Dispatch of Shenzhen news network (reporter Li Hui) on June 27 afternoon, inside hall of report of red mountain elementary school full, everybody is raising his head and look to wear in order to long for wonderful the beginning that share. Luo Hu is holding citizen civilization accomplishment to groom series activity, that day, yao Jing of teacher of music of red mountain elementary school brought her journey story, the new book that combines her ” the child, we pull a hand to view the world ” discuss with spot student parents walk to kiss mediumly child education. 18 years old of grown gifts: The travel notes of 180 thousand word is 18 years old when, the special of edition of a piece of the entrance ticket that what perhaps we receive is a concert, set limit to, it is to allow to comb the hair adult about. But the grown gift that Yao Jing gives a son, it is however walk what come for years the son that arranges the travel notes of a 180 thousand word to send 18 years old. Yao Jing has visited 53 countries, taking away the child to pass 21 nations, travelling in walking, insist to taking the child to view the world together, pursuit grows jointly and progress, she narrates these experience all characters, editor, print and distribute becomes a book, the title cries ” the child, we pull a hand to view the world together ” . A vivid experience, each deep footmark, she uses guileless concise and full sentient language tells about their journey interesting story and all sorts of accrual, the students of parent of teachers and students that let be present listen absorbedly. The spot, the travel notes in Yao Jing Yishu is oriented, to the audience people the wonderful sections and chapters in elaborating a book and in the child the place in common growing procedure feels earning. According to introducing, the child in her 3 years old of a long time, she goes out child belt, arrive 19 years old of present all the time. Journey process: It is classroom visits island of sunrise, Xi Qiao in Kampuchea before dawn everywhere constantly Hemingway is reviewed on former residence ” old person and sea ” , walk into Tunisia the Sahara… the book that turns over her, can see they had walked along the full of power and grandeur of the motherland, moved toward world each district, follow round trip to half budget traveling to complete budget traveling from inchoate, every place journey should shift to an earlier date 3 months have plan and study, read viatic book of place, make various strategies, walk the problem that place encounters, small setback is met and the child thinks method to solve together, let the child see the world see a landscape with his eye, experience the culture of local and life. She says, she likes a trip, in lone when once ran largely therein country, 20 old before, taking hundreds of money the salary of a month, live 10 money the civilian constellation night, eat roadside 2 money a bowl pink, occasionally the thin pancake made of millet flour of a money is caught in the hand inside walking along an edge to eat also is, journey, those who let her see the world is capacious, of the life multivariate. She thinks, as the parent, the curiosity that should want to let the child withhold pair of worlds as a child and expect, with each true footmark goes him measure the brigade that grow. Mention the travel of their the first station, hunan phoenix, face year young the son is right place most a lot of doubt that distinctive as string of 1 crural building arises, she herself all can reply patiently, cannot reply go asking live, ask the visitor beside, till till what let the child doubt gets satisfaction. Should the child give in journey how guide? Her say, in child growing process, the child likes to quiz, be good at thinking, be full of curiosity to the world is a worth while and glad thing, classroom is everywhere constantly in journey, as the parent, it is so good to cannot let the child lose learn an opportunity, the child raises a question, the parent should be good at solving. Walking force: Grow to travel for years jointly with the child, arouse the thinking of day of He Hao of Yao Jing’s son not only, also yield his expression and as ceaseless as the ability that the person interacts promotion. The phoenix that is in is defended inspect ” society energy ” in the program about travel, compere asks about to the audience journey is medium when having what uncivilized appearance, regard full-court as only child, the time of to have lunch of hall of a coffee that He Hao day speaks of him to be in the United States, there are 3 kinds of cups to be able to choose when buying drink, the price with different different cup, see however have a 7 buccal people, bought a glass that installs plain boiled water, drank countless cups coke however, he puts forward ” trust so cheap ” doubt. This special ” doubt ” the total director that allows a program generated attention to him, leave connection way of the child rapidly. The process that the child grows is the process that parents grows. In journey, total meeting encounters the accident that a lot of expect are less than and difficulty, meet the turn of life when adolescence for instance, those who decide wrong room is helpless, when falling ill not Mian wait endlessly, she is solved jointly with the son. She thinks, face the society of change quickly, only with when all is entered, insist to perfect oneself ceaselessly, progress jointly with the child, just be eligible parent. “I hope she system of a suit is good, the 2nd want pleasure, the 3rd become somewhat as far as possible ” the refer expectation to the child, she cited word of Chen Daoming so say. Walk in ten million, make Yao Jing most impressive to which one station. Yao Jing introduces to the reporter, she was taking the child to attend antarctic journey last year most deep, altogether stays ten days, journey is bumpy, very painstaking, however favour saw with one’s own eyes witnessed a country to inspect the force of powerful science and technology of the station in antarctic science, she and child wear Shenzhen school uniform to illuminate those who lifting the Five-Star Red Flag to close at that time according to also ” conquer ” friend circle, went up even brilliant masthead edition. She plans to use the experience that antarctic of account of a book travels, what witness national division to inspect a station with them is powerful and all sorts of hardship of the staff member.


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