更多深圳桑拿会所体验报告:http://suo.im/5PMsVq ▲ 2019, zhou Guofeng (right 2) be in with the colleague nuclear power plant of river of Dalian red edge, to the nuclear report lash-up of own development diesel engine group undertakes debugging. ▲ 2009, the PMC of research and development of group of week country abundant changes makings machine to check and accept can hold in Shanghai. ▲ 2011, zhou Guofeng has the honor to win 51 labor medal of countrywide. Shenzhen is a fertile soil that is full of passion and vigor, 21 years in this city, I witnessed the rapid development of Shenzhen, group of as can wide as Shenzhen, China nucleus grows together and also feel for oneself honor. Future, my general continues angle dream, add深圳spa按摩网 writes life struggling canto, career of the report that it is a nucleus contributes his one’s pygmy effort. Zhou Guofeng was born in Liaoning to visit the town that build an administrative division in October 1971. Doctor of project of advanced production major, senior engineer. In currently holding the post ofdirector of center of research and development of equipment of limited company of wide nucleus acad深圳水立方最爽的服务emy. Ever chaired the world that finish to go up lab of appraisal of environment of imitate of the largest LOCA and investment have international 500 million yuan the safety of nuclear power plant of top-ranking level cannot be close to equipment research and development and test center construction inside housing, chair finish technologies of a series of nuclear report core equipment is homebred the own development that change works, include nuclear fuel to carry system of keep in storage (PMC system) , club of nuclear power plant accuses a bar system (RGL system) , measuring instrument of the nucleus outside piling core to survey system, crowd expresses robot of dimension of use of electricity of nucleus of generation set of derv of machine of drawing of bolt of whole of system, reactor, lash-up, much money to wait, create production value of nearly 500 million the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor for the enterprise, the product technology index of place research and development all reachs level of foreign congener product, fill the blank of domain of equipment of domestic relevant technology. 2011, have the honor to win 51 labor medal of countrywide. Oral time nods auditoria of Shenzhen city the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference nuncupatively on November 19, 2019 morning this period interview and write Zhou Wanjun of reporter of Shenzhen evening paper I set foot on one of trainee Yin treasure for the first time when the land of Shenzhen, attract deeply with respect to the atmosphere of the enthusiasm that be full of and vigor. Plant in New Year picture below ” rocket dream ” a when I am born in northeast small town — city of state of Liaoning province li桃花源休闲会所 评论d. 1979, the spring breeze of reforming and opening alls over stroke earth, one that year I just go up elementary school, dreaming to be able to become a scientist in the future, answer a newspaper office to meet better, the construction that is the motherland adds a brick to add tile. Await in those days, every arrive spend the New Year, the total meeting paste is sundry New Year picture in the home decorates a room. Once, ” astronaut sits in the rocket to develop the sky continuously ” New Year picture gives year young the impression that I left profundity. Thenceforth rises, I had more specific conception to my scientist dream: One day, oneself also can resemble the character in New Year picture that kind, sit arrow of suffer from excessive internal heat explores outer space. 1991, after finishing elementary school and middle school, my take an examination ofing attended Beijing aerospace college. That time, in parent mouth popular a word: “Learn several manage to change, walk along the world to not be afraid of. ” fall in such atmosphere, my science department especially physics is very outstanding, when fill in a form and submit it to the leadership is so volunteer, resolutely the rocket motor that chose Beijing aerospace college resolutelyingly is professional. In the university, pass assiduous study, I am firm the professional knowledge that mastered the many respects such as hot, report, mechanical, control. 1995, I take an examination of the project that attended college of Dalian grain industry smoothly to heat up graduate student of physical major Master again. By ” a secretary in charge of sth does poineering work ” atmosphere is attracted stay in Shenzhen to develop by 1997, I face graduate student graduate, but work as a result of what search not quite ideal, bring about oneself very hesitation. The classmate that my girlfriend works in Shenzhen from her in those days is informed in the mouth, environment of this southern city work that has newly is first-rate, everybody enthusiasm is dye-in-the-wood, it is a place that suits a youth to grow an enterprise very much. At that time, my only to Shenzhen understanding is the reforming and opening that mentions on newspaper and TV. Below the girlfriend’s encouragement, I came to Shenzhen for the first time. Letting what I did not think of is, I just set foot on the land of Shenzhen, by the warm place capture of this city. In those days, boreal Founder of China is midwinter season, 10 thousand wood are withered scanty, cold wind is bleak, and Shenzhen however the sign that a bit does not see a winter, if the greenery like spring becomes exuberance of shade, everythings on earth, the environment is very beautiful. Arrive from the airport of downtown all the way, imprinting on the billboard of roadside ” time is money, efficiency is life ” ” dare be the world first ” wait for catchword, it is to let me find everything new and fresh more. In the process t深圳水疗会所排名hat lives in Shenzhen job later, I am experienced gradually, these catchword are the actual portraiture that nowhere is absent. I apply for a job to Shenzhen talent big market at that time, the congress of countrywide talent invite applications for a job that as it happens met by a definite dat深圳港富桑拿微信号e 3 days. The huge crowd of people in talent big ma深圳洗浴中心招聘服务员rket, as if countrywide undergraduate emerges to Shenzhen, blow on the face of enthusiastic atmosphere of invite applications for a job and come, I never had seen this in northern city. Fortunately, I am successful the ground by employ of limited company of group of Chinese wide nucleus. To me this project heats up the graduate of physical major to tell, can enter job of Daya Bay nuclear power plant, it is a when give in to oneself attend school career perfect exam paper, I am accordingly resolved, what should do poineering work in this a secretary in charge of sth is Elysian go up the enterprise that grows oneself. Two mastered core technology only, ability discusses real own progress. Devote into nuclear phone equipment to change construction to work independently after Master graduate student graduated 1998, I come to Shenzhen formally, be allocated the limited c深圳外围经纪.v讯:zck9600ompany of jointly owned of Guangdong nucleus report at that time, technology of project of nuclear power plant of main and responsible Daya Bay improves the work, in order to improve the security of nuclear power plant, usability and economy. The equipment of nuclear power plant is introduced from abroad mostly at that time, especially high-end equipment and system, count an import almost completely. Carry with nuclear fuel store system (PMC system) for exemple, it is in charge of technically assembling nuclear fuel package in reactor, because nuclear fuel has radioactivity, to assembling and unassemble accuracy of the security of nuclear fuel system, installation asks very tall, and the economic benefits that the accuracy that nuclear fuel installs decided nuclear power plant again, so PMC system can say is a part with whole the most crucial nuclear power plant. At that time, the design of PMC system equipment makes a technology master completely in the hand of supplier of a few a few abroad, home cannot be produced, maintain even facility even and install discharge to escort the Emperor, also must depend on foreign supplier, this is serious block up report of our country nucleus changes development independently. Begin from 1999, I and staff last a period of time 56 years, undertake upgrading transforming to the PMC system of Daya Bay nuclear power plant, although transform equipment and technology result from abroad, transformed process is very painstaking also, but, lay the technical foundation of next finish fact for the in the future way that changes independently. 2007, group of Chinese wide nucleus held water in limited company of wide nucleus academy, devote oneself to the own research and development that major nuclear power plant equips. I am transferred into in those day academy, improve the work in technology of project of nuclear power plant, what begin formally also to guide a group to have PMC system is own change research and development. With ” Shenzhen speed ” system of the PMC that finish changes research and development indepe罗湖 会所磨棒 服务ndently at that time, the original intention of research and development of our group develops a security namely taller, technical stronger, economy is better, the nuclear fuel that has completely own intellectual property carries system of keep in storage, break long-term be enslaved to be enslaved to the person’s situation. Before job of research and development begins formally, we made a lot of early days survey and preparation, in the meantime, also placed a very high demand to oneself: The research and development of PMC system is completed inside two years. Industry thinks generally to finish this project to need the 5 time that come 8 years at least in those days, add technical block of abroad, so the expert of a lot of home hears us after time limit for a project of this research and development, shaking the head says to us: “This is the job that finishs impossibly. ” but the period that nuclear report of China is in rapid development at that time, meet every year start working group of electric machinery of 10 above nucleus, if time of our research and development exceeds two years, the opportunity that miss will increasing. Face enormous challenge and all-time pressure, 2008, of P深圳桑拿环保服务是指什么MC system change research and development to begin formally independently. Although there had been pair of PMC systems to transform the experience that upgrade before this, but when beginning to change research and development independently truly, everything or from 0 begin. Many technical difficult problem is encountered in developing a process, each difficulty problem is a hill pits together, need has assault fortified positions to overcome difficult courage, the perseverance of work with perseverance, the responsibility that is brave in to take on, of showing the utmost fortitude pay. A day at the beginning of 2009, when we are debugging equipment, encountered an unusually thorny difficult problem: Equipment noise is unusually big. When waiting for curtain of night to arrive, the problem still was not solved, thinking of is an important check and accepting the following day node, will ten experts undertake witnessing to the spot, in the heart of our everybody very anxious. The moment of truth, the abundance that will be accumulated with equipment contact with for years reached action since experience, we analyse prime cause through development, combine experience, achieved oneself ” suit oneself adjust law ” will remove trouble. When the following day the first sunshine of early morning passes through window lattice, when illuminate arrives on equipment, noise disappeared, the heart that we are hanging also was put down eventually. Fall in such working status namely, use a year of much time only, we gave domestic head stage to have 100 % with respect to research and development the 1 billion made of baked clay class of own intellectual property press water to pile PMC of nuclear power plant to change makings plane, broke foreign manufacturer all the time since the technical block in this domain and monopoly position, ensured crucial core technology can accuse independently. And photograph of as congener as abroad product is compared, own PMC system moves a target to locate precision raised an amount level, achieved international advanced level. 2009, in bureau of national energy resources and authority of person of the same trade expert testimony falls, this product passed technical appraisement smoothly. That momently, all members of our group cannot help heating up a tear to be filled with the socket of eye. 2010, the PMC project group that I lead offerred us to prevent city harbor nuclear power pl深圳升逸酒店水疗招聘ant the nuclear fuel of own research and development assembles and unassemble systematic equipment, make cost of this equipment project drops directly 30 % above, reduced total cost of nuclear cable new project, and decreased in service nuclear power station of this system equipment move uphold charge. Equipment of phone of the work steadily nucleus that finish is own research and development the own research and development that high end of each nucleus repo深圳松岗沐足开放吗rt equips, it is the bone that gnaws hard together; The development process that high end of each nucleus report equips, also be the battle of assault fortified positions of a move one to praises and tears. The club accuses a bar the system is the special apparatus with the mainest nuclear power station controls one of systems, the normal power that achieving nuclear power plant adjusts or is main effect on shutdown, “Nuclear power plant sends how many telegram ” said basically to calculate by this system. At that time, the club of almost all nuclear power plant accuses China club the system comes from a company of foreign, serious be enslaved to be enslaved to person, because this is own the demand of research and development is very pressing. 2014 when the Spring Festival, be club of research and development accuses a bar crucial period of the system, the club accuses a bar group of systematic research and development abandons Spring Festival holiday of one’s own accord, when understanding a telephone call with family, also have a simple word only: “This Spring Festival, cannot have come home. ” in those days, when the Spring Festival the bell noise 0 o’clock rises when, the club accuses a bar group of systematic research and development still is discussing to devise plan in workshop. In the test that had hundreds times to core component, after experiencing failure countless times, we stepped successful one pace eventually: The club accuses a bar systematic project prototype finishs on time, came true mod深圳 磨棒ular, digitlization and compositive change wait for innovation, got the expert’s height is approbated checking and accept. Evermore, the club accuses a bar project cost of the system is reduced, promoted 1 billion tile class nuclear power plant is homebred change of rate rise further, the crucial equipment technology that controls reactor masters in ourselves hand eventually, we also had more active right. Review the distance of own research and development, I often plaint, only ourselves mastered core technology, ability discusses real own progress. The own innovation that intelligence of three nucleuses report equips is a hardship but very necessary however road, go up in this road we must hard-working, work with perseverance, more defeat heals brave, just achieve a breakthrough likely. Equipment of intelligence of attention nucleus report and robot 2011 the happening of nuclear accident of Japanese blessing island, caused serious blow to whole nucleus industry. I see from news at that time, after blessing island nuclear power plant explodes, the personnel that has rescueing them toward the spot before got differ the harm of degree, and the robot facility that radiation area periphery arranges has not neared accident core area, be damaged by strong radiate. This thing caused huge to shake in my heart, mount Taishan of nuclear safety overweight, the equipment of nuclear report intelligence that research and development gets used to course of study of special environment dirty and robot are no time to delay more. Say to work, we from domestic invite applications for a job a lot of outstanding experts and student, established professional group, the research and development that begins equipment of nuclear report intelligence and robot works. The process of research and development is likewise unusual and painstaking, burning hot summer, we debug equipment in fuggy processing factory room, cold winter, we check equipment malfunction in the platoon in gloomy and cold workshop. Even an engineer of our group to finish a robot debug the job, leave oneself to just was born before long the child, be away on official business to manufacturer, in waiting for his job that finish to return the home, discovery ” child was brought up a lot of ” . Through research and development of a few years, in June 2015, by China wide nucleus group takes the lead assumed country 863 plans ” nuclear reactor is special robot technology and application ” the technique that the task adopted ministry of national science and technology to organize is checked and accept. Task group in all research and development 6 nuclear reactor are special robot, can replace not only be engaged in high strenth, high risk working artificially, also can be when nuclear accident happening, work in tall radioactivity area, restrain nuclear accident effectively to spread thereby, the safety that is nuclear power plant moves to offer a technology to prop up with reliable maintenance ensure with equipment, the thorough research that also is equipment of intelligence of report of our country nucleus and robot technology and applied open new page. Holding to innovation to advance technology of nuclear report key to break through Shenzhen is a town that fills passion and innovation. On this hot earth, research and development of equipment of our nucleus phone is factitious the career of nuclear report, suffer failure suffer, do not divide ground of day and night to pay, capture a path difficulty, of one mind is only irrigate the dream of nuclear report. Develop through own innovation of more than 30 years, the nuclear report career of our country gained the success that attract worldwide attention, today’s achievement, hard-earned, but as a result of instability of industry of our country high end, technology of core of key of partial nucleus report still exists ” card neck ” problem, the technology innovates independently is a hardship but very necessary however road, go up in this road we must hard-working, work with perseverance, more defeat heals brave. “Hill tall person is a peak ” , be the existence because of height of this line technology, just make we the value that these researcher feeling got oneself works and meaning, also solve these difficult problem just about, make our researcher was viewed and admire ” infinite scene is in perilous peak ” another sceneries. New era has new requirement to nuclear report development, also gifted the definition with nuclear report new development. Henceforth, change an aspect independently in nuclear repor深圳沙井老街女50一次t, my general continues to lead my group, technology of core of key of focusing nucleus report, direct with eventuate, it is drive in order to innovate. In Shenzhen good innovation environment falls, in China深圳东方园水疗正规吗 the strong support of wide nucleus group falls, the road that I am certain research and development innovates is sure Yue Yuanyue is quickly, my general is dream of powerful nation of implementation nucleus report, consecratory one深圳喜悦水会部长微信self one’s pygmy effort.

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