more. As we have learned, look at community greatly the affluent that hole canal is Chinese parasol river, hole canal is mixed in Long Gang Luo Hu the boundary of two areas, by way of looks at culture upland greatly. Come 3 two years, originally clear all the time hole canal encounters monsoon to become very cloudy, constant be mingled with is worn upper reaches erodes the silt that come down, the accumulation below the Long Haiqiao that silt is looking at the one person other culture upland is much taller greatly rises, formed ” natural heavy Sha Chi ” , serious menace is circumjacent property of business door life is safe. Gao Guixiu also is delegate of National People’s Congress of collect lake area. To understand the course of these silt the expert evaluates argumentation, final decision according to ” whose pollution, whose processing ” principle, what will be in charge of Long Haiqiao falling by the concerned respect of fluvial upper reaches is silty deal with. Look at culture upland greatly project of hole river clear silt in May 2018 start working, project last a period of time 3 months, solved thoroughly ” look at waterlogging greatly ” problem, also crossed an area to administer a beginning for Shenzhen city wadi. One pile takes notes: Many 10 are recorded, the cabinet that opens desk left at the heart is changed inside working detail, tall Gui Xiubao gave a pile of jotter, greatly small notebook has 10, this is Gao Guixiu works more than two years to come all jobs are recorded. Among them a the thickest ply is close 3 centimeters, cover is being written ” on July 9, 2018 — on November 9 ” , gao Guixiu tells a reporter, that paragraph of time is joint-stock company is changed transform the most crucial period with the village in the city. “This is to enter an investigation data to analyse result, partner intent result, still all partner represents the speaking rough draft that attend a meeting. ” open notebook, look at thickly dotted handwriting, the job that comes two years emerges again it is before, talks, time time visit, while the brushstroke that writes down jotter to go up delimits, gao Guixiu also will be changed inside all jobs at responsibility, change outside at acceptance. Last year in July, at the beginning of be worth joint-stock company to change an election to start, of all kinds have a difference of opinions to be highlighted with each passing day. Good to do joint-stock company changes a vote, gao Guixiu guides team to take informal discussion and the way that talk about individually, it is breach with shareholder Party member, it is exert oneself dot with Party member family and its relative family, prize collectivity shareholder takes an active part in partner to represent a vote. Successful on January 6 this year vote produced 54 shareholders delegate, finished joint-stock company to change a vote on January 25, to visit joint-stock company greatly the steady progress henceforth laid a foundation. Hope community looks greatly greatly, limits of punish of the village in making the same score 3 natural villages new field, newly to will be included a city in August last year. As a result of ” the village in the city ” integrated punish project start working amount is much, the project is relatively complex, the dweller’s opinion and complain much, gao Guixiu serves as community ” leading person ” , in ” the village in the city ” superintend and director of integrated repair work guides group before was not being garrisoned, had held joint meeting of each construction unit 19 times. Appoint what person specially assigned for a task is in charge of collecting to complain, unified accept harmonious solution definitely, more than 60 dispute is in small small letter group, QQ group in get settlement. The village in the city is integrated punish project this year level sex was checked and accept in April, nowadays hope community had unprecedented new aspect in environment and public security respect greatly: Established fixed rubbish to collect a place, system of installation video entrance guard 604, deploy fire extinguisher 24000, road shop installs the bitumen that show water, rain corrupt the face stands to transform outside building of park of billabong project, community, field, dweller etc in also undertaking in succession.