Dispatch of network of collect lake home: A few days ago, industry and informatization ministry extend 5G business uses license plate, business of 5G of Chinese make one’s bow uses the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor. Reporter from last week 5 held collect lakes ” double week is released ” division achieve the know on special performance, at present station of 153 5G radical is building Luo Hu in, predict to debut before September; To 2020, luo Hu will finish 600 base station construction, implementation 5G official business is used. The reporter learns from the meeting, endow with in 5G can industrial respect, luo Hu had undertaken in the respect such as construction of traffic domain, building site relevant exploration tries. Be in this ” double week is released ” on, 5 units such as branch of Shenzhen collect lake released telecommunication of China of combination of bureau of innovation of science and technology of collect lake area ” 5G is endowed with can, industry of Luo Hu artificial intelligence sails drive ” wait for relevant content. Return quickly cannot represent 5G, the perspective of 5G application will be very wide. The reporter understands, this year in April, luo Hu and branch of Chinese telegraphic Shenzhen sign strategic cooperation agreement, consultative core content includes to will be in signal of 5G of area of industrial garden area, key is enclothed, the domain such as wisdom city construction forms comprehensive collaboration, quicken Luo Hu to be in the layout of 5G domain. Meanwhile, company of Luo Hu of branch of Chinese telegraphic Shenzhen is synchronous head period with international, banyan enjoys science and technology, shooting star today electron, medium Hang Huadong 4 keys enterprise signs photoelectricity cooperative agreement, environment of research and development of supportive industry 5G is made, direct company is based on 5G to begin technology and product research and development. Luo Hu still is making building site of first 5G of countrywide at present. Building site safe production is very significant, but before early-warning of disaster of a lot of building site is more difficult. And in Luo Hu at present the area is passed compositive on safety helmet fixed position, high-definition photograph picture, to telling, the removability big bandwidth that uses 5G can realize intelligence to attemper, risk early-warning, incident is answered put, the hazardous condition that fails to discover to the worker ahead of schedule undertakes early-warning, ensure safe production need.
Luo Hu has begun to shift to an earlier date in 5G traffic domain layout. Traffic of Shenzhen city town plans to design Liu Qi of research center limited company to introduce, they already faced Luo Hu to begin the early days of demonstrative division of car of couplet of network of intelligence of clear water river to plan. Key of the first phase builds infrastructure, include wisdom street lamp to feel route of unit, car to cooperate with signal control system and 5G are small base station; The 2nd phase begins the application of different setting to set an example, include traffic light signal to push send and special vehicle crossing is preferential and current; Industry of focusing of the 3rd phase serves those who provide form a complete set to detect examine to check establishment with research and development. 5G can apply in a lot of setting, wait like road seeper early-warning, road construction early-warning. Demonstrative area of application of car of couplet of network of intelligence of clear water river is long-dated drive what implementation is based on 5G technology automatically public transportation service.
The reporter learns, according to statistic, 2015-2018 year company of new and high technology counts Luo Hu state average amplitude is close 40% ; 2015-2017 year devoted defray adds whole society research and development on average fast amount to 196% . Patent of quantity of 3 kinds of patent application, accredit quantity, invention applies for a quantity to grow 84.7% respectively compared to the same period, 103.41% , 115.92% . Shi Xingzhong of director of bureau of innovation of science and technology of collect lake area is in this ” double week is released ” the introduction on the activity, in artificial intelligence respect, river of clear water of Luo Hu general piece region composition is base of artificial intelligence property, the many carrier such as garden of garden of industry of construction artificial intelligence, intelligent city industry, Internet industry garden. In addition, luo Hu drives life health industry actively also to develop, core layout is located in heart of Dong Xiao cloth piece area, the enterprise of a batch of keys such as assemble star silver-colored medicine, Yipusen.


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