Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Hurt occurence rate to reduce a student, let parent of teachers and students master the knowledge of necessary and safe behavior and skill, utmost ground prevents safety to the accident happens and reduce safe incident to give birth to the harm that cause to middle and primary school. On June 25, collect lake area ” blue umbrella plans ” start, do ” the emissary that protect a flower ” , ensure student safety. According to introducing, “Blue umbrella plans ” it is Luo Hu area ” healthy teenager ” the action plans deepen and outspread, the thrive that is teenage children keeps out wind and rain, maintain a blue sky. “123 actions plan blue umbrella ” build ” three linkage ” platform, executive equipment safeguard, perfect mechanism 2 measure, open pedagogic lash-up to come to help groom, common sense of harm of accident of parent precaution child and lash-up come to help groom, student precaution harms 3 course accidentally. The ceremonially that start, scene shellfish elementary school, home appoint health center signed meeting and happy scene company campus, family, company health ” three linkage ” ” agreement of rescuing mechanism of linkage and lash-up ” . With Jing Bei elementary school is pilot, already finished lash-up of early days teachers and students to deal with the base line of accomplishment is investigated and ” gold 4 minutes ” the installation of equipment of AED emergency treatment is enclothed.


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