Dispatch of network of collect lake home: June is safe production month, collect lake area many branches and street held many safe propaganda, safe education is begun inside each industry, among them publication bureau of collect lake news spreads out hypostatic bookshop the activity such as special inspection job, community of yellow shellfish mountain begins safety of experience type transportation to teach an activity, south the lake is street installed life passageway to flee for one’s life maneuver activity, elevate a dweller safe consciousness.  The scene of a fire flees for his life with save oneself drilling. Begin safe production and industry to manage special inspection on June 26 afternoon, publication bureau of news of collect lake area is held 2019 ” safe production month ” groom congress of operator of industry of publication movie of meeting and news. Begin to the near future ” windbreak danger is protected greet birthday in safety ” fire control safety executes the law check special operation and development to advance summertime fire to prevent control area of the job, Luo Hu 2019 ” safe production month ” with ” safe production goes 10 thousand lis ” activity, hypostatic bookshop is special inspection job undertake. Meeting site, publication bureau of collect lake news and delegate of relevant company controller were signed ” book of responsibility of job of safety government target ” , ask each culture manages unit, place to fulfil safe production responsibility in the round, solid begin decrease calamity, lash-up to save what aid is main content with fire control safety, take precautions against natural calamities ” safe production month ” propagandist education grooms. Next, bureau of news of collect lake area executes the law associated culture the branch reachs publication to manage unit, film to show an unit to each large book city, bookshop, presswork the factory begins safe production and industry to supervise special inspection work, supervise and urge the enterprise fulfils responsibility of safe production main body, to build restful Luo Hu jointly. Search on dweller van ” blind area ” master traffic safety knowledge to be taught to enhance community security further with management, drive community traffic to install whole culture to build, on June 22, community of yellow shellfish mountain is held ” 2019 Huang Beiling community ‘ transportation is safe + prevent headroom to fall ‘ safe education activity ” , through scene type interactive experience lets a dweller review in experience middle school traffic safety knows knowledge, include van scotoma, bus to flee for one’s life, ride a safety, prevent the many experiences special subject such as headroom dropping content, the traffic safety consciousness that raises community dweller and lash-up avoid the ability of danger. Run experiences in van blind area, community dweller sits personally van drives the position, act van ” driver ” , before passing, the observation of rearview mirror, always have the area that cannot see, experience the limitation of van blind area to driver eye shot better, explain to public for community dweller distributinging limits of van blind area, raise community dweller to be far from the safe consciousness of van. Exhibit through riding a safe knowledge board reveal, and church community dweller adorns correctly safe helmet, raised community dweller to abide by the consciousness of traffic regulation, develop authority security goes travel, civilization to give the habit of travel, assure to ride a safety better. “Today’s activity is too good really, let me acquire a lot of new knowledge, in the following life, I know how to should do ability safety. ” a community dweller say that just had entered an activity. Imitate life passageway flees for his life promotion saves oneself ability on June 25 afternoon, street agency combines the lake south collect lake community is held 2019 ” safe production month ” the mobile ceremony that start and safety of fire control of Luo Hu community experience an activity. South the lake is street agency vice director, luo Ruiming of the first secretary is in collect lake community speech middle finger goes out, safe production is development base, of the people’s livelihood this, this second activity aims to promote safe production concept, let ” windbreak danger, except accident of hidden trouble, check ” the general consensus that becomes community and self-conscious action. Unit of management of property of hope area under administration wants from beginning to end take up safe production this bowstring, cooperate community actively, participate in community to be administered integratedly, solid grab job of good safe production, prevent safe accident to happen hard together, ensure safety of property of life of good community dweller jointly. To raise broad society unit and dweller safety consciousness, accomplish a nip in the bud, mobile specially invite asks Shenzhen city to always install safe information to seek advice from instructor of service center major to undertake fire prevention knowledge explains, the main reason that includes fire case to explain fire happening and fire are endangered to what family, enterprise, society causes and affect, and assumed legal responsibility, establishment of common and the basic knowledge related fire control, basic fire protection is used reach safeguard, the dweller should know to should be met knowledge and the scene of a fire flee for his life with save oneself. Flee for his life to increase ability, the spot still installed life passageway to flee for one’s life maneuver activity, chief of constituent community unit and dweller attend aerosol of fire control imitate to flee for one’s life experience house, the what is actually happening that imitate fire produces, the person that make experience has be personally on the scene, provide experience of spot of more actual fire, the fire prevention take precautions against natural calamities of the person that increase an experience thereby, save oneself each other is saved and psychology is fought control capacity, raise sudden incident to lash-up is handled and flee for his life save oneself ability.


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