Dispatch of network of collect lake home: These days, “Rubbish is classified ” the popular topic that becomes Shenzhen. Not long ago, shenzhen comes on stage history on the most severe rubbish classifies measure, rubbish classification was entered ” concentration installs classification to throw a point + time superintend and director guides ” mode, uptown floor removes a bucket, undertake rubbish installs classification to put in centrally, came at 7 o’clock every night superintend and director guided at 9 o’clock.  Before policy comes on stage, collect lake area has begun rubbish to classify relevant job, exert oneself makes residential village rubbish classify mode of open 3.0. Policy, caused a citizen to discuss strongly. Actually, before policy comes on stage, collect lake area has begun rubbish to classify relevant job, exert oneself makes residential village rubbish classify open 3 mode, classify rubbish essence of life to refine; The enterprise serves business to come to serve, good cent kind rubbish undertakes handling, final implementation resource reclaims use, make life of collect lake dweller cleaner. 3 mode are in open of classification of residential village rubbish Luo Hu now home village, dweller stone lady every night at 8 o’clock, the metropolis is fixed it is good to taking fraction kind the building below rubbish, reclaim to village resource the station undertakes according to the category rubbish puts in. After from Xiaoou floor removed a bucket March, pass 3 months adjust period, she had gotten used to rubbish classification. Be in early actually 2018 second half of the year, basis of collect lake area ” the announcement that management board of Shenzhen city city classifies 2 mode about carrying out uptown rubbish in the round ” requirement, to 184 floor the village that do not have a bucket is begun 2 found the job, the other ash-bin with original village the dot dismantles and transform life rubbish to center classification to put in a dot, put bit of setting on glass, metal, plastic, paper kind, useless batteries, useless tube and other rubbish collect container, deploy illume establishment. In the meantime, development power is organized to hold the position of the member that superintend and director guides in the personnel such as community Party member, volunteer, old people, property management, the member that every concentration puts in a dot to arrange a superintend and director to guide came to undertook spot superintend and director guides at 9 o’clock at 7 o’clock in the late evening, directive, guide, supervise and urge the dweller does good life rubbish to classify; 3 it is every Lou Datang, elevator or stair mouth paste ” domesticity rubbish classification puts in how-to ” install casing to secure; Old hall, elevator or stair mouth already set an electron to display screen or video broadcasts equipment, broadcast life rubbish to classify propagandist information regularly; Superintend and director of the member that guide according to superintend and director guides record, in every Lou Dong rubbish of life of paste of first floor is big clear position is classified ” glorious a list of names posted up ” , fair show resident of each Lou Dong to participate in a circumstance. 2019 first half of the year, collect lake area according to city bureau deploy, upgrade to what 184 when already founded 2018 2 villages have 3 version make the work, go up in the foundation of 2 mode namely, put in a dot to add hutch beyond ash-bin, speech to hint equipment is mixed wash one’s hands pool, hutch beyond ash-bin came at 7 o’clock in the late evening only at 9 o’clock somebody the time that superintend and director guides paragraph put, the purity that with ensuring hutch beyond rubbish collects. Already completed construction at present and traverse city in acceptable 3 villages have 127. Does the company come to serve implementation resource to reclaim will the rubbish after using classification be like where manage, carry to go to where? The reporter understands from team of accident of environmental sanitation of collect lake area, collect lake area is current preliminary already built billabong to receive carry to handle a system, old to abandoning furniture, year rubbish of rubbish of vegetables of rubbish of hutch of rubbish of paper of model of gold of beautiful year of orange, harmful rubbish, useless old fabric, Bo, afforest, eat, fruit, hutch beyond executes alone billabong to receive carry and processing, formed the entire chain that collects extreme processing from front to run. For example, useless old furniture is achieved a certain quantity of when, by the village property government office is united dial company of 6 clear motion to come free Qing Dynasty carries, carry make a place, the useless old furniture that decides through making public invite public bidding by bureau of area city canal handles a business — , limited company of technology of Shenzhen city Panlong environment has front broken, extreme undertakes carbonization is handled again. Year spend year of orange to announce year of flower through allotting the means such as the announcement year of orange reclaim company list and make an appointment connection means, pass year of flower year orange controls use, advocate a family to execute proper motion to reclaim use. Year spend year of orange to achieve a certain quantity of when, go up by a gleam of of each property interconnected system make an appointment to reclaim freely, by processing controlling use the enterprise is carried to year of designation flower year orange treats field, have a few in good condition flowerpot, bamboo pole, iron wire and implantation land 2 times using, to withered die and lifecycle is short, year of flower that can no more help advance somebody’s career, after reclaiming, undertake handling as rubbish. Collect lake area reclaimed in all 2019 year spend year of orange and flowerpot to make an appointment with 170 thousand, gross weight amounts to 883.1 tons, reclaim among them can repeat use flowerpot to make an appointment with 80 thousand, answer income and expenses to wear about 500 thousand, transplanting garden 3680 individual plant. In can reclaim on processing of content, harmful rubbish, dweller general can reclaim what content and harmful rubbish put in correspondence is special collect container, after glass, useless batteries and useless tube accumulate certain amount, unite by property dial team of accident of environmental sanitation of Luo Hu area to receive motion unit phone to reclaim, carry to the concentration that establishs in the area have a change of luck is nodded, after batch assemble, hand in respectively by extreme processing company is undertaken handling. As to metal, plastic with paper kind, dweller and property can be used through commercializing a principle to undertake resource is changed. Order the day before yesterday all receives carry glass 1.2 tons, batteries 0.02 tons, tube 0.03 tons. And be aimed at rubbish of eat hutch rubbish, fruit vegetables rubbish, hutch beyond, concessionary management enterprise signs unit of generation of eat hutch rubbish and collect lake area ” eat hutch rubbish receives carry contract ” hind, deploy eat hutch rubbish to collect container by this enterprise, press conventional time and place, come to control use, carry to be located in next level ground to fill bury the eat hutch rubbish inside field to handle field. Eat hutch rubbish ferments through oxygen of be disgusted with craft, generation firedamp, turn marsh gas through resource again use generate electricity, merge into power supply system is used, the resource that realizes eat hutch rubbish is changed use and harmless change processing. More than rubbish and eat hutch rubbish handle fruit vegetables rubbish and hutch in coordination, processing technology is same. At present day of collect lake area all receives carry to handle eat hutch rubbish 110.85 tons, fruit vegetables rubbish 1.22 tons, hutch beyond rubbish 3.83 tons. Advance rubbish to classify the public to teach dandelion to plan recently, bamboo shoot hillock is street party of lake scene community group the professional teacher that the service center invites Shenzhen city rubbish to classify the public to teach dandelion to plan, share Shenzhen city rubbish to classify relevant knowledge to community dweller, make student understanding current the rubbish of Shenzhen city classifies big target, put in from classification again, classification is collected, reduce useless source, division to achieve become useless to wait for a respect, processing of the buy before much angle introduces deep how to undertake to rubbish, classification reclaims, become useless to wait for knowledge for treasure. This is collect lake area is fulfilled ” the announcement that management board of Shenzhen city city classifies the public to teach dandelion to plan about rubbish of life of town of Shenzhen of print and distribute ” the epitome of file spirit. Since this year, collect lake area is begun regularly special groom, rubbish of staff member of promotion basic level classifies professional quality, up to now, each community party group the service center is begun in all ” small classroom ” groom 37. Groom personnel enclothes each street rubbish classification to work only, project of company of classification of administrator of company of community staff member, property and rubbish, justice labour. Combinative city classifies a center to unite custom-built rubbish to classify propaganda paterial, collect lake area pressworked a large number of placard, how-to, use an electron to show screen broadcasts rubbish to classify commonweal short, begin green mild conduct propaganda to the dweller, guide form consciousness of the classification that reduce an amount. Data shows, since 2018, collect lake area is printed in all and extend include ” domesticity rubbish classification puts in how-to ” , ” mechanism is enterprise or business classification of unit life rubbish puts in how-to ” , the data of relevant conduct propaganda such as placard of conduct propaganda of CD action series adds up to about 57000, publicize energetically popularize the life to rubbish is classified and decrease quantity knowledge. Around rubbish classification works mainly, collect lake area is begun with ” the Party member is volunteer service + rubbish is classified ” the party that is characteristic builds a brand, stimulative party is built work with business ” shirt-sleeve ” , the model that moves broad Party member adequately is the first action, make sure rubbish classifies the job to be advanced in order on time. It is to begin Party member volunteer to publicize mode. Participate in street ” resource reclaims day ” activity, cooperate actively street, village begins rubbish to classify propagandist work with tripartite; 2 it is to begin Party member volunteer superintend and director guides service mode. Participate in property village rubbish to classify ” 4 kinds of superintend and director guide mode ” coordinate an activity, with ” community Party member, volunteer, old people, property management ” form resultant force, advance rubbish to classify superintend and director to guide jointly the job.


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