Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Live in laurel wood garden piece old grandma tasted 89 years old of old Party members of the area of late ” bright ” , a respectful form of address for an old person is used as the youth went up ” wisdom party is built ” , want to be nodded on the mobile phone only, can pay party membership dues on time, also need not hand in with cash like before again.
The 3rd Party branch begins laurel wood garden review activity of oath of join or be admitted to the party. This is Luo Hu Ou Guiyuan is street ” two new ” a case that organizes wisdom party to propose systematic application. The reporter understands, gui Yuan is street since this year give priority to a problem in order to organize force promotion, rise with all one’s strength ” two new ” constituent wisdom party builds systematic application to enclothe rate, since the middle ten days of a month was enabled in April, wisdom party builds systematic utilization rate to already was amounted to 96.8% . Hold wisdom party to build a system to groom. Information is checked strive not ” missing ” a Party member ” wisdom party is built ” the system of mobile phone application that is a convention only it seems that, but should be in truly ” two new ” be popularized in the round in constituent Party member and enclothe be not easy thing however. For this, before Dang Jianzheng type enables wisdom, gui Yuan is street ” two new ” Party committee arranged 3 months meticulously. “Two new ” walk with vigorous strides of green line of constituent Party member goes. Gui Yuan is street be located in area of Luo Hu center, beijing radical 100, edifice of king of every phenomenon city, ground center hereat, line of business of finance of area under administration, trade developeds, blame public company and organism are numerous. At the beginning of this year, gui Yuan is street and preliminary finished to area under administration the Dang Jianpu of many 5400 enterprise investigates the work that feel a platoon, so far, street ” two new ” Party committee is in ground of area under administration Wang Dasha, Beijing radical 100, Jin Feng city, international is fiducial 5 Lou Yu built square of edifice, Hong Longshi discipline to combine Party committee, in all 1412 98 branch, Party members. “Be Party member information solely search, check, type etc be about to expend many time. ” Wang Zhi of secretary of Party committee of combination of golden abundant city expresses, the golden abundant city that he is in combines Party committee to have 275 20 branch, Party members, these Party member fluidity are great, the material is complex, some are to leave emeritus Party member, number of mobile phone of some Party members changes cannot contact, also a few attribute the position that break couplet, for not ” missing ” a Party member, each want to be checked one by one. Square of grand grand century combines Yu Minli of Party committee vice secretary to also facing similar case, the associated Party committee that she is in has 8 branch, have company branch, have branch of associated branch, the member that have emeritus Laodang, share 160 Party members, information of some Party members already changed, some Party members are not in Shenzhen for a long time, want method finds them. “Fundamental work is steady, ability is advanced smoothly. ” according to street requirement, information of combinative party interconnected system and branch are actual, party committee of space of floor of each basic level should have been done ” wisdom party is built ” information checks desired result perfects the job, information of number of information of member of team of the constituent framework that organizes to belonging to a party, branch, Party member and setting of pay party membership dues undertakes checking checking, in ” wisdom party is built ” examination of systematic one by one, had done did not login ” wisdom party is built ” personnel circumstance record, undertake classified guidance and management, have centralized government in time to discharging the Party member breaking couplet of fish, to be enabled formally in the round ” wisdom party is built ” the system lays good foundation. Study grooms arouse the Party member is used ” wisdom party is built ” should use in promotion of the conduct propaganda in the Party member ” wisdom party is built ” , above all oneself get a society, use adroitly. Union ” wisdom party is built ” functional window of the system, at the beginning of this year, gui Yuan is street ” two new ” Dang Jiancao of wisdom of study of the member that Party committee builds an organization with respect to constituent full-time party makes a directory, master the functional operation that wisdom party builds adroitly, requirement branch secretary takes the lead in logging onto wisdom party to build a system, experience systematic operation and function. Up to now, already held 3 period ” wisdom party is built ” the system grooms, in the light of the party capture of constituent management, party membership dues is handed in, ” 3 meetings one class ” , ” thematic party day ” , constituent concern turns receive wait for content to undertake training in rotation to branch secretary. The Party member is in login ” wisdom party is built ” various problems also can appear in the process, the job that there is to advance wisdom party to build on Wang Zhi and the mobile phone of more than quick Li group, still using up to now, seasonable feedback, reply mixes the question that they should raise to a few Party members and branch solve. “Just began, what circumstance has, some people do not login, some people thought to register even if login, some people do not have a law to identify through person face, some people have doubt to setting of standard of party membership dues, some people repeat pay party membership dues… ” face a variety of problems, wang Zhi and Yu Minli need to be collected one by one and be handled. As we have learned, the entry job that to ensure branch of Party committee of every floor space builds wisdom party is accomplished, gui Yuan is street with Lou Yu associated Party committee is an unit, requirement ” two new ” all branch Party member undertakes entry and synchronism installs good party membership dues, branch secretary is the first drive, working everyday group in accept Long Denglu case, real time supervises and urge and collect login register unusual Party member information, “Two new ” Party committee handles an issue in time, the case of methodological make it that settles is working in time group share, improve efficiency of directive servive routine. Close service comes to popularize ” handgrip hand ” religion popularizing ” wisdom party is built ” in the process, always a few people are not willing to use. “The youth teachs meet, utilization rate is high, a little emeritus old person still has a few others to not be willing to use namely. ” this is ” two new ” the general issue that organizes basic level party to build worker to be faced with. How to do? The old Party member that is aimed at the company Party branch with low utilization rate and existence difficulty, gui Yuan is street ” two new ” the member that Party committee carries activity of constituent Party member, organization supervises and urge face-to-face into the working measure such as the enterprise directive, ensure branch of Party committee of every floor space is carried out reach the designated position. “We take different step according to different branch characteristic, company branch is main it is a youth, carry out fast, the rate that finish is high, very much old Party member does not have a smartphone in branch of emeritus old Party member, some need not mobile phone, we call together the Party member rise, handgrip hand teachs, some let their children teach, of individual and special situation come to teach. ” Yu Minli expresses, at present square of grand grand century combines utilization rate of Party committee Party member to already exceeded 9 to become. In ensure ” wisdom party is built ” information of member of team of perfect, branch does not have systematic organization framework by accident, standard of setting of party membership dues, Party member logins register without by accident on the foundation, gui Yuan is street ” two new ” Party committee was enabled formally in the round on April 15 this year ” wisdom party is built ” system, only two months, wisdom party builds systematic utilization rate to be amounted to 96.8% . “Party membership dues is paid previously of useful cash, useful of small letter, useful bank turns of Zhang, somebody still uses the form of aglow bag even, this too lax respectful, build with wisdom party now unified go to the lavatory with small letter much. ” do a party to build the Wang Zhi with old job to express, previously most those who headache is to receive party membership dues, light calls urge a Party member to hand in party membership dues to spend many time, good now, need not call, the system urges capture automatically, it is OK that small letter is handed in, the party membership dues that check also went to the lavatory, party membership dues is little before a minute of money, want laborious check obviously for nothing, it is clear to check systematic detailed list now, work efficiency is much taller. As we have learned, advancing ” wisdom party is built ” in use process, gui Yuan is street ” two new ” the constituent force of Party branch of Party committee basic level also promotes greatly, each Party branch is publicized below the line on the line arouse, solution doubt answers be puzzled, come to serve, carry an organization the Party member is green line travel, heavy take long march route, participate in commonweal to express sympathy and solicitude for the activity that waits for formal diversity, cogent the initiative that produced a Party member and be the first action, exalted honorary feeling of the Party member, enhanced the cohesive affinity that leading Party group knits and combat effectiveness.


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