Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 25 19 when, “Sweep black except evil, green banboos is acting ” special subject is literary the evening party is held ceremoniously in door of north of green banboos park, street agency sponsors evening party You Cuizhu, commonweal of Shenzhen heart be apt to is promoted can undertake. Collect lake area appoint politics and law appoint vice secretary Zhang Zhiwu, area is swept black except evil did responsible comrade and masses of more than 100 area under administration to enter an activity. Literary exhibit perform the spot, area appoint politics and law appoint, green banboos is street do comprised the spot to publicize advisory phalanx, in order to exhibit board reveal, data of propagandist banner, conduct propaganda and propaganda paterial are distributed wait for a variety of means, revealed concise and intuitionisticly to the dweller sweep black except evil achievement, prohibit toxin, turn over bilk to wait for relevant law laws and regulations knowledge, the spot accepts masses to seek advice from 100 more than person-time, extend propagandist data more than 300. Sweep black evil, clean environment, hurried stable, protect restful, the propaganda of people of press close to strengthened a dweller black to sweeping except evil understanding, raised masses of area under administration effectively to participate in found in safety, sweep black except evil enthusiasm.