Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 26 afternoon, publication bureau of news of collect lake area was held in collect lake library 2019 ” safe production month ” groom congress of meeting and operator of industry of movie of new scent edition. Collect lake area appoint class of Zhang Gong of director of publication bureau of news of propagandist department undersecretary, area, bureau of sports of travel of wide report of culture of collect lake area executes the law auxiliary group of a large body of grows Ceng Lixin, management enterprise of publication of collect lake area under administration, cinema, presswork the chief such as the factory attended the meeting. On the meeting, collect lake news published bureau chief to communicate spirit of relevant file of province, city, begin to the near future ” windbreak danger is protected greet birthday in safety ” fire control safety executes the law check special operation and development to advance summertime fire to prevent control area of the job, Luo Hu 2019 ” safe production month ” with ” safe production goes 10 thousand lis ” activity, hypostatic bookshop is special inspection job undertake. Meeting site was signed ” book of responsibility of job of safety government target ” , ask each culture runs unit, place, fulfil safe production responsibility, begin decrease calamity, lash-up to save what aid is main content with fire control safety, take precautions against natural calamities ” safe production month ” propagandist education grooms. Next, luo Hu reachs city of large to each book, bookstore publication to manage unit, film to show an unit, presswork factory, one by one comes to begin safe production and industry to supervise special inspection work, supervise and urge the enterprise fulfils responsibility of safe production main body, to build restful Luo Hu jointly, hold water 70 years to build favorable safe production environment for new China.


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