Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Public transportation, subway is Shenzhen person gives an indispensable traffic way, but as population increasing, traffic resources appears on certain also level shortage. Especially the Shenzhen subway of area of lake of collect of by way of 1, 2, 3 lines, join collect lake and blessing cropland, south many the city zone of hill, Long Gang and Baoan, sea of faces of hill of constant ordinary person. Go to let a citizen go out more convenience, shenzhen subway and public transportation greet to be optimized newly again, adjust. The subway adds a train or us traveling only part of its normal route, extend operation time, public transportation optimize adjust circuit, let a citizen can be headed for more quickly everywhere, also can alleviate on certain level crowded. 3 circuitry add the subway draw up car, shorten removed as we have learned, since June 24, whenever workaday, in the subway a line has the circumstance with changeless service chart to fall already, in 22 of nightly larger passenger flow: 00-23: 00 period of time, normalization adds the line on train of 2 pairs of interval, convenient live in cropland of Luo Hu, blessing, south a mountainous area passenger. This before adjusting, weekday of a line is nightly and bilateral to interval of drive a vehicle is 8 minutes of 30 seconds, the Luo Hu after adjusting stands in 22: 30, 22: 47 each add 2 forth the interval train of thalassic station, the interval of drive a vehicle that adds draw up car will shorten to 4 minutes of 15 seconds. Add a train or us traveling only part of its normal route besides weekday of a line outside, expand ceaselessly as Shenzhen city situation, of area of group of each division trade, scene increasingly mature, more and more citizen choices take the subway to go out on the weekend recreational recreation. Accordingly, join of many canton 2, a travel passenger flow that 3 lines are during on the weekend also grow with each passing day. To satisfy a citizen better a travel demand on the weekend, shenzhen subway from June 29, 2019 (Saturday) case, will adjust 2, 3 lines on the weekend train diagram, compress interval not only, extend operation time, head last bus time also has optimize considerably adjust. After adjusting, of 2 lines on the weekend train diagram will originally rush hour of 7 hours, lengthen to 11 hours, time adjusts for 8: 53-19: 45. Height period of time go up through increasing line train, compress the interval of drive a vehicle of height period of time by 4 minutes of 55 seconds to 4 minutes of 30 seconds. Train diagram also did 3 lines to be changed similarly on the weekend, in advance grow when the height on the weekend, and interval of drive a vehicle of height period of time is compressed by 3 minutes of 52 seconds to 3 minutes of 30 seconds. This second after service chart is adjusted, 2, movement of full on the weekend day can promote 3 lines respectively 13.62% with 13.8% . 3 lines are rolled out ” half Cheng last bus ” can promote further besides height carry beyond, 2, a last bus time of station of 3 lines section also got optimizing adjustment. Among them, station of center of 2 lines division stands to Shekou harbor, a regular bus that leaves for bare bay direction all in advance 10 minutes. And left for a regular bus of new excellent way to all shift to an earlier date 9 to 27 minutes. In addition, 2 lines the whole line stands each the last bus serve time that leaves for bare bay direction all lengthens 8 minutes. 3 lines the whole line stands each (big fragrance, Dan Zhu head, 6 make an appointment with except) a regular bus time all in advance 5 ~ differ 27 minutes. Notable is, after afterwards Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen subway is in first 3 lines were rolled out on the weekend ” half Cheng last bus ” measure. Namely, on foundation of former last bus, beneficial cropland lengthens 30 minutes to the half Cheng last bus of pond tunnel way, double Long Zhihua stands newly each half Cheng last bus of direction lengthens 30 minutes. Public transportation many circuitry optimizes convenient dweller to go out row in addition, the networks of 2019 public transportation route first half of the year are optimized adjust plan to was announced recently, add 6 newly public transportation pick a way, adjust 42, cancel 29. Among them, basis east dweller of lake road along the line appeals to beg, add combination newly to adjust plan, pull straight 64 lines, adjust M559 line, ensure east community of lake road along the line of community of along the line of Ji Cuiyin road ” double win ” ; Appeal to according to dweller of along the line of road of tung of lotus pond celestial being beg, optimize B621 line, M207 line road of tung of circuitous celestial being, draw straight M555 line, implementation grows mountain piece area and road of celestial being tung piece of the area ” win-win ” ; Pond of lotus of by way of piece the B621 line of the area, M207 line, M555 line. Additional interval of two circuitry E11, M207 also is adjusted somewhat. Line of bus group M207 basically contacts Mei Lin piece area and Luo Hu east lake park, dot of main passenger flow is Mei Lin, on Mei Lin, Luo Hu east lake park is connected diligent passenger flow, suffer the subway 9 3 lines, lines and jackknife are public transportation circuit pounds an influence, circuit efficiency drops; Interval of public transportation E11 and M207 put the eastpart part in problem of jackknife of passenger transport corridor, similar operation efficiency is not tall. Carry efficiency to raise whole of public traffic network, via two companies research talks things over, the decision cancels the eastpart part interval of public transportation E11, optimize to bus group M207 adjust, fill circuitry cancels formation public transportation blank, at the same time dweller of convenience lotus pond heads for Shenzhen north to stand. Port exert oneself optimizes lotus pond traffic to connect port of pond of travel environment lotus is area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province project of hub of principal liaison man, it is to realize deep harbor to step condition liaison man ” Dong Jindong goes out, enter on the west go out on the west ” the eastpart part of overall situation is important port. But current and character, the traffic form a complete set of lotus pond port still is perfected not quite. On June 24 afternoon, collect lake trifling grows Luo Yode to chair to sit a meeting, listen to report of plan of scanty solution of traffic of lotus pond port, raise specific requirement to working next. As we have learned, lotus pond port is enlightened enter time, safeguard of safe, efficient, convenient traffic form a complete set is lotus pond port the fundamental condition of successful enlightened operation. The Yan Fang after to alleviate port debuts establishs the traffic pressure that meet, luo Hu general undertakes character promotion transform to extending fragrant way, be opposite at the same time shellfish lotus road – Yan Fang road – crossing of the road below Xi Ling undertakes canal change transform, optimize traffic organization, promotion traffic capacity. The conference points out, each want aggrandizement responsibility to take on about the branch, serve as actively, continue to comb issue of facilities of form a complete set of analytic port traffic, optimize system of circumjacent traffic form a complete set ceaselessly; Want to do good pre-construction work, transportation of road of perfect port periphery organizes program, ensure road transforms project success, optimize port traffic to know an environment with all one’s strength.


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