Dispatch of network of collect lake home: The correct concept that to promote better the understanding that teachs to the family, study the family teachs and method, in yellow shellfish of collect lake area the leader of Party committee of community of street Luo Fang falls, work serves Shenzhen city roc star company and Luo Fang are old assist the chair that held two families to teach series a few days ago, it is respectively ” the management of parental mood ” and ” good education from communicate begin ” . In the first lecture ” the management of parental mood ” in, teacher from parents ” why should have mood government ” , ” how to have mood government ” , the parents that attend a lecture comes to before giving tell about relevant knowledge, deepen parents to want to have the value of mood management at the same time through case. The 2nd lecture is ” good education from communicate begin ” . One begin, company project lets better through beating palm game people the imagination that believes oneself ability exceeds them, subsequently the company is versed in with game of PPT, imitate, figure analogy, case is analysed wait for means, communication reason, undesirable communication mode and how be admitted and praise the child, straightaway explanation comes out. Pass study, better people discovery censures so model, flattery, cut in, super- reason, sincerity wait for these a few kinds of communication mode, it is to appear in him life, at the same time they also understood, want how to use all issues that produce on body of active child of look upon of state of mind, and praise the skill of family. Through these two lecture, luo Fang community gives better people built a study, communication ” the family is taught ” platform, alleviate on certain level old people is in grandson the bewilderment of generation education and face of family photograph prescription, make participator learned to the mood manages and communicate skill, so that be mixed better,family is communicated.


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