Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To publicize environmental protection culture, promote green concept, drive ” green water green hill ” into campus, collect lake area east community of street snail mountain holds the door with ” green water golden hill is golden hill silver-colored hill ” the environmental protection that gives priority to a problem takes campus activity, walk into school of experiment of snail mountain foreign language, invited bureau of environment of Shenzhen town organisms’ habits senior engineer Zhang Shiqiong is tuitional environmental protection knowledge, still through knowledge award is grabbed those who answer is interactive, promote students the acknowledge to environmental protection, enhance their environmental protection consciousness. “On the earth that lives in us, how increase a forest enclothe rate, it how decrease is waste gas, liquid waste, noise, dangerous to how decrease the trash pollution to the earth, all the time since it is the mankind’s common cause and desire. ” go up in flag-raising ceremony of school of experiment of foreign language of mountain of snail of collect lake area, zhang Shiqiong shares environmental protection knowledge to entire school teachers and students, recommended two books that have intellectual sex, interest sex. After learning basic environmental protection knowledge, ground of have a well-thought-out plan takes an active part in students query link, the first query caused many child raise one’s hand respondent. After 10 titles, the students that join an activity are accepted when interviewing, expressed to learn how to cherish an environment from this environmental protection class, homeward people wants to publicize after coming home. According to the activity relevant controller introduces, a series of environmental protection were held to take community activity before this, obtained result. Choose environmental protection to enter school yard now, aim the conduct propaganda of laws and regulations of environmental protection law, relevant knowledge, gain ground, hope environmental protection acts ” grab from baby ” , grow mutual influence with the home, build the atmosphere of environmental protection of the whole people thereby, make good block.


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