Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Yesterday afternoon, “Charm of twin city Chinese ink – appropriate of Jiangsu of · of Shenzhen collect lake promotes calligraphy couplet to exhibit ” in Luo Hu art gallery pulls open heavy curtain. This second couplet is exhibited by Shenzhen city bureau of sports of travel of wide report of culture of collect lake area, Jiangsu saves appropriate to promote municipal Party committee to publicize ministry, Luo Hu union of group of area literature art, appropriate promotes city literature art group union, appropriate promotes city Qi to well balanced street agency is sponsorred, association of calligrapher of collect lake area, appropriate promotes city calligrapher association to undertake. As we have learned, luo Hu regards Shenzhen special economic zone as the city zone that develops the earliest, the literary information of the special zone environment of reforming and opening, rich fluent, freedom creates state of mind openly, facilitated diversity of collect lake style, breath the calligraphy scene that pure and fresh, period feels strong. In recent years, group of collect lake calligraphy expands ceaselessly, calligraphy activity rich and colorful, work is in various exhibit contest to catch beautiful performance repeatedly. Jiangsu appropriate promotes the history long, culture is bright, in art of painting and calligraphy the domain was to produce influence China to show more now a batch of everybody of art history, wait a moment in of grand of the Bei that be like Xu, Wu Dayu, Qian Song, Wuguan. The member that at present appropriate promotes city to have Chinese book society is 25 people, provincial member member of class of 135 much people, city 400 much people. Sponsor just express, of Nanhai bank Shenzhen Luo Hu and too of the lake bank Jiangsu appropriate is promoted, one is the burgeoning the city zone that follows emerge as the times require of reforming and opening, one is the culture ancient city that has long history. Two ground have different urban quality and style, calligraphy also presents a different district book wind and individual character pursuit. This couplet exhibits the diversity that shows relatively comprehensive ground skill of two ground calligraphy, offer the opportunity that communicates each other ancient bronze mirror for two ground author and lover. It is reported, this second couplet is exhibited will rise to be exhibited continuously in Luo Hu art gallery from yesterday to on July 14, exhibit in all Luo Hu and appropriate begin work of two ground calligraphy 123, among them Luo Hu 63, appropriate promotes 60. After afterwards Shenzhen Luo Hu, still will promote itinerate to exhibit in Jiangsu appropriate.


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