Dispatch of network of collect lake home: In the city life of confusion, every time the free time on the weekend, many people hope to find to be able to make his slow the heaven and earth of body and mind. Recently, small write down discovered those who be concealed below Chinese parasol hill ” orchid secret condition ” — , plant of the orchid family protects a research center (next abbreviation ” center of the orchid family ” ) , this center collected plant of the orchid family to exceed 1500 kinds, live body plant 160 much individual plant. From March begin first, grow hereat orchid blossoms in succession, wander inside to view and admire, the instant can forget the trouble in the life. Staff member of center of the orchid family introduces, center of the orchid family held water 2005 by approval of bureau of former state forestry, as species of plant of countrywide the orchid family qualitative resource protects a center, in species of endangered the orchid family the respect such as protection and scientific research obtained a lot of positive result that have main effect. The respect is protected in species, built warehouse of qualitative resource of species of plant of the orchid family, collect save species of plant of the orchid family to pledge resource exceeds 1500 kinds.
Bird tongue orchid hit calorie of 1 spot: Lan Gu walks into ” field virgin forest ” see orchid circle tree grows window: Walk into the child care area of center of the orchid family, of greet is blaze of tuft bunch Yunnan orchid, resemble the arrival that is enthusiastic greeting tourist, stand by fine fine view and admire, discover they grow the butterfly that if the whole body is aflame with colour,gets, although be a static state,growing, let a person think they are having dance lightly however. What we enter above all is Lan Gu, blow on the face and a Zhen Lanxiang that come, resembling is the virgin forest that comes to field, orchid spend dish of tree coming back and grow.
The stem of noble dendrobium wrapping up a lip from of old, people regards orchid as high-minded, elegance, patriotic with faithful not of change indicative, orchid is inborn and low-key, “Long green fight severe cold, have a smile on one’s face degree of midsummer ” , happy event is long at remote mountains wild forest, stand aloof from the worldly affairs, and its aroma however Yao passes all directions. Basically cultivate in Lan Gu have blaze orchid, Yunnan tongue of the stem of noble dendrobium of blaze orchid, drumstick, the stem of noble dendrobium wrapping up a lip, beautiful Hua Shihu, bird orchid, wet lip orchid, aspidistra of close Hua Shihu, blood, spot aspidistra is waited a moment, lan Gu preserved the most precious former zoology environment, these configuration the orchid of each different is here hover of a faint fragrance, intelligence of animals grows freely, do not apply powdery black to show the most natural beauty only. The person that play card says: Step Lan Gu, the degree instant that body and mind loosens arrived acme, can let young associate catch at this moment pat a few oneself are admired orchid the expression when, the sort of forgetting at the moment the comfortable state notes of all things beyond orchid beautiful scenery comes down, present the photograph that come out to be able to be achieved with Lan Gu confluence is the effect of one. He can be being envisaged when taking a picture is an orchid, from time to time is the stem of noble dendrobium wrapping up a lip, from time to time is bird tongue orchid, bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration of from time to time, from time to time is shown dispersedly delicate and charming…
Drumstick the stem of noble dendrobium hits calorie of 2 spots: Stone of area of child care zoology and beautiful clever set off are additional kind of beauty is sheer ” the second kills ” the friend encircles window: According to introducing, the major servicing limits of center of the orchid family is center of protection of qualitative resource of species of plant of the orchid family of responsible whole nation and its base construction; The collection of resource of species of our country endangered the orchid family, protection, breed, rejuvnation, investigation, monitor, appraisal, technology seeks advice; Technology of background science, biology, biology installs congruent science to consider; Popular science, Lan Wen is changed reveal reach guardian of plant of transmission, the orchid family to just groom, academic communication and collaboration of science and technology and job of industrialization of scientific research achievement. And area of child care zoology can grow at feral environment to let species of endangered the orchid family namely, one when make transfers period environment. This area chose Guangxi, Guizhou the store water stone of special layer, there are a lot of apertures to be able to appear water to breathe freely on its, and provide small acidity, suit to cultivate orchid very, relative to character grows flimsier Mo Lan, Shenzhen is sweet blaze of pod orchid, China orchid, slope wraps up Ma Li orchid, section bine Shi Xiantao is bred in this area.
Area of child care zoology hits calorie of person to say: Stone bore the weight of originally the culture of a lot of geographical landforms, it is sedate depressing, color is low-key, except what is grotesque the attention that causes people hard; And orchid describe character of Chinese article and gentleman, it is lively and interesting, glow, it is also can let person Wen Xiang find in a corner. Area of child care zoology combines stone and orchid look, stone serves as orchid live place, and the superexcellent ornament that orchid regards stone as, let a person also be attracted by the grain place of stone while appreciation is spent. Citizen friend can carry pen paper and palette to play card, seek a rock that like and beautiful combinative put oneself in another’s position, sit brushstroke is a few hours. Of course the mobile phone films, send friend ring immediately, in the friend the circle is basked in is more ” the second is killed ” someone else.
Golden hairpin the stem of noble dendrobium hits calorie of 3 spots: Search Lan Yuan to fall a fir belt you pass through for an instant archaic Chinese takes the orchid with here the most suitable window: After admiring stone and the friendly feelings that spend move one to praises and tears, one when search Lan Yuan falls a fir and tree of Chinese rhubarb coconut can take your moment ” pass through ” to ancient time, fall forcefully straight a fir and king coco, look up look absentminded can see east is indefectible it seems that the classical occasion with Ling Huchong tussle. Of center of the orchid family ” leading role ” in this extensive grand in the woods, nearly became ” costar ” . What this area basically cultivates is accept of drumstick the stem of noble dendrobium, heavy lip the stem of noble dendrobium, small yellow Hua Shihu, edition the stem of noble dendrobium of hairpin of butterfly orchid, gold, wing calyx the stem of noble dendrobium, beautiful Hua Shihu, they surround likewise arboreous and long, brunet department is arboreous and different in Dan Yulan cereal, falling below the light color setting of coco of camlet, king, the orchid of here more show pure and fresh and lovely. Visible part, it is with drumstick the stem of noble dendrobium of yellow most, the heavy lip the stem of noble dendrobium that trillium combines is next, all appear with round bunch.
China butterfly orchid hits calorie of person to say on the west: Be worth what carry is, there is between tree long little bridge, suit citizen friend very much ” sunken modelling ” take a picture play card, the style on dress slants literary, ancient formula most set off environment, a suit Chinese is taken appear to also be without violate and feel. Because cultivate next returning to have a lot of precious orchid seeds, ten million should notice not to go in to just take a picture, take close shot or close-up and orchid to undertake placing patting together very perfect also. Want to pat the woods, so the person goes to the bridge to fit the position, the back behaves side face to camera, take panoramic film very intended also condition. Hit calorie of 4 spots: This has child care hot house precious ” orchid darling ” senior ” orchid fan ” love window most: All sorts of ” sunken modelling ” hind, child care conservatory is the optimal terminus of the journey. Cultivate here all sorts of orchid are belonged to, for instance bag orchid is belonged to, butterfly orchid is belonged to, the stem of noble dendrobium is belonged to, shrimp backbone orchid belong to, orchid of the bulb of fritillary is belonged to, Shi Xiantao is belonged to, Shi Doulan is belonged to etc, and belong to the major sort in to be collected neat, still include a few foreign countries to plant, wait like Katelan, Wen Xinlan, tree orchid. It is senior ” orchid fan ” most one of places playing card that love.
The orchid it may be said here is precious medium precious, the basin is bred and grow alone, the staff member uses the seed with these mature orchid to have asepsis shoot related center of the orchid family, use artificial fast numerous technology to undertake breeding, although did not grow at the orchid outdoor grand, but can contact for citizen friend close quarters, understand the growth of orchid deep more. The person that play card says: Center of the orchid family also can have all sorts of activities in the light of the character of orchid, if orchid is sweet crystal-clear mellow, center of the orchid family holds tone sweet activity, teach interested citizen to use orchid modulation perfume; Orchid is familial Pang is so giant it is to result from their complex pollination mechanism, cent is paid pollination, deceit pollination and own campaign pollination, center of the orchid family returns the fun of pollination of popular science orchid, handgrip hand teachs everybody artificial pollination.
The orchid that you do not know orchid ” black science and technology ” precious is started 7 years ago violet grain of rare endangered species moves round orchid research center of protection of plant of the orchid family of recursive field project returns under cover a lot of ” black science and technology ” , and listen to staff member introduction to uncover secret. Violet grain moves round orchid slipper of renown Hong Kong orchid, Hong Kong moves round orchid, be known as ” Hong Kong young lady ” , be subordinate to belongs to the orchid family bag orchid apanage gives birth to a plant, mode producing area is Hong Kong (Baoan) , although it is early,already went to England from Hong Kong introduce a fine variety 1760, but just be named to 1837. This ” Hong Kong young lady ” to living environmental pole nags, add will be collected in great quantities dig and of exceeding trade activity and people opposite condition destroy, feral violet grain moves round orchid familial dimensions is more gradually atrophic, be labelled extremely danger species. Rose 2012, center of the orchid family was started ” violet grain of rare endangered species wraps up precious orchid field regression ” project, the choice uses the method that earths up breeding seedling farewell to put in Proterozoic ‘s charge artificially, violet grain center of bag orchid ingoing is planted area of qualitative resource library undertakes saving breed. Collect those who use artificial pollination to help advance somebody’s career technology, produce many seed from inside a few plant of remaining, overcame seedling of seminal asepsis breed, tube to earth up the multinomial technology difficulty such as Yo, breed violet grain wraps up Lan Youmiao 14000 much individual plant, built violet grain bag orchid protection and breed field.
Rose the stem of noble dendrobium to cheat pollination eyebrow orchid belongs to a plant to become ” imitate king ” plant of the orchid family can say be plant kingdom simply ” ghost sticking a person ” , the staff member says, orchid is born besides the ground, saprophytic, love to add for the most part unripe, and add be born to include again add on stone be born and add on the ground unripe, do not see it so stick a person to think it is very flimsy, actually very tricky, for ” cheat ” the insect is its pollination, drill actually with respect to competence of a suit me-too. Orchid cent is mixed for cross pollination, self-pollinate mix pollination from flower, different flower 3 kinds, be known as most be good at me-too plant, their imitate lifelike, mix the false with the genuine, the purpose of backside can not be the beauty that reveals it so simple, it is its pollination to cheat the insect however. What be worth to mention most is of Europe eyebrow orchid belongs to a plant, its ” the gender is cheated ” attainment is reach the limit more, the pollination because of them person it is Hu Feng, so its flower color and configuration are imitated according to female wasp exactly like, not only on the vision ” deceit ” the insect, act in a play makes complete set even, send out even an odour that can attract male Hu Feng. Additional, group of scientific research of center of the orchid family appears a kind in Lan Zhongfa of big chamfer tongue complete by male and antheral active roll not have the aid of at any exterior the self-pollination mechanism that delivers agency to finish, achievement of this one scientific research was published in journal of world top scientific research 2006 " N Atu Re " on. Realized Shenzhen city to publish scientific research positive result in this magazine the breakthrough of 0, was thought to propel Darwinian research, be judged to be in those days domain of research of Chinese life science one of 7 great and scientific progress, by England ” British encyclopedia ” collect.
The ball spends the stem of noble dendrobium to be able to rely on Yan Zhi want to rely on the stem of noble dendrobium of strength iron sheet unluckily obviously also is introduction of working personnel of plant of the orchid family, the 5 grand sight of famed world admire plant of the orchid family to belong to have: Butterfly orchid is belonged to, the stem of noble dendrobium is belonged to, bag orchid is belonged to, Katelan is belonged to, orchid belong to. But is you think they are mere ” is God sent ” ? That is off base, they not only Yan Zhigao passes ” plant ” , and still have quite economic officinal value. According to ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” account, orchid has Jie Yu, shift gas, and blood, wide medium action. ” gleaning of detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” made complement to the dietotherapy value account of orchid, “Candied green orchid orders tea drink, move amiable blood, wide in sober up, orchid is shown, build the person that orchid evaporate is taken therefore, smell small taste is weak, the gloomy of bright eye easy that feed ” .
Heavy lip the stem of noble dendrobium is small mark the center of the orchid family that recommends collect to watch meed popular science to be an organic whole, suit to kiss very child family, good friend plays card into the group. Orchid configuration each different, some height ” leopard grain ” all show mad wild breath, some is just as butterfly to grow have ” both wings ” have dance lightly in wind, the orchid color of configuration close is tie-in and differ, be like in contend for strange bottle colourful frequently who is more beautiful… but the angle in major, major orchid flower has a common feature, two side semmetry is beautiful, pistil of male and female is combined and become columnar body, a labellum that changes especially and agglutinate become the pollen of conglomeration. Center of the orchid family is divided roughly for area of zoology of Lan Gu, child care, find hot house of Lan Yuan, child care 4 hit check point to be able to offer a citizen to view and admire orchid to the top of one’s bent. Those who remind everybody is, small writing down is headed for through making an appointment, staff member of center of the orchid family states at present center of the orchid family does not open to the outside world, what citizen tourist is interested is OK ministry of science and education of popular science of connection orchid center applies for to make an appointment.