Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Deepening value added tax to reform is to was carried out 2019 more large-scale decrease duty to fall of cost ” grand opera ” , it is to reduce the company load, major move that stimulates market vigor. Reduce tax to advance materiality of value added tax, the country came on stage to lower tax rate of value added tax, enlarge income to touch buckle limits, add plan touch decrease should ratal and increment stay support a series of policy such as drawback file, since was carried out on April 1, decrease duty to fall expenses effect is initial show. “The price with client same flower got better enter an experience, besides the development program of hotel oneself, this also profit from decreases duty to fall expend policy carry out. Decrease duty to fall cost saves many money for us, to this share capital, we use at hotel product upgrade transform, rise to serve character to the guest. ” the Guang Lei at the beginning of assistant inspector general tells finance affairs of business of lucky auspicious hotel the reporter, this paragraph of time, the client of Shenzhen luck auspicious states the service quality of the hotel is better and better in succession, not only dish is tasted do more delicate more, guest room service also is close and considerate, the client was enjoyed better enter an experience. Hotel of Shenzhen luck auspicious is located in Beijing of collect lake area base 100 edifices, be advocate the public house of 5 stars class that eat of battalion hotel room, Chinese and Western controls carry out and service of meeting parliament Wu. Duty is decreased to fall in this in cost, the enterprise enjoys the general benefit policy that got tax rate of value added tax drops, and tax of income of service line of business is added plan touch avoid the favourable policy that deducts with passenger transportation income. “Turnover of these a few years grows the hotel ceaselessly, but ratal is in all the time however drop. We calculate, discover turnover compared the hotel to increased 2015 2018 3000 much, tax cost dropped however nearly 15% . ” the achievement that Chu Guanglei expends to decreasing duty a few this years to fall has feeling greatly. He expresses, the country decreased duty strength to be increased further 2019, it is benefit to whole hotel service industry good. Save the fund that come down to reducing tax, the hotel basically is used at undertaking the product serves to upgrade to be ensured with employee. According to Introduction Chu Guanglei, the near future, luck moved the cost rate of a variety of food on auspicious hotel, choose as far as possible with makings respect more high grade feed capable person; Also offerred privilege on the price at the same time, rolled out more the meal formula of economic material benefit; In addition, hotel guest room still added automatic coffee machine, Chinese style to welcome tea ceremony to wait, let a guest enjoy the product that exceeds a value to content and service. Besides, the hotel also promotes employee welfare further. “The dot is asked for to go up since the individual income tax last year reform of harmonic tax rate, and a tax of the beginning of the year is special deducted policy to had saved many money for our employee, make everybody’s income had solid dozen of real growth. In the meantime, our hotel also will former 6 worlds dormitory is adjusted to 4-5 world, raise level of employee restaurant meals, for employee constituent go on a journey plans to wait. ” Chu Guanglei tells a reporter. “Current, the hotel leaves his post rate is successive already 3 days all 2% the following, far under month of employment of person of the same trade all the current situation of 5% , the satisfaction that employee assumes office is spent also rise considerably. The satisfaction that employee assumes office is spent also rise considerably..


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