Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Prohibit toxin to be begun deep ” 6 into ” activity, raise dweller of area under administration to know poison, refus poison in the round, gas defence ability, form adult person pays close attention to drugs, everybody to participate in the favorable situation of the fight that prohibit toxin. On June 25 afternoon, by Luo Hu the area bans poison to do guidance, street agency sponsors lotus pond, sweet agency of city of workstation of community of long mountain range, Shenzhen is versed in service center assist those who do ” international stands poisonous day I am the Dai Yan that prohibit toxin ” — the whole people of Luo Hu division prohibits toxin activity of sailing of small mailman promotion is growing square of mountain community culture to hold. The spot, dweller masses, student walks together explode 200 many imprint the balloon that has drugs model of written characters, revealed lotus pond all the people of one mind of street and numerous people, determination that eradicates drugs hand in hand and manner. The literary performance of the masses love to see and hear such as drama of the scene that prohibit toxin, comic dialogue, essay, song, dancing, showed suck drugs to be opposite the harm of individual, family and society, enhanced the consciousness prohibiting toxin of community dweller. It is reported, during summer vacation, the area bans poison to do, lotus pond sweet agency of city of street, Shenzhen is versed in service center and postal site cooperate, roll out new pattern of the conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin jointly: The whole people bans poisonous spokesman — ban poisonous small mailman. Go up with the line ” the friend is encircled ” fall with the line ” parcel post ” fast the means promotion that give bans poisonous conduct propaganda. In the meantime, be driven continuously to maintain and consequence, go up through the line wide enclothe + the line plays profound effect, in community, school in all recruit 40 ” ban poisonous small mailman ” with the whole people ” the spokesman that prohibit toxin ” , begin summer vacation time to reach ban poison for a long time to publicize a society to carry out an activity, exert oneself elevates whole town people the popularity rate of poisonous to banning knowledge and the consciousness that participate in the fight that prohibit toxin, initiate the precaution that prohibit toxin to publicize education and the whole people to stand poisonous new structure. At the appointed time, 900 thousand times the dweller will pass area under administration friend circle gets knowledge of the conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin, knowledge of 6000 conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin also enters the kind that carries parcel post card dweller family.


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