Party members review oath of join or be admitted to the party. Dispatch of Shenzhen news network (Yang Jiou of reporter Liu Jiamin’s reporter) " my this all one’s life, cherish two times most, one is the birth that serves as a natural person; One is join or be admitted to the party that day, this is the beginning of my politics life. Oath of join or be admitted to the party is reviewed in community today, the feeling joined a party again, the resolution that takes with the party is more sturdy. Still be that word, want party call only, I can rush in front. ” Liu Shupiao’s solid speech, won everybody’s enthusiastic applause. On June 26 afternoon, in Luo Hu the area often surrounds community at what begin ” do not forget the heart remembers a mission well first — birthday of Party member politics is met ” on, liu Shu of old Party member entered an activity, and with its 9 his Party members got together of community Party committee commend. This is to often surround community to celebrate Chinese Communist found a party 98 years, union ” do not forget first heart, remember a mission well ” thematic education, the birthday of Party member politics that begin is met activity, 55 Party members are in what often surround Xu Shaoqiong of secretary of community Party committee to guide below, new read out enters party oath. Be in clang in strong oath, conveyed do not forget the heart sets out again first, the confidence that remembers mission brave well to take on and determination. Commend community is outstanding Party member. Do not forget the heart remembers a mission well first — birthday of Party member politics is met besides review oath to still have 3 series activity, it is to go up party class; 2 it is to commend outstanding Party member; 3 it is a Party member volunteer activity. Party class by in ” forum of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference ” ” cheap politics is attacked continuously ” the teacher of Song Lei cliff that news analyst holds the position of in waiting for a column is unscrambled for everybody ” do not forget the heart remembers a mission well first — from HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province big bay area sees Shenzhen mission ” . Teacher of the Song Dynasty is told explain the profound things in a simple way, everybody listens in all seriousness, some Party members still make note, especially young Party member, express to adopt the development program that visits big bay area, understood the mission of Shenzhen, at the same time witting also make in this kind as a Party member the lot assumes mediumly. As we have learned, often surround community to share 3 Party branch, community Party committee commended 10 outstanding Party members, in them, age is the oldest is Liu Shu of 72 years old, the age is the smallest is the Xiaoli that does not arrive 30 years old, they expressed character of feeling of bear the palm, state can close together solidarity is beside of community Party committee, make contribution actively for community construction. Party member volunteer is arranged share bicycle. Indoor activity ends, often surround Xu Shaoqiong of secretary of community Party committee to guide young Party member volunteer, put on red waists-coat, arms branch group, a group of thorough community clear the life rubbish such as the butt wastepaper in road surface, flowers, those who arrange random place share bicycle; In community busy crossing stands sentry one group be on duty, advise citizen civilization goes out row. Torrid weather, everybody drips with sweat, but cry without person complain of suffering tired, express to be willing to found civilized town to contribute his meager strength for Shenzhen. Xu Shaoqiong expresses, political birthday can be to should make more Party member clear be built with the party lead for core, it is a tenet in order to serve masses, build in all with confluence for platform, make the concept that often surrounds community happiness community and determination. She hopes to have more Party member around beside in Party committee, obtain more happiness to feel for community dweller jointly and try hard.


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