Dispatch of network of collect lake home: “Do business to be able to be done in Luo Hu later decided, and will can do, need not wait, too convenient really. ” on June 11, harbor freight is defeated by business to be garrisoned formally administration of collect lake area serves the hall, 47 business all can handle general goods and danger money, among them 31 business can come true to do namely namely. In what debut for a short while, mr Zhang that is engaged in harbor freight be defeated comes conduction business, nod assist for this service. This is a profile that collect lake area optimizes the battalion business environment, enterprise that help strength to develop. At the beginning of this year, ” area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province plans to develop outline ” release. Face new development opportunity, collect lake area reforms with keen determination, came on stage formally a few days ago ” Luo Hu area is carried out fulfil Shenzhen city to optimized battalion business environment to reform working point 2019 ” , make the service that makes an enterprise satisfactory, build stable fairness the transparent, international that can anticipate is top-ranking battalion business environment, be in whole town ” the way that builds demonstrative division of go ahead of the rest of Chinese characteristic socialism forward is ongoing, the urban model that establishs socialistic modernization power hard ” the brave in new journey becomes a pioneer, make internationalization can develop vanward the city zone continuously.
The company is little do legwork multinomial business does the citizen that serve the hall surely recently to be able to discover, the hall much handle affairs newly the window — , cure protects business window. According to Luo Hu area administration serves hall staff member to introduce, cure protects 15 business to already was garrisoned hall of service of administration of collect lake area and Huang Bei, east pond of the door, lotus hall of 3 street services, lunar base still will be garrisoned formally hall of each street administration service. Allowance of Shen Lingsheng Yo accepts the unit after, go to a doctor of ground of different of staff of the group outside direct car company puts on record, the unit binds calm orgnaization to be added newly wait for business, in street can deal with directly. Hear this news, ms. Wu that will conduct business is happy very. “Our company is in south the lake is street, just also relevant business wants to do recently, still wanting to want to run more originally, be in immediately street can deal with, greatly convenient our enterprise, spend 3 days of on two things that should do before, can do morning now. ” cure protects business to garrison area and street service hall, it is collect lake area builds more efficient government affairs to serve the mechanism, epitome that optimizes battalion business environment. Since this year, collect lake area elevates administrative service center energy level energetically, urge administration deep the service is convenient change, the company works more convenience. At present hall of various government affairs deploys collect lake division entirely self-help serves terminal, item of service of 100% government affairs makes an appointment completely on implementation net and ” run at most ” , connect inside 68 item area do, 7 run 0 times into item move, the knot does to lead on the net 100% ” ” area administration service center is executed ‘ one date, one window, one net ‘ deal with integratedly, accept integratedly downstage, tiring-room classification is examined and approve, unified window goes out, data runs more road, the citizen is little do legwork. For example, new administration serves the hall to add the integrated service window such as gas of water and electricity, setting water and electricity enrages conduction intelligence terminal unit, water and electricity insults 3 professional work one window does. ” staff member of hall of service of administration of collect lake area expresses, whole area can deal with item to increase to by 99 centrally 576, pass ” Internet + content sheds express ” wait for informatization method, implementation is applied on masses net, the branch is online examine and approve, card takes post service, the item that also need not run is 388. Standardize construction to drive administration to examine and approve further, optimize examine and approve flow, decrease declare material, shorten conduction link, compress examine and approve time, reduce company cost. Collect lake area with ” the company does not work to give a division, the individual does not handle affairs to give a market ” for the target, implementation 200 item can be connected inside the area do, 200 item can be allowed be short of deal with, 200 item can not meet to examine and approve, drive more item to come true ” the second is approved ” deal with. Key domain reform accelerates efficiency to promote open a business, water, report, gas is the basiccest establishment safeguard. But before examine and approve, newspaper outfit technological process is lengthy, need runs many units, branch, take time is arduous, often let an enterprise headache. Handle affairs to accelerate efficiency, make a citizen little run road, ” collect lake area is carried out fulfil Shenzhen city to optimized battalion business environment to reform working point 2019 ” advance executive key domain to reform, examine and approve in water, report, gas, newspaper outfit respect presses quicken key, compress greatly handle affairs time. Among them, collect lake area combs enterprise user to receive report, receive with water declare material detailed list with outfit of the newspaper that use gas, make handle affairs newly guideline, adopt digitlization measure, administration of gas of promotion water and electricity examines and approve efficiency. Always project of gas of enterprise water and electricity involves administration to examine and approve item, area development reform, program, traffic is carried, the branch such as Wu of construction of public security policeman, city government, housing, water executes paralell connection to examine and approve, condition of the buy before cancelling, use ” the look is short of accept ” means, go ahead of the rest begins cadre door to declare material and application condition to examine, wait for relevant before after buy examines and approve an end, finish instantly examine and approve flow. New examination after the method is carried out, water and electricity receives administration to examine and approve 5 weekday do not exceed when using, with the outfit that enrage a newspaper administration is examined and approve do not exceed 10 weekday. The voltage limiting when examining and approve shrank, the newspaper installed flow to also simplify. Conduction formalities of low crimp report is cut reach 2, do not involve electric power to receive exterior line project, receive report to deal with time not to exceed 3 weekday; Involve electric power to receive exterior line construction, conduction time does not exceed 13 weekday. Conduction flow of tall crimp cable is cut reach 3, electric power of user of enterprise of high-pressured only power source receives conduction time not to exceed 26 weekday, electric power of user of enterprise of double power source receives conduction time not to exceed 41 weekday. Using water to be received, administration is not involved to examine and approve under DN50 of water meter caliber, conduction time does not exceed 4 weekday; D N50 of water meter caliber and above involve administration to examine and approve, conduction time does not exceed 12 weekday. Do not involve exterior line project with the outfit that enrage a newspaper, conduction time does not exceed 4 weekday; Involve exterior line project, conduction time does not exceed 16 weekday. Not only such, collect lake area still extends for enterprise of area under administration welfare, reduce gas of water and electricity to receive cost, promote water and electricity air service standard. It is in order to use phone exemple, business low pressure receives report 0 cost, install a project to build by wire install cost to be reduced further. In the meantime, newspaper of gas of water and electricity installs flow diaphaneity, the citizen can serve date of public of the postal service hall on the hall, net, small letter to wait to declare data requirement, conduction flow, conduction time limit, rate publicly in network of government affairs service, government affairs, enlightened plan inquires a function in real time, plan be clear at a glance. This transforms a project to also will be finished in the end of this month. Shenzhen Asia industrial Inc. is a trade business that is located in collect lake area, this user applied for to add a look on October 25, 2018 to 198kV A, pursue pattern of low-pressure power supply according to company 200kV A and the following client, provided the low-pressure professional work that add a look for the user instantly, saved the installation cost such as transformer to make an appointment with 200 thousand yuan for the client, the user will use electrify on October 26. Bring phoenix will be offerred for talent development all-around safeguard development is the first important or urgent business, the talent is the first resource, innovation is the first motivation. The development of the enterprise, the talent is core competition ability. For absorbing Caizagenluo the lake develops, ” collect lake area is carried out fulfil Shenzhen city to optimized battalion business environment to reform working point 2019 ” also be aimed at the job that make gift, offerred a series of measure. Increasing a talent to introduce strength respect, collect lake area will promote ” Jing flower talent ” ” school of hunt illustrious name goes ” wait for high administrative levels to the talent is introduced and serve strength, raise company person with ability to introduce allowance to give aid to standard. Increase talent housing construction to raise money strength, perfect talent housing rents management to serve a mechanism, safeguard bear hire domestic children to teach rights and interests. Among them, collect lake area carried out the double track safeguard with housing and monetary collateral allowance, offer constant room source every year to ensure for company person with ability, the market extends to raise money in the meantime allowance of room source money, pass ” objective + allowance ” means, solve problem of housing of company person with ability as far as possible. Current, collect lake area in all start working raises money 18391 talents housing and safeguard sex housing are current, supply talent housing and safeguard sex housing 6984. Carry out ” talent + ” service quality acts. Rely on a party group service center system creates talent post in the round, advance a talent to serve standardization construction and ” one window type ” deal with. Enhance a person with ability presiding service Guan Peixun and team construction. Hold ” Jing flower Yue Shutang ” series talent communicates an activity, resource of farther integrated and excellent service, extend ” Jing flower talent gets stuck ” service content, optimize a talent to serve an experience. In the meantime, collect lake area is fulfilled actively decrease duty to fall cost policy, ensure sex of benefit of general of reform of individual income tax, small small company decreases tax policy, deepen value added tax income of reform and social security cost and blame tax falls cost a series of decreasing duty falls cost policy be born, increase ” decrease duty to fall cost ” each policy explains to public strength, dog closely policy be born carries out the effect, let market main body enjoy policy bonus. Future, collect lake area still will edit the industry gives aid to capital policy, begin an industry to give aid to fund performance is evaluated, study policy fulfils the effect, farther perfect industry gives aid to capital policy, enhance policy to give aid to specific aim and effectiveness; The line carries administrative look forward to serves platform on, execute classified management and essence to allow a service to the enterprise, normalization of implementation industry problem is collected, solve, feedback, offer policy to comb for the enterprise, policy is released, policy is unscrambled etc ” one-stop ” service.


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