Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Sponsor by association of photographer of city of Shenzhen art gallery, Shenzhen, zhang Yan square plan exhibits ” those good time — photography work exhibits Chen Jiang ” at coming to was in Shenzhen on June 30 on June 20 art gallery is held. The first time that the exhibition is Chen Jiang exhibit, handpick photographer comes nearly 10 years in all more than 100 pieces of an excellent work, it is a when content of its person style of writing photographs vivid epitome, relatively comprehensive ground revealed Chen Jiang to be full of the artistic scene of individual character. Chen Jiang is bright daily artistic academy of former advanced reporter, China ” China culture pictorial ” chief editor, currently hold the post ofdeputy secretary-general of committee of major of art gallery of Chinese museum association. He is interviewing compose while many culture art reports, created a lot of essays, poetry and libretto work, include ” Chinese marine day ” theme song ” blue home ” , song of company of bright daily company ” bright song ” , TV series ” home ” homonymic theme song.


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