Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Yesterday, according to Shenzhen customs information, should close place to belong to Wenjin to cross custom to enter a country in port passenger passageway hunts down human body placenta to draw liquid 300, add up to 600 milliliter. Because the passenger did not deal with quarantine of special article sanitation to examine and approve formalities, custom holds back processing to should approving article to make lawfully. That day, the member that Wenjin crosses custom to close is opposite to enter a country there is a large number of using inside the baggage that when the baggage that the passenger carries undertakes X light is checked, discovers its are carried the liquid with small bottled glass, check discovery to draw liquid for human body placenta further, add up to 300, all originate in Japan. Via enquiring to the passenger, these human body placenta draw liquid is its are bought will be used for daughter hairdressing. As we have learned, human body placenta extracts fluid to basically be used at hairdressing industry, it is to pass biology technology to be raw material to extraction decomposes active ingredient and be made with nap of human body placenta, without wholesome quarantine eligible human body placenta extracts fluid to may carry the pathogen such as liver of AIDS, second, third liver, have bigger healthy and safe risk. Custom reminds, basis ” quarantine management sets sanitation of discrepancy condition special article ” , organization of microbial, human body, biological product, blood reachs its goods to wait to all belong to special article, carry special article to enter a country ought to applying for wholesome quarantine to examine and approve to custom of destination directly under ahead of schedule.


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