Dispatch of network of collect lake home: In September 2018 up to now, bilk gang is seek illegal profit, square of commerce of Ou Mou of collect lake of city of the Shenzhen that rent 7 buildings, establish artwork of flourishing age of Shenzhen city Shenzhen to show service limited company, be engaged in technically civil play bilk crime activity. Substation of collect lake public security is in receive report a case to the security authorities the height after clew takes seriously, transfer force of policemen of essence of life establishs case group, investigate through careful, centered more than 200 on April 10, 2019 alarm force is united in Luo Hu, Long Hua begin operation controlling a network, with one action demolishs feature of this bilk shelter. Current, collect lake substation already lawfully criminal detains 139 people, check already just was approved arrest 77 people, the case is being dealt with further in. Police thunderbolt hits out demolish bilk shelter feature. Cost of every months of hundred thousands of advertisement is searching a website to popularize essence of life to lock up calm target crowd to occupy the introduction definitely, this company component is one, 2, 3 companies and logistics department, the logistics department sets appraisal expert, letter to produce a ministry, trade the branch such as center, financial, downstage, human affairs. The logistics department is in charge of offerring service and company management job to carry out bilk. The Tibet that appraisal expert is in charge of the injured party is tasted provide service of so called appraisal, the true bogus that concludes Tibet is tasted, the name of an article, time. Substation of collect lake public security handles a case policeman introduction, to attract more ” client ” come round to seek advice from antique matters concerned, every company month can be thrown tens of 10 thousand yuan, all alone be popularized on engine in of all kinds search through tripartite company, “Cause client ” should search relevant keyword only, arrive with respect to meeting drainage relevant website, and these people want to had had in these websites only browse, register, pertinent information can flow into bilk company hand in. The policeman still introduces, countrywide each district has a lot of people to be cheated, ever had a Beijing old lady of many years old 70, take Tibet 56 times to taste Shenzhen from Beijing early or late, let this company help auction, was cheated 735 thousand yuan of poundage. Ancestral ” jade avalokitesvara ” evaluate 40 million result 20 thousand poundage ” no use ” Shenzhen citizen because Mr Yang has searched antique on the net, some day received the telephone call of the clerk of this company, because him home leaves this company not far, in the clerk persuade below, one when bringing handed down from the older generations of the family ” jade avalokitesvara ” will to this company undertake assessment. “They say this cost 40 million, I am not believed at all, they say their company near future has an auction to meet in Singapore, we can rise send price 4 million go trying. ” Mr Yang tells a reporter, take turns of company clerk, expert, general manager persuades him, want him to hand in poundage, the auction that participates in Singapore is met, “I feel myself by brainwashing, they want me to hand in 40 thousand, I turned finally 20 thousand to them. ” before long hind, mr Yang receives a video that auctions meeting site, company clerk tells him, his ” jade avalokitesvara ” stream patted. Subsequently, the company promises to taste his Tibet in an England to auction meeting auction, the purpose lets him continue to hand in poundage. He came to this company on April 10, just discover this company is investigated by police, oneself were cheated. Decode civil play an extent ” cover a road to pat ” this crime gang passes law of 3 paces bilk have an organization ” call sheet ” ” division of history into periods ” ” make sheet ” trilogy carries out swindler blame to the injured party activity. The clerk is passed first ” call sheet ” , contact the injured party through the phone namely, enquire to the injured party Tibet tastes a circumstance, vaunting company actual strength is driving, in Singapore, London, enlighten do obeisance to and other places to organize an auction to meet, the auction clinchs a deal rate is high, can taste the Tibet of the injured party sell a high price, the injured party that entice adds small letter good friend, ask for Tibet to taste a picture to the injured party. “Call sheet ” after the success, undertake namely next ” division of history into periods ” . Company ” expert ” have relevant identification to the picture, issue opinion of so called expert, to the historical origin that the injured party boasts Tibet is tasted, wanton and exaggerated vendibility, the company will negotiate before coax the injured party carries original other people auction, be on sale wait for matters concerned. “Division of history into periods ” after the success, undertake next ” make sheet ” . Cheat the injured party to company interview hind, company ” expert ” taste to Tibet have spot identification, every Tibet tastes collection the injured party cost of 200 yuan of appraisal. The person such as sectional inspector general, clerk is used forge ” the market evaluates findings ” , again tall, friend sufferring Tibet chases after the vendibility that flicker the injured party holds Tibet to taste hold in both hands, coax the injured party tastes Tibet entrust its company sale, be on sale etc, sign with the injured party ” high-end artwork serves an agreement ” , lowest of set of coax the injured party trades the price, extend to the injured party so called auction is met invitation letter, wait for nominal collection in order to show cost of tax of cost, auction cost, conduct propaganda cost, customs, insurance premium the 10 thousand service fee to several yuan of high specified numbers. The Tibet of the injured party of collection of this crime gang is tasted, after the service of diddle high specified number is expended, make corresponding slide, PPT, entrust pursue company of on sale broker technically, organize false auction to meet. When the auction, the slide that makes beforehand, PPT is broadcasted in the spot, let a person pretend to lift card contest to pat to article of partial experience case, but the minimum that all won’t exceed set of the injured party trades the price, bring about thereby stream pat. Each clerk turns auction scene video to corresponding the injured party again, the Tibet that lets the injured party form his is tasted stream pat illusion.


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