Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 26 morning, propaganda of summerly fall conscript was in collect lake area 2019 east square of door shopping mall is held, national defence of support of care of student of youth of broad of the right age and army build the appeal, sign up eagerly join the army, to come true strong army the target conveys more person of outstanding ability. “Join the army dedicate oneself to the service of one’s motherland, clinking and glorious. ” in mobile spot imprinting on autograph board these 8 big character, be recruited of youth of more than 500 of the right age signing up signs. It is reported, collect lake area summerly fall conscript signed up 2019 up to on August 5, go up according to the net register, first careful of check first trial, check-up politics, visit investigation, book recruit, Zhang Bang fair show, the flow such as approval enrollment undertakes. Area conscript does will fulfil obligation seriously, implement policy system, whole journey sunshine is operated, it is be recruited of youth of broad of the right age signing up to offer coverall Wu and advantage hard.


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