Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Yesterday, shenzhen city bans poisonous committee to hold Shenzhen city the whole people banned poisonous project press conference 2019, report the situation that whole town stood poisonous job since the portion in June 2018 and positive result, and the drugs that the spot reveals capture. The member unit such as municipal Party committee of Shenzhen of bureau of education of city of procuratorate of people of city of court of intermediate people of city of Shenzhen city public security bureau, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, the Youth League and Shenzhen custom attends a news briefing. Since June 2018, the strong leadership of the various branch that prohibit toxin in municipal government of Shenzhen municipal Party committee leaves whole town, carry out country, province to prohibit toxin seriously appoint working deploy, with the whole people the project that prohibit toxin is lead, plan as a whole society each resource, firm catchs measure of each policy that prohibit toxin to fulfil, advance precaution deep education, execute the law side of blow, society teachs 3 keys the job, problem of ceaseless promotion drugs governs ability level integratedly, the job that prohibit toxin obtained new result. Last year November, the country banned poisonous council office to release ” the bulletin that about the whole nation drugs of 36 big cities administers the case that monitor ” , shenzhen bans poisonous job put together to synthesize effect to rank the first, among them arrest poison executes the law ability obtains exclusive full marks. Baoan area and collect lake area prohibit toxin through the country respectively appoint, the province prohibits toxin appoint punish of the key that prohibit toxin checks and accept assessment to work, pick smoothly ” cap ” . In the job that prohibit toxin, shenzhen public security produces main force effect adequately, advance with all one’s strength ” two dozens two accuse ” special operation hits the job, detected gist case successfully many cases early or late, effectively awe drugs violates crime. Mechanism of Shenzhen town procuratorial work commits a crime to drugs ” 0 patient ” , carry out stoutly lawfully ” from heavy from fast ” guiding principle, the job that pays attention to different lawsuit link joins, maintain from beginning to end with court of public security mechanism, people harmonious cooperate, cogent had done batch catch, sue the job. Since June 2018, mechanism of whole town procuratorial work is approved in all arrest drugs crime case 1860 2491 people, to sue 2043 2764 people. In the cognizance process of case of each drugs crime, shenzhen court system occupies meddlesome demonstration strictly close, adjudgement program shuts and law is applicable close, ensure the adjudgement of each case of withstand law and history examine. Since June 2018 since, whole town court of justice accepts case of crime of first instance drugs newly 1924, drop compared to the same period 9.6% ; Hold the corresponding period 7.75% of case of criminal of all first instance, drop compared to the same period 0.91 percent; Careful writtens guarantee (contain old put) 1948, sentence drugs criminal in all 2241 people. Among them, the 346 people of person of drugs crime the accused that sentence set term of imprisonment of 5 years of above, life imprisonment, capital punishment.


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