Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Hold water 98 years to celebrate a Chinese Communist, arouse the mission feeling of all community Party member and sense of responsibility further, party committee of community of laurel wood garden is begun ” community of laurel wood garden is greeted ‘ July 1 ‘ congratulatory found a party activity of 98 years of series ” , with ” do not forget first the travel before heart, encourage: The party is built lead basic level old old community do very civilized town to found the job ” for the theme, the series that begins rich and colorful carries out an activity. This second activity exceeds 3000 people to attend, among them community Party member and halt community is enterprise or business unit Party member in all teachers and students of 300 elementary school of Yu Ming, Gui Yuan and home appoint meet more than 1800. In addition, to send the warmth of the party to the side of masses, community workstation organization develops activity of dustman of worker of environmental sanitation of condolatory area under administration, property, dustman of esteem environmental sanitation is built actively in area under administration, care environment is healthy good atmosphere, send consideration to the bottom of one’s heart of environmental sanitation dustman. The activity expresses sympathy and solicitude for in all community dustman of worker of more than 120 environmental sanitation, property. Environmental sanitation dustmans had received community to express sympathy and solicitude for article very glad, thanks the care of community Party committee to environmental sanitation dustman, they will do sanitation of good city environment as always to sweep Bao Jie to work, had cleaned the environmental sanitation of community, had maintained, promotion is good, use beautiful urban environment clean, organization of redound community party and dweller are right the care of environmental sanitation worker, give a power to establish civilized town.


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