Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 26 morning, propaganda of summerly fall conscript was in collect lake area 2019 east square of door shopping mall is held, national defence of support of care of student of youth of broad of the right age and army build the appeal, devote self-consciously national defence, sign up eagerly join the army, to come true strong army the target conveys more person of outstanding ability. Area appoint ministry of fierce of person of members of standing committee, area politics appoint Cui Wei, deputy warden Zhuang Rui is peaceful, the leader such as Qiu Xueping of minister of ministry of area person fierce attends an activity. “Join the army dedicate oneself to the service of one’s motherland, clinking and glorious. ” imprinting on the signature edition of mobile spot these 8 big character, be recruited of youth of more than 500 of the right age signing up signs. It is reported, collect lake area summerly fall conscript signed up 2019 end to on August 5, go up according to the net register, first careful of check first trial, check-up politics, visit investigation, book recruit, Zhang Bang fair show, the flow such as approval enrollment undertakes. Area conscript does will fulfil obligation seriously, implement policy system, whole journey sunshine is operated, it is be recruited of youth of broad of the right age signing up to offer coverall Wu and advantage hard. “I think our identity is a student not just, more one should load a the Chinese nation great revive the youth having keep in mind of important task. ” come from a youth with bamboo shoot street hillock, the delegate of youth of of the right age that also is this second conscript activity expresses. He speaks of, “Today, party and national appeal our kid joins the army actively, this is the history gifts our important task, also be the obligation that youth having keep in mind should fulfil. National rise and fall, the youth has duty! Here, youth of of the right age of my representing whole area is majestic and affirmatory: Our bosom dedicates oneself to the service of his motherland heart, always prepare to carry an enlist to establish meritorious service, with real operation, the national defence career that is motherland mother contributes force, for reform strong army, the Chinese nation is great revive contributive youth and even warm blood. ” ” dedicate oneself to the service of one’s motherland since ancient times heroic thing ” , military service is registered, sign up joining the army is youth of every of the right age should do one’s duty, also be the glorious selection that postpones value of life of patriotic annals, implementation. “They, for Luo Hu people contended for light! ” Cui Wei expresses, army is ” university officer ” , ignite ideal, rich experience to young life, portray character; Army is ” big forge ” , make the youth challenges volition of ego, harden oneself bravely, be tempered into a steel. All the time since, government of Party Committee of all levels regards collect lake area as Luo Hu army made up of the sons of the people is built in barback result the strong supporter that establishs line of business, implement policy of support the army and give preferential treatment to families of armymen and martyrs seriously, it is difficult to discharge care to solve for soldier and family member hard, had done each give special care to disabled servicemen and to family members of martyrs and servicemen to find a place for the job. Broad cadre masses of Luo Hu supports army very enthusiasticly also to build, especially broad parent sends eagerly child join the army, youth of broad of the right age signs up actively be recruited, be in after enrollment of large quantities of youth having keep in mind army join or be admitted to the party, one’s deceased father learn, carry dry, become army Jiang Junxing army skeleton force, make the material of the ridgepole and beam-pillar of the state that socioeconomy builds. “Join the army enrollment can harvest the close comrade-in-arms with sturdy good faith, able-bodied physique volition, excellent ability quality, deep affection not only, the political honor of more whole family and a paragraph of commendable life are experienced. ” Zhuang Rui expresses rather, hope more youth having keep in mind joins people army at an early date, yang Qingchun is stimulated in fervent barback, put flying dream, illume life, creation is brilliant!


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