Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 27, in hall of report of elementary school of paddy field of collect lake area, push next lever that start jointly as present leader, popular science plans safety of food of children of adolescent of area of 2019 collect lakes (next weighing ” popular science plans ” ) and countrywide food safety publicizes Zhou Zheng type to start. This year, popular science plan will walk into collect lake area 42 areas are belonged to fair run elementary school, implementation is fed install popular science education to be belonged to in the area fair do elementary school to be enclothed completely. This year summer vacation, popular science plan still will be started the 3rd period feed install volunteer instructor to groom, future, will more and more volunteer instructor is on dais, obligation begins activity of popular science propaganda and education.
Build an unit to give a shop sign in all to the project. This activity, by safety of medicines and chemical reagents of food of collect lake area area of committee, collect lake teachs market of bureau, city to supervise management board Luo Hu to superintend bureau, the Youth League council of Luo Hu district is sponsorred jointly, center of propaganda and education of safety of food of Shenzhen evening paper undertakes. City market supervises Li Zhong of member of management board leading Party group, deputy director general, wen Zhong of member of leading Party group of collect lake area, deputy warden attends an activity and make a speech. 1 feed install popular science education to enclothe area under administration whole area is belonged to fair run elementary school plan of popular science of safety of food of children of adolescent of Luo Hu area is started from 2017, through establishing food safety pilot school, build food safety course of popular science of safety of food of characteristic U station, research and development, groom food safety is volunteer provision of instructor, research and development is safe the means such as product of popular science series, all-around standard of safety of food of children of adolescent of promotion area under administration, effect is distinct. Chen Yonghuan of the member that collect lake area teachs bureau deputy survey introduces, popular science plan reports a duplicate to through beginning congress of popular science a lecture given to a large number of students, pleasance, hand prandial nutrition lecture, community combines appraise through comparison, parent a variety of forms such as propaganda, make teachers and students and parent all-around participate in the study of food safety and nutrient knowledge. Beginning food safety to publicize education is the project of a long-term systematization, need society all circles is participated in jointly. Delectable is, popular science plan passes two years of many time run development, popular science means, school enclothed the respect such as force of amount, persons qualified to teach to all have qualitative promotion. Collect lake area feeds medicine how to do market of director, city to supervise management board Luo Hu to superintend bureau director Wang Jianqing to introduce, came 2017 2018, popular science plans pilot school to increase 5 from 1, curricular content is ceaseless and perfect, drive a family through the student, promotion is spent to feeding the knowledge that brings popular science knowledge. This year, popular science plan still will enclothe area under administration all 42 areas are belonged to fair run elementary school, the course of food safety popular science that faces 3 grade student to begin systematization. The ceremonially that start, sponsor an unit to also be opposite 42 areas belong to collect lake area fair the popular science that does elementary school to issue indicative responsibility and mission plans card of project collaboration school. It is reported, future, popular science plans to will develop to depth, establish form of characters or letters to popularize. Wen Zhong emphasizes when the speech, “Popular science plans safety of teenage children food ” it is Luo Hu the innovation act that food safety works and brand activity, it is to be aimed at at present fair do elementary school to develop popular science plan, future can try develop to private school, nursery school, middle school, stereo type popularizes brand project. Society of 2 food safety treats mode to obtain affirmation in all at present, popular science plans what preliminary already compose establishs volunteer instructor group to groom, platform of assessment, practice, become popular science to plan powerful instructor to prop up. Committee of experts of safety of Shenzhen city food is Luo Hu popular science of safety of food of area adolescent children plans to offer a technology to prop up, through recruit food safety professional college student, popular science plans the pilot school parent, company industry that has instructor aptitude, volunteer to wait sign up participate in groom. Zhang Xiaoling of parent of student of dawn elementary school is the earliest east one batch joins popular science to plan to feed a delegate that brings volunteer instructor group, last year be on a diet in installing course, she is taking the gemmiparous potato that she breeds to be on dais, bring all-knowing knowledge to food of student popular science, get the accord of school teachers and students reputably, obtained last year judge title of SamSung course instructor. She expresses, join feed bring group of popular science instructor, install the standard such as knowledge, schoolteaching skill to groom professionally through feeding, understand the food safety knowledge with more rigorous major from which, benefit a lot on family, life. Popular science plans safety of food of children of adolescent of Luo Hu area, participate in jointly through social all circles, pay close attention to the form of food safety jointly, li Zhong of the member that city market supervises management board leading Party group to become, deputy director general offerred sufficient affirmation. Li Zhong is mentioned when the speech, food safety does not have bagatelle, all circles of society of food safety need pays close attention to jointly, participate in, plan of hope popular science can written guarantee a fructification of more Hui Min, in before long can be in whole town in the future be born blossoms, benefit reachs whole town teenage children. 3 start the 3rd period volunteer instructor grooms according to popular science plan project undertakes square Shenzhen evening paper feeds An Xuan to teach a center to disclose on behalf of Liu Hua, cent of popular science plan was approved last year groom volunteer instructor student 60 more than person, through examining 25 people. Groom through series course, assessment, the instructor that assesses a success will join instructor group, join thematic class meeting class gives lessons undertake carrying out. These 25 volunteer instructor included all circles public figure such as project of quick check personnel, parent, volunteer, company, already became the skeleton force that popular science plans now. To blend in new blood, this year summer vacation, the 3rd period volunteer instructor grooms also will pull open prelusive. The ceremonially that start, xiong Jingfan of director of division of business of center of city chronic prevention and cure, expert of committee of experts of city food safety, Shenzhen Zheng of the 2nd high vestibule school Dr. Xin, metric quality of expert of committee of experts of city food safety, city detects the academy is advanced engineer Li Lin, evening paper of committee member of committee of experts of communication of risk of safety of city food medicines and chemical reagents, Shenzhen feeds An Xuan to teach central director Chen Li, instructor of star of city work college, in-house course develops Shi Ketian to obtain hire groom expert, will provide business guidance for volunteer instructor. This also is meant, popular science plans the 3rd period volunteer instructor grooms start formally. 4 add 11 popular science newly to plan to build an unit in all as we have learned, since 2017, popular science planned to develop the course of 100 much showing number and activity two years continuously, got food security professional school, professional orgnaization, detect the technical support of all circles personage such as orgnaization, organism or help. This year, popular science plans to also more units are joined, joint proposal joins food safety to work, safety of food of children of the adolescent that help strength works. The ceremonially that start, shenzhen metric quality of city of center of prevention and cure of chronic of city of the 2nd high vestibule school, Shenzhen, Shenzhen detects academy engineer, China measure detect the plan of 11 popular science such as attestation group Inc. builds unit delegate to also appearance in all accept commend. Future, build an unit to will each doing his own job in all, produce effect, to popular science the plan provides the many sided support such as persons qualified to teach, technology, field, the popular science that help strength plans thrive. Popular science of safety of food of children of adolescent of collect lake area plans to develop course: ★ 2017: The key is made ” 5 one project ” , namely: Roll out popular science of safety of a teenage food pilot school, establish safety of food of first campus of whole town station of thematic characteristic U, build safety of a teenage food group of instructor of popular science volunteer, research and development course of popular science of safety of a teenage food, design manual of popular science of safety of a teenage food. ★ 2018: Of enlarge undergraduate cover a range, pilot school increases 5, a standardization feeds research and development install curricular system, make popular science of food of a series publicize small video, make safety of a food publicize popular science draw this, build to feed install volunteer communication to groom platform. ★ 2019: Implementation area belongs to 42 fair do elementary school to be enclothed completely, face 3 grade student to develop popular science a lecture given to a large number of students, visit a garden or park congress, hand reports a duplicate to or the composition is chosen, the provision of the systematization such as social practice is safe popular science course, the 3 year service that implementation participates in popular science to plan is enclothed rate achieve 100% , begin feed install volunteer instructor group to groom.


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