更多深圳桑拿会所体验报告:http://suo.im/5PMsVq High quality develops an upland ” the land that Shenzhen has 1997 square kilometer only, very little earth very little gold, today one-time roll out industry of 30 square kilometer to enrol business to the whole world with the ground. If acc福田按摩口kbord with Shenzhen industr罗湖 明珠555骚琳y direction and high quality,develop the high grade project of demand only, shenzhen has the ground to be able to fall certainly! ” go up in plenary meeting of business of action of 2019 Shenzhen whole world, in Wang Wei of secretary of Shenzhen municipal Party committee reincarnate ” the commissioner that enrol business ” , recommend Shenzhen to global fine business. Project of center of innovation of Shenzhen of Xi Menzi the sources of energy came, project of headquarters of millet group international came, project of lyceum of division of ocean of Chinese shipping group came… this covers 128 autographs to make an appointment with project, contract volume to exceed 560 billion yuan congress, be Shenzhen in go ahead of the rest of Chinese characteristic socialism demonstrative area strategy falls, the innovation that has boldness and vision extremely again ” big movement ” . Today’s Shenzhen, it is the important window that shows success of Chinese reforming and opening to the world, also be the important window of reforming and opening of China of international society observation. Come nearly two years especially, face global economy to add fast put the background with complex profundity of condition of delay, international, all circles of international home, society pays close attention to Shenzh深圳龙华休闲会所全套en more, the hope searchs the gene code of Shenzhen miracle from different level, different perspective, hunting future develops a trend. Annals is not begged easy, do not take refugee all right, shenzhen is in high change, height bear below the external economy environment that control, maintained the strategy that promotes development of economic h深圳桑拿体验报告igh quality to decide force and endurance, tone structure, hurried innovates, go before those who achieved economy is dovish. This is ” Chinese experience ” wonderful reflection. Midwinter in December, be like,the southern part of the country Feng Chun. Be in Shenzhen, what we see is the belief that surely win, it is bright foreground. The confidence of Shenzhen: Below structural adjustment 6. 6 % backside still has 9. The high quality of 5 % She惠州淡水桑拿108种服务nzhen develops, looking in me is very specific, it is the company can grow advanced manufacturing industry, offer the product that can satisfy social requirement most; Technical trade can master new and high skill adequately, lead forefathers group even to mark; The university can be fostered have knowledge, capable, creative high quality talented person; In the meantime, people was full of self-confidence and sturdy self-identity to Chinese road. — Chen Shiyi of president of university of academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, southern science and technology before this year 3 quarters, GDP of Shenzhen whole town is 1. 87 trillion yuan, grow 6 compared to the same period. 6 % , the place is general and public budgetary receipts grows 4. 6 % . This is the initial success that Shenzhen gives out in phase of current economy transition, firm in have into, but the doubt that still drew a few people: “Why not as good as does the high speed before grow? ” ” external environment is bad, ‘ Shenzhen miracle ‘ whether continue? ” ” how should prospective Shenzhen economy grow? ” to doing poineering work person for Li Ye, such doubt had the result already in his heart: The change of economic environment is brought more it is good luck. “The spring tide that we believe to Chinese economy grows is go深圳休闲会所668项目od, the circuit of safety of computation of cloud of IT industry domain, network is good, be willing more with a view to is long-term. ” Li Ye is full of self-confident ground to say. This self-confidence and certainly long-standing: “2008 financial crisis when, I and group dare not decide too high end, as a result the task 2009 is overfulfiled best, this city also is in Shenzhen the trend flies after this. ” memory rises last time ” hard hour ” , nowadays already is the Li Ye remain fresh in one’s memory of vice-president of Inc. of science and technology of deep be convinced. In the story not come singly but in pairs with the long-term base oneself upon in changeable market environment. “The 5G network position of profit from country, we also enjoy the bonus of innovation technology, obtained the development of milepost type, ” Shenzhen city is wide mix Zhang Tianyu says a wireless Inc. president proudly, do poineering work 20 years, arrive from 2G present 5G times, our communication module came true to get eventually run, overseas still does not have corresponding competitor. Backdate in former days antecedents, the way that high quality develops is more clear: Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) institute of be in charge of teachs Tang Jie to point out, arrived 2010 in Shenzhen in the transition 2013, the GDP first half of the year was added 2012 fast have 4 only. 8 % , in those days Shenzhen is encouraged outside of change in low end the enterprise exceeds 8500, cause economy to glide more than 4 percent, when when Shenzhen accordingly economy maintains the growth of 12 % later, effective increase rate exceeds 16 % , the tone structure at that time is for Shenzhen follow-up the flying development of industry of new and high technology is vacated basket change a bird. Before 40 years, shenzhen drives a cart in ragged clothes to blaze a new trail-endure great hardships in pioneer work, open circuit bridges, enter a socialism of characteristic of a China to commercialize the road of reform. New historical period, in our country economy development is in the new level that changes high quality to development by high speed growth, shenzhen serves as the example of demonstrative area of go ahead of the rest and modern powerful nation, assuming the new mission that provides example for power of countrywide changeover development. Jump out Shenzhen sees Shenzhen, overall situation of base oneself upon is sought long-term. This, focusing of Shenzhen general target at modern economic system, optimize economic structure ceaselessly. Structural adjustment only then of Yu Weiyu sentimentally attached shift to an earlier date layout, it is the international division of labor below globalization eye shot and competitive consciousness substantially. Nowadays, integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, 5G, new-style show, the domain that content couplet net, essence allows science and technology of medical treatment, finance to make Shenzhen key overall arrangement, black lead Xi, flexible the forward position direction that cell of fuel of material of rice of electron, small accept and parts of an apparatus, hydrogen is scan widely future. Had turned round to come again get to the bottom of 6. 6 % this number, actually, shenzhen of before this year 3 quarters 7 big strategical burgeoning industry implementation increases a value to grow 9 compared to the same period. 5 % , total of profit of company of dimensions above industry grows 18. 5 % , especially digital economy industry, grow compared to the same period be as high as 16. 1 % . In the meantime, advanced manufacturing industry occupies line of business of industrial proportion, contemporary service to occupy proportion of service line of business to all exceed 70 % . “Construction modernization economic system is our country spans col and the particular demand that high quality expands. Shenzhen builds modern industry system to attach most importance to a dot with compose, aim at high end, new and high industry up break out of an encirclement, farther safeguard industry grows a space, tamp is advanced manufacturing industry foundation, drive high end of contemporary service line of business to change development, the power that shows Chinese economy to develop way to the world is transforming stage by stage for efficiency and innovation drive. ” Li Fengliang of secretary of Party committee of university of southern science and technology says. A magic weapon of Shenzhen: Make environment of strong battalion business, from 830 arrive 2 million no matter be demonstrative area of special economic zone or go ahead of the rest, a job with very main Shenzhen is to optimize battalion business environment, allow look forward to, money for investment the development space with current top-ranking creation. The method that establishs a special zone to want to use a test namely in those days reforms battalion business environment inside particular area. Where can say ” put a canal to take ” reform is done well, the battalion business environment of where is improved quickly, the market vigor of where is strong, development the look of things is good. — Beijing of king of counselor of the State Council is born 40 years, the enterprise of Shenzhen counts 830 from 1980, go to 20 thousand of 1990 through 10 years, go to 360 thousand of 2010, to 2016 it is 1.5 million, go to many 200 of nowadays again, will nearly 10 years make a person close to the growth of exponential type hearten. This group of numbers are another when Shenzhen gives out on road of high quality development main achievement. “Why to choose Shenzhen? Although here is in,the respect such as fundamental education, medical treatment still has short board, house price also is like person meaning very much. ” this is the person that people does poineering work to two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two people ” the soul is torturous ” . “Because the atmosphere of a secretary in charge of sth here can let us,realize a dream. ” Li Ye says, come to Shenzhen ten years, better and better government serves, more and more grumous poineering atmosphere, more and more substantial innovation natural resources, before letting people be like no longer a few years, holding in the arms in that way ” work make money a native place ” Shenzhen of purpose look upon, regarded here as really however home, regard as the place that pursues a dream. “Appear on the market the company controls person happening change actually, does influence industry follow-up develop how to do? ” ” does financing cost rise how to bring about capital pressure to do? ” ” how does tax cost pressure do greatly too? ” ” how cannot newly established enterprise find investment to do? ” no matter be big,appear on the market company and enterprise of small small newly established, have each each appeal to beg, this was last year not only since Shenzhen the doubt of a few enterprises, also be to be provided extremely representative ” of Chinese enterprise ask ” . Be in Shenzhen, such doubt is diss深圳休闲会所全套olved one by one. “Our company ever was faced with large stockholder impawn to lead last year exorbitant, explode the risk of the storehouse, once effective control person produces change, having v蒲神深圳技师推荐区ery big risk to our future, it is the government contacted us actively to provide support at this moment. ” vice-president of Inc. of science and technology of Shenzhen Leiman photoelectricity collect Fu is full of to this appreciate: “Of Shenzhen city new and high cast, in aid of small active skill is done assure, appear on the market as giving us these enterprise infuse stitch cardiac. ” the safeguard that had steady progress, the company of new and high technology that Lei Manguang report pursues this demonstrating a skill be able to ” scatter wing to go a secretary in charge of sth ” , 8K of the freeboard Qing Dynasty that rolled out technical content to amount to the world to precede, small span displays screen this one ” fist product ” , by the indication technology of the global accepted times that it is 5G, withstood not only the exit concussion below Sino-US trade friction, still opened more capacious international, home market. Before this year 3 quarters, electric battalion receives Lei Manguang than last year the corresponding period grew 30 % above, prof深圳会所严打it growth is to be as high as 180 % more. Similar case not merely hereat. “Because go the financial policy of lever, last year the financing cost of second half of the year is in above of standard interest rate, make we had greater capital pressure, we are in year end issued 1 billion yuan 深圳外围微信联系方式debenture last year, ” the sea can amount to Li Rui of minister of ministry of concern of communication Inc. investor to say, of Shenzhen city in small are offerred for us assure, make the appreciation of amount due grade of grade of itself 2A main body arrived 3A, cost had the financing that allows a company to be reduced certainly. “This is very great help to us. ” the issue that supports inadequacy to solve banking of newly established business, shenzhen municipal government is special still and contributive the angel investment that created countrywide head to raise 5 billion yuan leads mother fund, establish 39 support fund with relevant orgnaization, prize society capital is close 7 billion yuan, give aid to invest project of angel of enterprise of high-tech of 70 many newly established, aroused civilian poineering vitality. And be aimed at ” it is difficult to handle affairs ” this one your enterprise most headachy general character problem, shenzhen uses ” the government sends a service ” ” digital government ” wait for integrated reform to solve. “Handle affairs before the hall is set in governmental building, be apart from not only far, be faced with the inquiry of entrance guard, check even, unavoidable let enterprise and handle affairs the impression that masses stands high above the masses to governmental generation. ” a mountainous area government affairs serves Zhang Jun of director of data management board 深圳坪山明珠殿沐足to say south Shenzhen city, nowadays, be in an enterprise most concentr深圳博园商务酒店按摩ated south a mountainous area, administration serves the hall to establish the center in building of 500 Shenzhen bay bank, companies, send the service to the side of the enterprise. And ” the second is approved ” ” company poineering package ” the innovation that waits for digital government serves, let handle affairs personnel also need not resemble answer the ground to run back and forth before in that way between several units again, the fastest 9 days can be finished. In south a mountainous area administration serves the hall, each handle affairs writing on the cover of the guideline ” kiss politics look forward to clear ” 4 big character, government and enterprise want already close, also want clean-fingered: In the development process of the enterprise, the government is an enterprise to offer those who establish form of characters or letters to prop up when the enterprise needs to help only, politics not faze look forward to, look forward to not fawn on politics, this is the true portraiture that Shenzhen holds to the reforming and opening, politics look forward to that walks along Chinese characteristic socialism to commercialize road to form to concern. Up to by this year November, body of victim of business of Shenzhen whole town achieves 3.24 million, among them the enterprise exceeds南山海韵轩技师300元 2 million. In addition, shenzhen is annual and average add 200 thousand companies, the number of business victim body of Shenzhen maintains the throughout the country with poineering density the first, be most suffer the person that do poineering work people of favour ” poineering city ” . “The company is strong a city is strong, shenzhen will insist to serve enterprise, industry consummate, accomplish ‘ occupied service, without the thing not faze ‘ , character issue individual character is solved, policy of general character issue is solved, always let an enterprise experience close-fitting, close service in Shenzhen. ” say in Wang Wei of secretary of Shenzhen municipal Party committee. The ambition of Shenzhen: In fountainhead innovation 4.8 billion with science of 37 % omnibus country the construction of the major innovation carrier such as information of science of space of center, 5G, artificial intelligence, network and technology, life and biology medicine lab, to Shenzhen for a such innovation city, have mark sex and sense of surveyor’s pole sex: Can utmost shortens arrive from great and primitive innovation the time span of achievement industrialization, offer tremendous prop upping to the development of Shenzhen and national future industry. — Wu Saikang of director of research center of development of Shenzhen municipal government begins from last year, shenzhen is arranged every year do not cast under t深圳明珠水会 体验报告he capital of finance of science and technology of 30 % to basic research and applied basic research, throw 4.8 billion yuan this year, science and technology of the finance that hold city throws 37 % . Finance is used where, often show the way that footstep of a city strides fully. The dynamical changeover that Shenzhen wants to be the whole nation provides example. From where does motivation come? The answer is fountainhead innovation. As a young city, prop up as a result of what lack college and scientific research orgnaization before, of Shenzhen short board tackling key problem at basic research and technology. The finance of a huge sum throws scientific research, go up from fountainhead just about found, fill the crucial link in catenary of good innovation industry, building ability is built high. “Had entered the field of unmanned area stage by stage in our country, have to consider fountainhead innovation from long-term point of view, for exa深圳罗湖哪里有磨吊mple of standard of AVS video encode make the experts that are You Pengcheng lab take the lead, this let us master speech authority, lead an industry to be climbed to value catenary upper reaches litre. ” Tian Li of chief of department of development of scientific research of roc city laboratory says. This year in September, roc city lab combines Hua Weihai to thought of overseas to release first 8K that is based on standard of AVS3 video encode to exceed high-definition chip jointly, caused industry sensation. “Another when orgnaization of great scientific research builds principal port, depend on Shenzhen will exploring new way, emphasize commercialize and introducing international resource more, pay attention to the industrialization of achievement and the innovation that pass system mechanism more, the enthusiasm of brainpower of utmost ground drive and creativity, bring the reform of a lot of system and mechanism thereby. ” Wu Saikang of director of research center of development of Shenzhen municipal government thinks. Nowadays, be in south Shanxi beautiful piece in the building of the area, often coming in and go out such a flock of researchers — their funds origin is aided financially with finance give priority to, do not have level, work out however between the orgnaization; They are having not identical course background, often be in however same a job in scientific research project. They come from lab of winner of award of roc city lab, Shenzhen bay lab, Nuo to wait for orgnaization of new-style scientific research. Current, national key laboratory achieves 6, wait for forward position domain around biology of science of the 3rd acting semiconductor, artificial intelligence, big data, clean the sources of energy, head, synthesis, set basic research orgnaization newly 12, nuo award lab orgnaization of 11 provincial and the home, new-style research and development 46. Build firm foundation, the potential energy of innovation shows ceaselessly: At present Shenzhen already had carrier of of all kinds innovation to amount to 2260, PCT international patent applies for a quantity to maintain all the year round 34 in the whole nation. 8 % above, occupy countrywide city first place 16 years continuously. Innovation lets development have quality, have arrangement, have intention. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general ever pointed out, implementation high quality develops, it is to maintain economic society to last the inevitable requirement of healthy progress, it is to get used to our country society to main contradiction changes and build the inevitable demand of socialistic modernization country in the round. In Shenzhen bay bank, countless pieces of young faces, the lamp of countless bright brightly lit, countless unpluggingly and the skyscraper that rise, it is roc city, and even the vigrous wing that Chinese implementation flies. (Yan Shenghe of graceful of article of party of our newspaper reporter)

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