Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 17 – 23 days are the 29th ” week of countrywide energy-saving conduct propaganda ” . Collect lake area around ” green develops energy-saving go ahead of the rest ” the theme developed series activity, organize energy-saving conduct propaganda actively to enter the school, into the hospital, achieve favorable propagandist result. The hospital serves as with can large family, execute energy-saving decrease a platoon, to realizing green development has important sense. On June 17, development of collect lake area and reform bureau organized lecture of an energy-saving knowledge in hospital of Luo Hu’s people, dig the energy-saving latent capacity of the hospital from the respect development such as energy-saving establishment and energy-saving new technology, promotion the sources of energy uses efficiency, implement green hospital concept. The throughout the country is small on June 19 carbolic day that day, area hair changes bureau in Luo Hu people hospital begins energy-saving propaganda, advocate make from life a bit, let green low carbon make style of a kind of life. The school that fosters environmental protection the Cenozoic Era also is one of keys of this second conduct propaganda. On June 20, area hair changes elementary school of shellfish of bureau development scene, through classification of rubbish of energy-saving knowledge interlocution, objective, life Xiaochang is known wait for game link to knowledge of energy-saving environmental protection gains ground in school teachers and students, guide students to combine concept of energy-saving environmental protection and daily life look, foster its to cherish the good convention of environment, resource conservation, let a student drive its family member, drive whole society thereby, gradually the lifestyle of nurturance health, environmental protection.


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