Dispatch of network of collect lake home: A few days ago, the reporter learns from revenue of collect lake division, on April 1, shenzhen city revenue is brand-new duty look forward to is interactive platform — ” small tax Wu ” the area is started and application is popularized in Luo Hu. The enterprise of attestation does real name duty personnel can be passed ” small tax Wu ” platform receives a tax authority to push those who send decrease duty to fall cost policy. Understand to help more company and use this platform, revenue of collect lake division faced enterprise of area under administration to begin special performance for many times to groom meeting. Current, collect lake area exceeds 6 to register and use this platform into the enterprise. It is reported, “Small tax Wu ” platform is an application platform on company small letter, user group is Shenzhen city the real already the legal representative that renown attestation ties calm company, financial chief, member that do tax, member that buy a ticket, have an announcement to release, policy is unscrambled, the data is collected, mobile newspaper sends industry personality material, miniature value added tax ” one key is declared ” wait for a function. Revenue of collect lake division concerns chief introduction, duty Wu branch can be used ” small tax Wu ” platform to the enterprise personnel of specific experience duty is pushed send relevant taxation policy, ensure taxpayer and capture expend a person ” should know, should drink to the dregs is enjoyed ” . Meanwhile, taxpayer also can be in ” small tax Wu ” aspirant travel reply, inquiry, data refers platform wait for an operation. “Small tax Wu ” platform was solved long-term since ” the tax authority informs insufficient essence accurate, taxpayer seeks advice to go to the lavatory not quite ” pain spot, improved the work efficiency of duty Wu branch already, the satisfaction that also promoted taxpayer is spent and obtain feeling. “‘ small tax Wu ‘ platform is honest too convenient! ” introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad gentleman of financial staff member of company of limited company of inscription radical food expresses, the enterprise does duty personnel to be able to be in not only ” small tax Wu ” the plan that the inquiry on platform examines and approve item, OK still and direct connection sends the duty Wu personnel of the announcement, to revenue the newspaper sends a material, decreased to head for the frequency of revenue greatly. Revenue of collect lake division collects administrative division to express about chief, next, revenue of collect lake division will be popularized continuously ” small tax Wu ” platform, collect an user to be opposite at the same time the opinion of this platform and proposal, optimize management and service ceaselessly, advance health of industry of area under administration to develop.


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