Dispatch of network of collect lake home: This year, before Guangdong province is ranked to division of unity and coherence in writing 50 examinee had a mark ” screen ” , in interview, brilliant newspaper reporter discovers these ” screen ” examinee is not a meeting to read, street dance, piano, violin their all is perfectness, also involve philosophy, medicine, labour to learn to wait for a variety of domains on professional choice. Refer did not come, these ” learn bully ” people mostly the heart is a society, want to expand the power that contributes oneself for the country, from their body, we can see new generation Shenzhen 00 hind particular temperament. Liberal art divides unripe Chang Jiayu high Shenzhen middle school is high 3 (17) class ” the study kind that should allow the body not to protest his ” come from deep in tall 3 (17) the Chang Jiayu of the class is an appropriate appropriate learn bully, junior high school is graduated from laurel garden middle school, 6 3 tall imitate take an examination ofing, carry off 4 times the first, but achievement of refer the university entrance exam, before he says modestly to enter complete province 50 are to surpass constant play. In Chang Jiayu eye, in Gao Sanxue be used to efficient the most important, “A lot of homecoming are in tall 3 make a lot of study plan, but how going carrying out is a knowledge however. ” Chang Jiayu says, in tall 3 what should do is not make the plan perfect, want to do most thing in least time however. How to accomplish study highest effect? Chang Jiayu says, this wants him everybody to fumble, to him character, the time with study highest efficiency paragraph for in the morning, he can think himself to the mainest study task is arranged in the morning. On study means, chang Jiayu says he chose a kind to arrange its natural way, when learning intensity to add Great Harmony, cannot let the body protest his study means, “My body can approve my method certainly. ” press to solution, chang Jiayu thinks music is most the kind that allows him to loosen, of study, 779% enjoying music. Middle school of Zhen of ursine world exceeding operational depth is high 3 (17) Ban Nengwen can ” dance ” , rhythm of teacher of follow closely of Gao Sanxue be used to ” before achievement is released, oneself still have bit of worry, the heart after getting a short message is very quiet. Because do not have specific mark and rank, still cannot decide oneself choose to sign up for the limits that take entrance examination at present. ” Xiong Shichao tells a reporter, oneself admiring an university in the heart is Fudan University, think those who enter oneself for an examination is economics major most, where is final meeting is recorded still to should see final and specific mark and rank. In study method of Xiong Shichao, the platoon is in the first the rhythm that follows close teacher, the fractional upper limit that is sufficient him acknowledge next, “Be in tall 3, actually we should realize total cent the biggest change, learn you to had been taken an examination of than exactly the amount, but you still want to be taken an examination of, the conference is very difficult, if be focal focusing on another division, perhaps the mark can promote bigger. ” Xiong Shichao says, oneself are in tall 3 last term are on maths slow and steady, second half paragraph sprint puts focus in Chinese course. On interest interest, xiong Wenchao states he attended the street dance mass organizations of the school. Covering the site, xiong Wenchao takes skill machine to putting partner happy revealed one time, win person of one many media to applaud, weigh its in succession can civil can ” dance ” , this ability is full-scale development ” learn a god ” level figure. School of experiment of Shenzhen of leaf fine jade is high 3 (12) class two historical books, make full note originally, delimit the achievement that is informed oneself mainly entered before saving liberal art completely 50 only originally, leaf fine jade says to compare ” accident ” . When just was being taken an examination of, she thinks she is taken an examination of broke to still cry even. Actually, the leaf that is graduated from ministry of junior high school of school of experiment of blessing China elementary school, Shenzhen fine jade second year in high school, tall 3 be appropriate appropriate ” learn bully ” . According to its classmaster Chen Zhenyu introduces, leaf fine jade is tall temporarily achievement is not too good, but enter second year in high school, tall 3 time base this getting on is grade the first. “She very self-discipline, very outstanding, do not need teachers to worry about too much for her. ” Chen Zhenyu is very satisfactory to his favorite pupil. Leaf fine jade says frankly, be regarded as all along ” self-discipline ” she, confuse high temporarily actually went up to see a mobile phone, until by classmaster after Chen Zhenyu confiscated a mobile phone, she just begins get into the frame of mind for work absorption school work. With majority ” learn bully ” different, the leaf with gentle and quiet disposition fine jade more time likes him to think, “I am not the student that the sort of jubilation that ask a teacher more, I like myself to ponder over summary. ” leaf fine jade says, she likes the history and politics, she can consider each course, each problem model the rule tries to sum up. She has two historical books, made a lot of note originally, another is used at delimiting the key does not make note only completely. She says, such key parts that she discovers can clearly the book is medium, this is her exclusive hang. She likes to watch a football, favorite team is ” royal Madrid ” , although be in tall 3, she also can see a football match 10 minutes alleviate before sleep pressure, from which she is experienced ” go all out in work ” meaning. School of foreign language of benefit Jing Shenzhen is high 3 (1) class ” deep outside the system is very good, the rhythm that follows a teacher is OK ” be recommended likewise the Hui Jing of Beijing University, say when the study method that speaks of oneself: “Deep outside have a very good system, at ordinary times the rhythm that follows school teacher learns me, do good prepare lessons before class to review, had attended class good listen to a talk, basic OK. ” look in her, arrived tall 3, the school has maturity review for reference plan, follow rhythm, had made each step hard, can harvest a satisfactory result. Learn younger sister to coming to those who attend the university entrance exam to learn younger brother, she suggests: “Gao Yigao of 2 learn younger brother to learn younger sister to be able to read some of extracurricular book more, widen horizon. ” Wu Jialin Shenzhen is advanced the middle school is high 3 (20) class study otherwise suffers the outside to disturb, want to hold the position of later ” wisdom library ” the university that Wu Jialin favors is Chinese people university, also regard a dream as Beijing University. Yearning major is PPE (Philosophy Politics Economy) , cover politics, economy, philosophy 3 big fields. To prospective development, she thinks she suits more ” academic road ” , want to become a scholar person, “Future wants to enter a government organization, hold the position of ‘ wisdom library ‘ same role. ” the proposal that Wu Jialin hopes the development that is a country provides in one’s power. “Do not be fond of with content, not with personal Bei, all behavior of the outside cannot disturb you ” it is her the experience that learns to high school is shared, she thinks need of high school study is measurable ” close ego ” , come to human relation and study area departure, systemic heart investment goes in. In high school her achievement is slower heat, it is grade before two years before 10, tall 3 the last semester are in firm grade first position. Look in her, tall 3 be ” extract implement ” , in front the belief that life experience of 17 years abstracts for a few abstraction profundity, once grasp,held these belief to be able to achieve stabler result. “I like Lu Xun very much, the hope uses austere style of writing to draw up the warmth to the world is shown loving care for like him. ” Wu Jialin likes to read at ordinary times, in high school period she was read a lot of monograph and classical, be like ” Lu Xun complete works ” ” Shui Hu is passed ” . Middle school of red mountain of Liu rain beautiful is high 3 (18) the class likes classic culture, think Liu Yujia of Beijing University Department of Chinese Language and Literature special have deep love for classic culture, like to read classic literature and poetic statement, the hope can be taken an examination of on Beijing University Department of Chinese Language and Literature, future wants to become teacher of college professor, high school or reporter a kind profession. She hopes to be able to carry her power, decorous classic culture transmission of bigger range ground goes out. “Just beginning do not like, regular meeting of Chinese teacher classics prints the data of classic culture respect to us, become slowly like very. ” Liu Yujia expresses, oneself are the influence that is held concurrently classmaster Ceng Kun by Chinese teacher, fell in love with classic culture gradually. She prefers Nanjing university to teach Mo Lifeng’s text, how letting classic culture gain ground with commonner form is the thing that she is pondering over now. Liu Yujia’s achievement is stabilized commonly in the school control in before grade 5, she expresses to just began achievement is not very good, family and teacher gave her a lot of helps. When speaking of study experience, she especially praise highly ” complex problem this ” , before taking an exam every time, can look. Liu Yujia likes to practice calligraphy and brushwork, drama seeing Han usually, she thinks ” state of mind is more important ” . She expresses, the school has ask psychology to coach the orgnaization helps student adjustment psychology, she also can adjust through motion. School of foreign language of Shenzhen of edge beautiful continuous heavy rain is high 3 (1) the class does academic be used to to plan, search Bian Meilin of him weak sports to be before the university entrance exam ceaselessly, had recommended Beijing University. She says: “Thank very much deep outside, it is so good to gave me a platform, finish recommend, also let me relaxed state of mind goes the university entrance exam. ” was full of in Bian Meilin the way one speaks or what he says right deep the gratitude outside, in addition, perfect family and hard hour accompany the companions beside oneself, also be to support her to become the better factor with oneself indispensable. When speaking of study skill, bian Meilin expresses, study should make good plan, she can search him weak sports ceaselessly, find a teacher to get the place that in knowing examination paper, makes mistake next, “Must seek a teacher actively! ” additional, work of one’s remaining years of her all-round estate is very substantial, she has learned to dance sing, ginseng had acted cling to golden modern drama ” ” , had studied vocal music… ” the hope learns younger brother to learn younger sister to be able to find the interest interest that suits his, resemble reading, famous book ” wave ” and ” the funeral of Moslem ” very deep to my influence. ” she says. Su Yi learns in Dan Baoan (group) high school ministry is tall 3 (21) the class often undertakes with parents ” brains storm ” , communication current affairs ” after English course is taken an examination of, oneself are sad quite long, await this paragraph of time of achievement, still hold out angst. ” as the Su Yi that class English class represents red tells a reporter, oneself hold out adept English at ordinary times, pulled a hind leg instead in the university entrance exam, feel special not should, be informed him achievement by what the surprise still holds out after the message of screen. Junior high school of Su Yi red is graduated from Fuyongzhong to learn, the achievement in 3 years in treasure is very stable, chang Wei is held in before grade 10, “Deep 2 models ” also achieved the 6th good result of whole town of the name, chinese composition still obtained full marks. Speak of tall the study experience of 3, she expresses, should let what oneself are familiar with become a problem not only ” cover a region ” more familiar, also should go to those who learn other classmate becoming a problem ” cover a region ” . About the study doohickey of liberal art, its summary is 4 ” much ” : Accumulate more, much study, much draw lessons from, much more Baconian. Respecting is in tall 3 most the thing that often does, su Yi red expresses, she most what often do is review oneself in the evening everyday, straight face the inadequacy that day and mistake, this thinks over learn not just, also can have the thing that waits for life respect with person association. “Father mother is my interior adviser, they offerred me very great help. ” Su Yi red tells a reporter, come home on the weekend at ordinary times father mother regular meeting is as communicative as her on dining table worry, of course more be discuss instantly current affairs and science knowledge together with them, have brains storm. On target university, su Yi red more apt Beijing University. On major, su Yi red says to had not decided, “Want to be able to make contributive major for the society only, I feel OK. ” she says. Middle school of Shenzhen of Wen Tao of unripe Yao of science department high component is high 3 (2) class confusing desk swims love fitness, meeting study understands loosen Yao Wentao to plan 24 days to end amuse oneself to answer Shenzhen from Shanghai in the evening formerly, there was a surprise 23 days night, he receives the telephone call that Tsinghua college recruit students handles. 25 days know him result ” by screen ” hind, he is unavoidable some are nervous, but feel very quickly loosen and set his mind at, feel to answer with greater efforts later. “Likelihood more university of deflection Yu Qinghua, the plan answers Shenzhen after more thorough connection understands decide again finally. ” to the university that admire in the heart, he has not decided completely. But develop to future, admire him the manage engineering course such as the computer, automation is professional in the heart none hesitant the earth’s surface is shown, the hope can learn to promote knowledge skill and accomplishment ceaselessly hard, have broad view and mind, link the development of the need of the individual’s development and country, society. “Learn bully ” a day of practice is not become. Brilliant signs up for a reporter to understand, yao Wentao ever still was 2016 highest cent examinee is taken an examination of in Shenzhen. In those days, he what read in ministry of junior high school of Shenzhen middle school is in in the good result that 456 minutes obtained when taking an examination of (full marks 460 minutes) . He says modestly however, this may have the factor of a few luck. “Learn bully ” should hold to long study? He expresses, do not advocate geoscience of from morning till night to review, need to strike a proper balance between work and rest appropriately, learn at ordinary times should note refashion to study a program surely, search the study method that suits oneself, let learn to have specific aim and efficiency more, more important is to still need to hold to and adjust state of mind. Tall 3 when, he what love fitness studies by oneself in scheduled time late everyday the metropolis after the end answers a dormitory insists to lift dumbbell fitness, adjust the body and mentation. He is unforgettable still tall Hao Bianhua of the 3 mathematical teachers when, classmaster stands in classroom corridor face to take smile and them to greet sb every morning, let them force holds to ceaselessly with before row. He pays close attention to study not only, still pay attention to the promotion of integrated accomplishment. Tall when one second year in high school, he joined many mass organizations and student organization, still at tall participate in temporarily established ” desk swim atelier ” mass organizations. He expresses, these experience are take exercise and recollect preciously. Middle school of Shenzhen of experienced article eminent is high 3 (3) the class does not go out make up a missed lesson, the problem asks teacher Lian Wenzhuo’s classmate the life of university of very yearning Tsinghua, its express to choose to go up in major, can first choice learns cure, if the mark is insufficient, the building that can choose Tsinghua college is professional. “Because as a child the body is not particularly good, because this learns cure,also be to want to help someone else cast off ailment. Meet bell meaning Tsinghua, because Tsinghua attracted him in many respects,be. ” the course that refer is good at, lian Wenzhuo states his physics is very good all the time, “Because mom is teacher of physics of junior high school, so than others more time contact physics. ” go up in study, lian Wenzhuo thinks not to need to go out make up a missed lesson, he expresses beside have a few fellow students tall 3 still making up a missed lesson, the operation that causes the school is not written, “Such very can wasteful time, the problem asks the teacher went. A lot of titles in class of take lessons after school meet misdirect student instead. ” Lian Wenzhuo tells a reporter, oneself are in have when pressure, mood is bad, can come through music and motion untangle. He is perfectness piano and clarinet, the member of school canal philharmonic society still is before Gao Sanzhi. Sports respect, he likes shuttlecock, through ground brandish is patted, pressure also is met subsequently pare. Middle school of Ceng Ziyu Shenzhen is high 3 (3) class ” the intellectual point that grasps teacher class to go up, than going up class of take lessons after school is more useful ” ” tall 3 exercise are too much really, I often am not written. ” Ceng Ziyu’s classmate says frankly to the reporter, tall 3 exercise are too much, he can accept or reject somewhat only, adept several manage kind the title is chosen do, weak sports course is met floriferous dot time. Ceng Ziyu tells a reporter, in tall 3 his much are discharged 10 are in before grade, the engineering course that Tsinghua has attended before this battalion, had obtained Tsinghua university fall cent admits a qualification. To major, he expresses, can protecting an electron to the computer only at present is. Refer studies a method, ceng Ziyu thinks, the study key of Gao Sanzhong science department should foster thinking, the experienced exercise in school work of maths, physics is endless, do not have method to be brushed, best means is draw inferences about other cases from one instance, do some of subtraction. Look in him, master the knowledge on teacher class to nod content, go up than going class of take lessons after school is more useful. “My interest is to play piano, what like to play most now is Lisite ” bell ” , also like to play basketball with ran. ” Ceng Ziyu expresses, his elementary school when systematic study crosses piano, after junior high school oneself taught oneself, and one of decompression meanses that this also becomes him, occasionally writing job writes a half to also can bounce come. Ceng Ziyu says, summer vacation will be mixed abandon friend people free plays Inner Mongolia, go appreciating another scenery. Middle schools of all the Shenzhen that build a jade tablet are high 3 (3) the class wants to become scientific research worker, make contribution for the country ” yesterday evening I receive Tsinghua, Beijing University the phone of two universities, still be very surprizing in the heart. ” Zhu Jianzhang says undemonstratively to the reporter, maths and physics are the headings in an account book that he likes most, on the professional choice henceforth he also is met as before loving at these two domains. Look in Zhu Jianzhang, the secret Ji of study attends class namely serious listen to a talk, class hind completes work seriously, accumulate a problem more model, encounter complex problem to think seriously, “Mathematical soul depends on his logic, make clear logic is equal to became brother with it, this is the recipe that I study maths. ” on interest interest, zhu Jianzhang prefers to look book and play stand-alone game, the book with academic strong sex is him love most, showing what level likes most is ” natural religion dialog is recorded ” , theistic point of view rejecting inside is to make him infatuate very. To playing game, he is having extremely strong own government ability, won’t exceed 2 hours absolutely every time. After the university entrance exam passes, zhu Jianzhang expresses, oneself think more static the content that next hearts will come to explore more to be interested, “I want to become worker of a scientific research, make a contribution for the country, this is my target. ” school of foreign language of Zheng Reqi Shenzhen is high 3 (11) class grade all the time very firm, achievement of the university entrance exam is accorded with anticipate according to Zheng Reqi father Mr Zheng is described, zheng Reqi has some of acute gastroenteritis these days, bring about uncomfortable, “The likelihood is from for reference after so nervous atmosphere jumps, loosen suddenly those who bring about the body is incommensurate. After his the university entrance exam very loosen, go swimming to eat ice-cream again again, it is good to should cross paragraph of time to suit. Nevertheless, the achievement that comes out fortunately is satisfactory. ” Mr Zheng expresses, the child’s achievement all the time very firm, this achievement of the university entrance exam is accorded with anticipate. The study result as a result of Zheng Reqi all the time very stable, mr Zheng states he won’t worry about the son’s play basically. “His disposition is quieter and composed, acquire high school as a child, study result all the time very stable, and confident, won’t give him pressure plus us, after believing better institution of higher learning, in excellent teachers and environment, he also can follow to go up euqally rhythm. ” as father, mr Zheng had not established what study goal to the child, more it is education child’s good study convention. “He can be static next hearts will learn read a book, he himself likes, we are supporting aside go, now and then when he feels pressure is great, I myself am compared with respect to what persuade him to follow the past it is good to have progress, do not go be being compared with others. ” Peng Shiyi Shenzhen is advanced the middle school is high 3 (1) the class brushs a problem very be necessary, read a novel everyday, think ” China for ” Peng Shiyi’s target is Tsinghua university, yearning major is respect of engineering course, computer, electron, want to enter later ” China for ” the job, “Because I feel China the enterprise that be is bosom of a national condition having the home. ” ” I feel him second year in high school is high 3 it is very the condition of effort, get this achievement is due so. ” begin from second year in high school, peng Shiyi’s achievement is stable and advanced 10. When speaking of study experience, peng Shiyi thinks high school ” brush a problem ” be very be necessary, “Becoming a problem had not escaped, cannot talk about theory only, still should carry out ” , she states some classmates notes is very detailed, but the title is done lesser, can have when using knowledge defective. In addition, calligraphy of piano, violin, soft pen is Peng Shiyi arrive all the time tall 3 retentive hobbies, “These hobbies make my mood quiet. ” she still has the habit that reads a novel, can read a novel everyday almost, still looking before today in the university entrance exam, nevertheless she or proposal want to give priority to in order to learn: “Reading a novel still is can abstracted sometimes, it is the thing that oneself like nevertheless, do not regret so. ” ” family and teacher gave me very great help ” , peng Shiyi mentions grandmother to be in all the time him company, teacher and classmaster are very responsible, can help oneself according to oneself study circumstance, she is right this very appreciate them. Wu Ziji Shenzhen is advanced the middle school is high 3 (2) the message is received to very open-eyed study or should strike a proper balance between work and rest when the class plays game Wu Ziji is very dedicated, achievement is heard when playing game, what think of immediately is game should be interrupted actually, just realise this is a first-rate thing slowly, just go talking about professional and so on with Tsinghua university. Wu Ziji junior high school is graduated from school of Shenzhen foreign language, accomplishment of 3 the year’s harvest stabilizes high school quite, maintain commonly in before grade 10, tall 3 stability are before grade 5. But the achievement with after he states the university entrance exam is over, did not think of to be able to be obtained so good, “The feeling after be being taken an examination of is very bad, achievement is checked without the mood after coming back, in the full of remorse in the home. ” the university that he thinks to enter oneself for an examination is Tsinghua university, Beijing University. The effect that suffers father he is interested in economy very much, the major that admire in the heart is economics, “My pa is economics doctor, the stockjobber that is in Beijing goes to work, hope me can carry on. ” but he also expresses to choose major or some difficulty, “Tsinghua stops 61 people, beijing University stops 21 people, it is very difficult still that major is chosen inside 50 people. ” ” just entered high school very hard, see a book see before dawn 34 a little bit everyday, second year in high school when loosened quite, achievement is better instead, still want to strike a proper balance between work and rest. ” Wu Ziji expresses, study should strike a proper balance between work and rest, want the requirement of follow closely teacher. In addition, adjust good intention condition even, “The exam saw you how much master not only, come out control thing play even. ” he says, before taking an examination of, want to be loosened as far as possible, want to be used to the condition of the exam at ordinary times, find the order solving a problem that suits oneself, the oldest rate develops his standard. He still likes to look at ordinary times caricature, novel, film and play game.