Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 27 afternoon, “Charm of twin city Chinese ink ” appropriate of Jiangsu of · of Shenzhen collect lake promotes calligraphy couplet to exhibit in Luo Hu art gallery is held grandly. This calligraphy couplet is exhibited exhibit in all two ground work 123, among them Luo Hu 63, appropriate promotes 60, the exhibition period that is in Shenzhen will come continuously on July 14. Still will promote itinerate to exhibit in Jiangsu appropriate subsequently, hand-in-hand travel series is interactive communicate an activity. This is to be congratulatory People’s Republic of China to hold water 70 years, the prosperity of stimulative calligraphy art develops, strengthen the communication of culture domain and cooperation, the exhibition that promote area culture consequence and holds. This second couplet is exhibited by Luo Hu bureau of sports of travel of area culture wide report, appropriate promotes municipal Party committee to publicize couplet of article of area of ministry, Luo Hu, appropriate to promote city article couplet, appropriate to promote city Qi to well balanced street agency sponsor. This couplet exhibited more comprehensive ground to show the diversity of art of two ground calligraphy, offerred the opportunity that communicates each other ancient bronze mirror for two ground author and lover, make more people understand the culture charm with two different ground and intention, for promotional the two ground friendship, prosperity that promotes calligraphy art is sure to produce positive effect.


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