更多深圳桑拿会所体验报告:http://suo.im/5PMsVq Original title: Make bigger opener ” experiment cropland ” , the sea before Shenzhen strives to come true ” double enlarge area ” journey of language opening column 10 thousand lis of wind strong, important task 1000 your set out again. Not long ago, ” the action program of demonstrative area of go ahead of the rest of socialism of characteristic of China of Shenzhen city construction (2019, 2025) ” formal print and distribute. 127 works measure, have macroscopical deploy already, have meticulous plan again, the sword points to 2025 ” build modern internationalization innovation city ” strategic goal. Had carried out ” construction pursues ” and ” assignment certificate ” , force assault fortified positions is sent in domain of major project, key, in be being inscribed just about due justice. A batch of major policy, major reform, major task, carry out be born. These act affect the overall situation and long-term development, must drive hammer and tongs. Go ahead of the rest of do all one can sets an example, roc city whip and spur. Southern daily will be rolled out continuously since now ” Zhen of demonstrative · of go ahead of the rest sets out ” series report, attention Shenzhen is gnawing currently ” hard bone ” . Hang down please note! Last week 5, the sea before first Hong Kong goes there and back crosses express of condition direct bus advanced sea is enlightened, the sea can arrive directly at 29 sites of Hong 深圳罗湖水会论坛Kong such as island of 9 dragon, new Territories, harbor, airport so far before, not only aggrandizement deep harbor is contacted cheek by jowl, also mirror the radiant emitance that the sea before going out enhances ceaselessly. And in Shenzhen municipal Party committee, municipal government a few days ago of print and distribute ” the action program of demonstrative area of go ahead of the rest of socialism of characteristic of China of Shen深圳罗湖环保js交流群z塘下涌金色桔园hen city construction (2019, 2025) ” (next weighing ” action program ” ) in, “The sea before be being deepened in the round reforming and opening ” also be placed to be in first of 127 concrete step, will serve as ” drive with all one’s strength affect the overall situation and the major policy of long-term development, major reform, major task ” come be born is carried out. It is the sea before striving no matter ” double enlarge area (before sea collaboration area, from trade piece area) ” , the sea before striving for a country to support duplicates independently home from trade division policy, still be exploration is carried out and hasten of HongKong and Macow is the same as taxation system, make international finance wall, ” action program ” all without exception of the sea before gifting goes out fully send it is good to hope its do all one can runs demonstrative area of go ahead of the rest builds the first Cheng ” the first club ” period make. The ground that besmears from the beach arrives internationalization modernization is new city, the sea 9 years old ago becomes our country to develop the fastest, quality with vibrant voice one of area with highest, best benefit, playing the beautiful movement of rapid development another round. Before the sea ” double enlarge area ” plan already reported the State Council to be in ” action program ” come on stage put forward ” mouth of the sea snake before striving from trade piece area of collaboration of contemporary service line of business realizes deep harbor of the sea before the area is mixed double enlarge area ” hind, consult of the sea before sea management board is holding 2019 year the next day before appoint meeting, the sea before summary works this year key, write clearly first: The sea before research appears in the newspaper deepens plan of reforming and opening in the round, area of collaboration of the sea before be being driven actively, from trade piece area ” double enlarge area ” plan to repair with overall development make up. In fact, the sound of area of enlarge of the sea before the appeal, begin to already alluded from time to tome in in the bookshops and government 6 years ago oneself — on August 26, 2010, deep harbor of the sea before give an official of the State Council agrees to hold water is contemporary area of collaboration of service line of business (next weighing ” before the sea ” ) , the area makes an appointment with 15 square kilometer. When those before the sea is not to have ground of Tu Zhi of an architectural beach, partial section still is filling the of great capacity. As before the be born of policy of foretaste of sea go ahead of the rest and the acceleration that develop open construction, by 2013, sea area is small before in the bookshops and the sound that appeals its enlarge is allowed appears gradually. Among them, mai Qingquan of president of sunlighting group of delegate of countrywide National People’s Congress, Shenzhen China is in the whole nation was made public on two meetings 2014 express, before although the sea has policy advantage, but devoid land reserve, will bring about matter of a l南山不正规会所ot of high quality trade to shed category to look cannot be born, and with before hundreds meters big shovel bay has sea be apart big land is unused, proposal enlarge is allowed so far. On April 27, 2015, before sea snake mouth from trade piece the area uncovers a shop sign, our country reforming and opening is important matrix Shekou 13. 2 square kilometer and before sea collaboration area is brought into at the same time, program area 28. 2 square kilometer, the ode of the sea before be being considered as to be opposite can. In July 2018, ” Guangdong province advances area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province to build 3 years the action plans (2018, 2020) ” formal print and distribute, full text discloses the sea before going out or the signal that contain spread twice: The 73rd puts forward ” strive for from area of enlarge of trade test division ” , the 84th in put forward ” drive build deep port of the sea before making up深圳福田洗浴会所全套 area of collaboration of contemporary service line of business is overall development program, patulous development space, concern supportive policy in the sea before new range is carried out ” . Later, the 84tmm国际水会是正规的吗h also is in ” compendium of program of development of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province ” in reflect, with the sea before this aggrandizement collaboration develops engine effect. Since this year, this one signal is sent more in Shenzhen intense. 2019 Shenzhen two meetings, when Chen Rugui of Shenzhen city mayor makes governmental working report, put forward, want area of enlarge of area of collaboration of the sea befor深圳kb推荐e driving. In August2017深圳罗湖会所资源, shenzhen city hair changes appoint director Nie Xinping is announced in standing committee of city National People’s Congress ” Shenzhen city 2019 1, national economy and social development plan carried out a circumstance in July ” when, also allude mouth of the sea snake before area of collaboration of the sea before Shenzhen will strive is mixed from trade piece area ” double enlarge area ” . On October 24, advanced sea advances Du Peng of director of management board of the sea before holding the post of when go ahead of the rest of Chinese characteristic socialism discloses on news briefing of achievement of work of demonstrative area construction, “Double enlarge area ” in be being driven actively, already reported the State Council. From trade division in Zhongshan university HongKong and Macow of integrated academy assistant dean, another name for Guangdong Province deve博罗桃花源休闲lops an academy to teach Mao Yanhua to look, sea enlarge area has his completely before objective need and necessity. “From evaluate at present in light of, wait for each respect to still be put in a few problems from development of efficiency of layout of function of trade test division, administration, unifinication. The sea has an area to bear the weight of hard before the need that its have market main body to accelerate economic society unifinication to explore. ” Mao Yanhua thinks, sea space is compared before small, and assumed function a lot of, build setting to fall in area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name 深圳qm体验区for Guangdong Province especially, “Double enlarge area ” can the action that the sea before better play regards foretaste of start off before the others of big bay district as platform, platform of collaboration of area of big bay of the industrial transition that serves Hong Kong better, construction, drive system mechanism innovation to wait. The data shows, at present the whole nation from trade division in, the area is the smallest is Guangdong from trade division, have 116 only. 2 square kilometer. Among them, before sea snake mouth from trade piece the area has 28 only more. 2 square kilometer. And from area of trade division enlarge Ceng Youxian exemple, at the beginning of Shanghai was established from trade division 2013, area only 28. 78 square kilometer, but patulous in December 2014 to 120. 72 square kilometer. After enlarge is allowed, be gifted greater own progress, own reform and limits of authority of own innovation government, exert oneself is made ” the area of special economy function that has international market consequence and competition ability more ” . The sea before striving for a country to support duplicates independently home from tr深圳水会客服微信ade division policy this year in October, the sea surelies win before limited company of network science and technology is below the circumstance that does not have any pawn, obtain loan of 2 million yuan of banks by pure credence only, newest benefit look forward to serves the sea before becoming ” the letter is borrowed easily ” first are benefited enterprise. Its are rear before the sea uses Shenzhen alive of nearly 170 thousand enterprises inside the area that 74 government sectors put in collect ‘s charge exceed data of 15 million credit, in the another pioneering work on system innovation. “System innovation is from trade piece the core task of the area. ” members of standing committee of Shenzhen municipal Party committee, before sea snake mouth from trade piece the area is in charge of appoint conference chairman, before Tian Fu of director of sea management board says, the sea drives investment advantage to change before, commerce advantage is changed, the after the event in open innovation, thing superintends finance, the construction of mechanism of reform of law construction, talent management, system and party 8 big board piece the system innovates, formed the regular system of confluence of as current as international regular deepness stage by stage, maintaining ” 3 days roll out achievement of one system innovation ” yield frequency. Roll out system innovation achievement newly this year only 102, accumulative total amounts to 516, be in province of the whole nation, Guangdong and Shenzhen city to duplicate respectively popularize 50, 69 mix 122. Zhongshan university ” China reports from gain of index of innovation of system of trade test division ” show, before sea snake mouth from trade piece total index of region system innovation is in two years continuously th深圳皇室国际会所可以搞吗e whole nation from trade piece the rank in the area the first; The orgnaization such as Pu Huayong path begins ” 1 + 9 ” innovation achievement evaluates a result to show, piece area reform process is located in home to experiment from trade area front row. Innovate to cooperate with further, this year on April 24, sea proposal started the 28 each trade such as Guangdong, Tianjin, Fujian, Henan, Hubei, Liaoning, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, Zhejiang and Hainan before piece area or area participate in jointly ” the whole nation from trade piece area innovation is allied ” . “This is in dispersedly the force union of each countrywide area rises, share resource, collective drive the system innovates and duplicate. ” Liaoning from trade division Dalian piece office of group of leader of area construction work coordinates Wu Chunni of department section chief integratedly to say. Data shows, since this year, the system innovation achievement of the sea is in before Shanxi saves duplicate promotion 137, in Harbin sweet lane area duplicates popularize 40. The banner sex that system of the sea before be based on innovates, this ” action program ” put forward ” the sea before striving for a country to support duplicates independently home experiments from trade area policy ” , more conspicuous. Mao Yanhua thinks, if Shenzhen can strive for this to counterpoise independently, it is good to bring the of great capacity before be bring the of great capacity before be huge profit. At the same time he says, the system of the sea before instantly innovates, should special in the butt joint advantage of bilateral agreement, commerce changes agreement, government to purchase the respect such as agreement of standard of agreement, environment to establish higher level, go in the whole nation from trade division front row. “Of sex of regulation of sex of system of play of the sea before the proposal ‘ pressure checks ‘ platform action, undertake the risk can accuse the compose of system of foretaste of go ahead of the rest of type to build, become our country to participate in 深圳桑拿微信大全-深圳浦典网the whole world to invest the experiment platform that trade regulation reframes thereby. ” Mao Yanhua says. Coronal of Cai of chairman of total chamber of commerce of Hong Kong China is deep think, below setting of big bay area, how driving system mechanism to innovate is the core difficult problem that big bay area coordinates development, before the sea should bear important task. “Before the sea should exert oneself is strengthened cooperate with HongKong and Macow, liberate a thought jointly, bold undertake reform to restricting the system mechanism that develops jointly at present thoroughly, form can duplicate experience of collaboration of propagable deep HongKong and Macow, build red-blooded world-class city in all group, the center of innovation of international science and technology that has global force. ” ” build international finance wall urgent affairs is current to mark international regulation ” go up in industrial development, ” action program ” put forward, finance of foretaste of go ahead of the rest opens policy, advanced sea establishs supportive Shenzhen stock exchange platform of bond of big bay area; Introduce international finance orgnaization energetically, city of finance of international of the sea before making. This also is consult of the sea before the 2019 year that held recently fitly appoint the key with anxious assemble. Open to the outside world as national banking industry experiment demonstrative window, the sea publishs finance of the sea before support to innovate in the State Council and ministries and commissions before on the foundation of 72 policy, after winning batch of executive FT free trade account this year especially, already took the lead in driving implementation to cross condition RMB in the whole nation loan, cross area banking infrastructure to wait ” 6 are crossed condition ” , industry of the banking below CEPA frame opens measure to area of HongKong and Macow advanced also of great capacity is overall be born. First start business of bank of Internet of first civilian battalion of such as facilitating whole nation, harbor endowment accuses first a start business of joint-stock fund company, harbor endowment joint-stock stockjobber is obtained approve, of capital project income pay advantage of examine and verify to change first pilot wait for numerous finance innovation. This year 1, in November, sea banking industry achieves revenue before 221. 5.5 billion yuan, grow 27. 8 % , contribution of growth of revenue of the sea before be opposite is led and pull move check the number to be respectively 82. 9 % and 15. 8 percent, the sea crosses area finance index to also grow 20 compared to the same period before. 13 % . “Our country is in period of key of economic finance transition, build international finance key position, sea behoove serves as somewhat before. ” speak bluntly of Xu Ze of former vice director of office of general affairs of HongKong and Macow of chairman of seminar of countrywide HongKong and Macow, the State Council, these year through ” Shanghai harbor is connected ” ” deep harbor is connected ” waited for a lot of beneficial exploration, but this is far insufficient, must have bigger breakthrough. “Hong Kong can compare a shoulder with new York, London, become one of international banking centers, because they pursue the system of banking of one a complete set of that is regular system with common law,be, singapore also is accordingly fast pull up to comes. ” Xu Ze thinks, before the sea urgent affairs should reasonable apply legislative of Shenzhen special z深圳民治水疗会所全套one, a regulation is understood to mark international in financial domain, accelerate compose to build the jurisprudence that place of international finance key position needs. In addition, ” action program ” the sea before still be being released drafts ” the taxation system that exploration is carried out and hasten of HongKong and Macow is the same as; Take the lead in opening admittance of service estate market in the round to HongKong and Macow below CEPA frame, reinforce traffic, communication, message, pay wait for daily domain and each other of standard of HongKong and Macow to admit, regulation joins, goods of the member that urge person of butt joint HongKong and Macow is connected close, each other of duty-free consumption, certifi深圳外围上门价格cate admits wait for open measure ” profit is good. In fact, in recent years before the sea rolls out policy of benefit HongKong and Macow continuously, still rolled out on December 7 ” before the sea is carried out fulfil ” the policy step that construction of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province heads group meeting to reach inhabitant of HongKong and Macow about benefit ” the action plans ” , from dweller of convenient HongKong and Macow obtain employment does poineering work and life respect gives 12 weigh big move. “The sea before I feel is very comprehensive to the support of personage of HongKong and Macow, from enterprise income tax, duty, wait to apartment of office privilege, talent ‘ hardware ‘ , and the policy such as law Wu, duty Wu and intellectual property explains to public etc ‘ software ‘ . ” before the sea treasure (Shenzhen) Guo Wei of author of combination of limited company of science and technology says by force. Up to by November 2019, before sea snake mouth from trade piece area already accumulative total registers harbor endowment business 11982, register capital 12959. 7 billion yuan. This year 1, in September, piece classify harbor endowment enterprise already came true increase a value to occupy than 15. 1 % . [reporter] Zhang Wei Zhang Guangyan [plan as a whole] Yang Lei Zhang Guangyan

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