Dispatch of network of collect lake home: “She before one’s death the biggest hope is alms remains, use at medical research, help mankind studies how conquer cancer. ” the last wish of antelope of Sha of Cao of emeritus old Party member lets Shenzhen custom daughter some indissoluble. After Cao Sha antelope died of illness recently, its daughter or choice respect maternal last wish, maternal remains formal alms gave alms of Red Cross remains to accept a center, use at research of medicine of Shenzhen university college of medicine and curricular education, for the medical career of the motherland development is displayed went up a custom old Party member is last ” life gift ” . “Good Party member, do not have so that say! ” Cao Sha antelope (right one) with work in the same placing group photo. The Cao Sha antelope after sufferring the person that visit to retire for the graph also does not have at a loose end, sign up not only course of a few interest, still use medical specialty to develop ” more than heat ” help a person. A of Wen Jindu custom member that close are before Cao Sha antelope is emeritus, responsible sanitation examines quarantine works. Emeritus Party member leaves in Shenzhen custom group in, mention Cao Sha antelope, everybody can’ts help setting upright a thumb: “Good Party member, do not have so that say! ” Cao Sha antelope is experienced before one’s death labyrinthian, she has left country, had taken ore deposit, had taken an examination of learn, should spend educated youth, had become a doctor, ever also guarded in brigade check col country the door, but be in no matter which post, she draws close actively to party organization, listen to party class, learn thought of party constitution, compose to report data, never because of working unit change often and small talk abandons. Before retiring two years, she was handed over earnestly to place Party branch again ” application form of join or be admitted to the party ” , use stood fast to pass constituent test with belief, the member that became a Chinese Communist gloriously. After retiring, she does not forget first heart, stand fast certainly the mental upland that earnest goes, enter branch life on time, insist to watch news broadcast over a radio network, learn party constitution, make a record, write experience, assist branch secretary actively to begin constituent construction, that interest that is in charge of seriously results nods assist one piece completely. The antelope of Sha of outstanding achievement Cao that makes rough this mortal world in ordinary post is a bromide all the time, without what brave words, without what great achievement, “Some is the meticulous major of cure the sickness to save the patient only, some just studies the assiduous persistence of business, some just stands fast the diligent and conscientious of post is dependable, but she made not ordinary outstanding achievement in ordinary post however ” , this is the unanimous opinion of staff of unit of the place before Cao Sha antelope is emeritus, leader. Come for years, she is judged to be year by working unit for many times early or late advanced worker, guangdong saves port to do advanced individual. According to memory of its work in the same placing: May 2003, port beat back is crossed in Wenjin ” SARS ” the spot, to overcome a situation urgent, task is weighed, the difficulty with little hand, cao Sha antelope is successive mount guard of two days of one night, stand fast at the same time infrared ray monitors appearance, observe come-and-go fare system is asked for at the same time, even urgent processing sends hot personnel, because too overworked and faint before checking a stage, but she drinks buccal syrup, take a few drug, mount guard, hold to the job to handle to finish to just rest all the time. She also is highlighted because of expression be judged to be Shenzhen to examine quarantine bureau is prevented ” SARS ” activist. The life of Cao Sha antelope after emeritus postheat loves to aid a person the life, enthusiasticly to retire is active, cheerful. As we have learned, she signs up played dancing, vocal music, too extremely wait for many course, practise one’s skill rehearse performs the program, vocalize that remember music score to promote skill everyday, brandish fist performs a sword-dance each other compare notes, timeline gets full to the brim, the life is rich and happy. “The class attends class below, she is very active, very active. ” Cao Sha antelope is in evergreen the classmate Geng Aihua of the aged university says so. Its daughter also states Cao Sha antelope likes to spend grass of flowers and plants very before one’s death, always clear away the home neatly. Inside community, she pays close attention to community construction very, working party of dweller of community of active still help develops an activity, use oneself medical strong point, often come to visit all the year round the patient of lie in bed, give them critical proposal, encourage them to live active and hopefully. “Which have unhealthily painful she can care, tell a family how to should cure, have what thing more, want what to notice. ” dweller of beneficial cropland community plum elder sister tells a reporter.


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