Dispatch of network of collect lake home: “Yue of fish of criterion of depth of water, the city is strong a Gu Xing. ” battalion business environment is soft actual strength of development of a the city zone reflect, also be the important step that the city zone promotes integrated competition ability. Not long ago, collect lake area comes on stage formally ” Luo Hu area is carried out fulfil Shenzhen city to optimized battalion business environment to reform working point 2019 ” , hit optimize battalion business environment to combine a fist, make the service that makes an enterprise satisfactory, build stable fairness the transparent, international that can anticipate is top-ranking battalion business environment, thing of promotion city run by the local people is convenient index, make internationalization can develop vanward the city zone continuously.    Serve to provide more convenient government administration to the enterprise, enterprise of get through of collect lake area serves last kilometer. Zhuyu Sha photographs the reporter to rise from this day, newspaper of home of collect lake community rolls out series report especially, survey of industry of development collect lake, listen attentively to enterprise sound, understand business demand, walk into collect lake area many branches, deepness understands environment of business of collect lake battalion to optimize trends, assist construction of environment of business of battalion of area of force collect lake. “Excuse me, is the enterprise simple and easy is cancelling an order what kind of? ” ” actually this business does not need to come to what administrative service hall deals with, can do directly on the net, I will help you operate ” . “Excuse me, can business of harbor boat freight be in here do? ” ” do excuse me you have make an appointment? Business window is in 35, 36 windows, you can rest await. ” such dialog, serve the hall to be being performed in administration of collect lake area everyday. Serve to provide more convenient government administration to the enterprise, enterprise of get through of collect lake area serves last kilometer, open company straight have transport service, carry out ” 6 do ” service, build ” unifinication ” service system, let data acceleration run, enterprise never leave home, finger gently a bit, can have done business. By build company straight have transport service to enjoy green passageway to serve ” when conduct business every time, want to show direct car to serve card only, the staff member is met preferential arrangement, let us conduct business can more rapid, this practice is worth to nod assist. ” Mr Li that the country holds the post of belongings to be sure, often head for collect lake administration to serve the hall to conduct business. Will do business every time, let what feel warm to warm in his heart. The straight be open to traffic that Mr Li place says serves card, be system of service of straight have transport service of company of key of collect lake area is exclusive certificate. Since last year August, exhibit to support further and promote Luo Hu of enterprise take root to erupt simultaneously expand, optimize environment of business of battalion of area under administration, collect lake area carries out key company straight have transport service to serve a system, handle affairs for start of business of key of area under administration green passageway, optimize handle affairs guideline, provide convenient, efficient government affairs service. A piece of small card, it is open however the key of multinomial service. Have direct car to serve the industry of card, in Luo Hu area administration serves substation of the hall, collect lake public security (condition of population management, discrepancy) handle affairs revenue of division of the hall, Luo Hu handles affairs substation of social security of area of the hall, Luo Hu handles affairs the hall and each are street handle affairs the hall is enjoyed. Hall of service of administration of collect lake area still creates key company ” direct car ” first service window, transfer full-time of business backbone personnel is responsible, unified receive, accept, piece, turn relevant section is examined and approve or many branches series connection is examined and approve, the service that offers to direct car company needs sue for peace to handle matter, shorten in a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of specified time limits time doing a form, strive to accomplish deal with immediately. Administration of collect lake area served Zhu Yusha of hall staff member to calculate such brushstroke Zhang for the reporter: “For example the enterprise conducts business, want to make an appointment on the net above all, once meet urgent matter to want to was dealt with that day, often do not make an appointment to go up, need to await. But direct car company can serve hall window spot to take order directly, the staff member is arranged immediately preferential deal with, close, accept, piece be in a window, coordinate many branches to be examined and approve in time, also can person specially assigned for a task is in charge of follow-up, handle affairs time photograph relatively at the meeting is quicker for other company. ” the business that the enterprise conducts often involves many branches, collect lake area still is offerred ” group regimental Wu ” , establish special government to serve a group, the branch appoints one v/arc a person’s status to be in charge of a leader to regard responsibility as the person related each, door of cadre of special responsible and harmonious processing is the servive routine of direct car company, appoint person specially assigned for a task to be offerred for direct car company all-around service. For example, in the service major project builds direct car business in, departmental door should intervene ahead of schedule, the lead service, guidance before leaning, master item process in time, assist an enterprise actively to solve a problem, implementation is not had seam butt joint, whole journey to dog. “Had such policy, we have an urgent matter, important thing, can handle for a short while, it is provide timely help simply. because have such service, have so top-ranking battalion business environment, we are willing to stay in Luo Hu all the time, lake of take root collect. ” Mr Li says. “6 do ” the service is close 7 can come true into much item ” 0 ” run move as Luo Hu region government affairs serves reform to quicken, the service is more and more convenient, debut especially ” do immediately ” ” do on the net ” ” do ” ” nearby does ” ” come to do ” and ” the look is short of do ” . This ” do 6 times ” after the service, implementation data runs more road masses is little do legwork. A group of such data, confirm ” do 6 times ” concrete result: At present 576 government affairs serve whole area in item, add up to the simple and easy item of compasses to do namely namely legally, do namely 83, do namely rate 16% ; Among them administration allows item 189, do namely 45, do namely rate 23.6% , item of license of administration of demand of tower above province, city does rate level namely 13.6 percent; In the 576 services matter that network of service of collect lake government affairs issues, already came true 100% run at most, 7 can come true into much item ” 0 ” run move; 543 business can be dealt with on the net, occupy than 94% . In the meantime, collect lake area is in connected inside 68 first areas last year run item base, through be being combed further, release the 2nd batch connect inside 62 areas handle matter, connect inside the area handle matter in all 130, the citizen is OK nearby chooses to handle affairs dot, need not do legwork more again; In the light of key enterprise old perhaps dweller, disabled waits for special group, exploration of collect lake area is rolled out ” create service person specially assigned for a job, demand of active butt joint, come to serve heart to heart ” mode, offer collection of dactylogram test and verify, data, come to take a picture wait for excellent service. Basically declare material all ready and below the circumstance that accords with statutory requirement, secondary declares material to be deficient in or imperfect, can business still continue to deal with? In Luo Hu, the answer is affirmative. Collect lake area is carried out ” the look is short of do ” policy, grant to close first or accept, one-time inform the data that needs to make good omissions, time limit and super- period processing method, the applicant complements on time with written form acceptance accord with the material that examines and approve a condition, examine and approve sectional go ahead of the rest to make examine and approve a decision, after waiting for applicant filling Qi Cai to expect, issue conduction result opinion in time inside affirmatory time limit, issue relevant card to illuminate. “The look is short of do ” those who bring is convenient, always install staff member of insurance Shenzhen branch to defend a gentleman to have feeling greatly. Thanksed to this one policy, the company avoided the likelihood that the inspect that be protected can punish. “We need to deal with change of business charter address. Main data is already complete, but unluckily file of already licensed give an official was not in headquarters affix one’s seal. The headquarters of the company is in Xi’an, if wait for this one affix one’s seal to be referred together, still need at least half month to arrive the time of a month, pull slow rate not to say, face the risk that change message not in time and is punished possibly still even. ” he says. Be aimed at this one circumstance, defend a gentleman to serve report of hall staff member with administration immediately. “Staff member and relevant section are communicated immediately harmonious, open ‘ the look is short of do ‘ , allow us to examine and approve backup material first, had managed change very quickly. This thing lets me feel, handle affairs to go to the lavatory not only in Luo Hu, the system is flexible and very human nature is changed, should be politics the service takes the thumb since vertical stroke. ” one window is connected do to examine and approve acceleration to be built for compose for the enterprise ” fore-and-aft after all, transverse to edge, horizontal vertical linkage, without seam join ” government affairs serves a system, collect lake area has one to string together ” 141083 ” password. Build namely with area administration 4 service hall, major divide 10 hall, street administration to serve the hall and 83 community the service network that public service center is fulcrum, execute in the round ” accept integratedly downstage, tiring-room classification is examined and approve, the window is unified piece ” business operation pattern. Current, administration of collect lake area serves the hall to have 35 to accept the window integratedly, 36 tiring-room examine and approve hillock, can deal with 5 21 divisions straight department, units that be stationed in an area to add up to 725 business (among them division straight department 484, the branch that be stationed in an area 241) , can reach the spot to get through mailing wait for means to extend centrally 446 kinds of card are illuminated. This year in June, lobby of service of administration of collect lake area continues Luo Hu of city traffic carriage bureau freight of boat of management board harbor 47 business, medical treatment of ground of different of substation of Luo Hu of bureau of safeguard of city medical treatment submits an expense account 6 business, its doctor of traditional Chinese medicine keeps business at overall on June 20 transfer to a lower level hall of each street administration service, execute whole area to connect do. With ” Shenzhen 90 ” reform is chance, collect lake area is carried on ” wait not to rise, do not get slow, do not sit ” spirit, continue to compress examine and approve time limit, whole thrust examines and approve speed into investment project. Since reform, collect lake area already accumulative total is offerred ” Shenzhen 90 ” serve more than times 1000. In the meantime, take the lead in coming on stage in whole town ” design of plan of project of investment of government of Luo Hu district decides way (try out) ” , definite plan designs authorized level and program, normative plan design changes a condition, specific plan designs each duty, avoid much unit to participate in below, the circumstance that not clear, shuffle disputes over trifles produces duty. Everyday, lobby advisory part Shu Tao of staff member Zheng answers one day back and forth at least the query of about a hundred citizen. Administration serves the business that hall place conducts, he almost know sth thoroughly. Face tremendous workload, he does not feel painstaking however. “Our job, so that civilian benefit look forward to is a center,want namely. They handle affairs went to the lavatory, my job is valuable. ” he says.