更多深圳桑拿会所体验报告:http://suo.im/5PMsVq Original title: Far brilliant of on-the-spot record of job of recruit pay a return visit signed up for the area of cropland of blessing of green guardianship motherland that uses his in the blessing field army made up of the sons of the people of Xinjiang 2019 question is difficult on December 27, 2019 autumn Xinjiang, quiet and unruffled; The heaven and earth of length and breadth of land, what mirrorring free hill fully is golden; The desert of boundless, horizon binding that is wiped deep blue. This is everybody’s hep Xinjiang, allow countless travellers forgetting to return. The picture that bypass makes a person get drunk, deep autumn Xinjiang, it is however in that way let a person be borne hard. Take shade place, cold autumn wind lets a person blast blast asp; Wind coils to rise dene, attack to make on the face life aches; The skin of chap is reminding a pedestrian here is how dry ceaselessly. Be in a such places namely, having however so a flock of people, they are born in south, however permanent Xinjiang; They are long in the seaside, bearing dry descent however; They leave warm family, willing become silent to border area in northwest on that endless territory boundary. Take off next famous brand dress, change desert to confuse colour; Put down China f深圳方圆汇水疗or the apple, take frozen steel gun. They s深圳桑拿微信大全et out from Shenzhen blessing cropland, far the Xinjiang outside going to 5000 k罗湖皇室至尊水疗客服微信ilometers, exchange the prosperity of the motherland with youth of two years, carry a China with puerile shoulder ” Jiang Junmeng ” . They are blessing cropland most angel, they are the army made up of the sons of the people of blessing cropland. November the first ten days of a month, reporter after many flounder, drive from Shenzhen go to assorted of Xinjiang noise made in coughing or vomiting and Akesu, seek by inquiry is volunteer this year the recruit of cropland of more than 30 blessing that enlists to Xinjiang people, look far in an alien land they, pass but good. Blessing of ● of article of / of Jiao Yang of reporter of Bin of eaves of Liu of brilliant newspaper reporter protects street Zheng Zhaoming: “As a southern, I want to wash a hot bath ” to Zheng Zhaoming, volunteer enlisting is to hope him change lives decadently before, leave in the past oneself, xinjiang is his own choice. “The recruit of a few months trains, I can experience the decay of oneself, I feel I will be opposite! ” he says, dark skin is the testimony that grow, although sand blown by wind of all over the sky is big, it is to grow however best accelerator. Exclusive ” complain read aloud ” , the likelihood is that bathhouse in from beginning to end lukewarm ” hot water ” , with the shower head that discharges hard, “As a southern, I want to wash a hot bath ” ! ● lotus is street Li Mohua: Never qualification arrives eligible, he makes the astral appearance that links the progress in relatively the comrade-in-armses at him, li Mohua is not strong. Very straight army appearance, firm and persistent eyes, before the bosom on collocation ” ascensive star ” pectoral card, let him rectify an individual to l深圳喜悦水会不正规吗ook unusual however spirit. Military camp reachs first, he is a class in ” difference unripe ” , below the encouragement of monitor and comrade-in-armses, he as深圳汇佳休闲会所价位ks strictly oneself, impose practice ceaselessly, the time that climbs tactics shortens from 1 minute of bells 20 seconds; The 3 kilometers that need 17 minutes originally need 13 minutes only now… in be assessed first besides alignment unqualified Li Mohua, became ascensive star however, 15 train comprehensive qualification. Look in him, this ” ascensive star ” pectoral card is to approbate not only, more incentive, before he tries hard, prompt move goes. Be worth what carry is, come from the Zhang Chuangjun with street lotus to also show itself likewise with him, took ” internal affairs example ” title. The garden austral ● is street Li Din深圳三三五论坛gjie: Twin brother Qi Fujiang, military school of pass an entrance examination is a wish ” elder brother, I want to be a soldier. ” ” then we go together! ” this is to be before 6 months, eve of the university entrance exam, li Dingjie follows Li Dingbang of twin elder brother suddenly to say to want to be a soldier, not bear think elder brother and he is having same think of a way. Then, their in pairs signs up, come together Xinjiang, collective aspire wants military school of pass an entrance examination. “We sign up to just say with parents. ” Li Dingjie says, to their brother two ” capricious ” act, parents supports unusually, the深圳龙岗区桑拿 father that regards a bus as the driver tells them, s罗湖kb场排行ince chose not to深圳伴游怎么样 regret, be in personally barback, be about to have the look of Chinese soldier, carry the responsibility that has a soldier. ● sanded head is street Huang Yichi: “I should thank this cup ‘ ice is sanded ‘ let me had been maintained the hardest when ” Huang Yichi is institute of Zhuhai of college of Beijing grain industry big the student of 3. In the school, he is typical curtilage male, attend class, those who hit game to make the living is thematic, press his view, the life of the university passes particularly slow, came time is accelerated unexpectedly however after army. “Hardship trains by day, tumble into bed in the evening, blinked to spend 3 months. ” Huang Yichi says jokingly, every arrive when training is the most difficult, can em布吉按摩包吹erge in brain most the ice that love is sanded, “I am imagining me to sitting in the seaside to take glacial sand, is not sandy soil eats below burning sun. I should thank this cup ‘ ice is sanded ‘ let me had been maintained the hardest when ” . Lake of ● sweet honey is street Zhang Zhencong: Everything is about to contend for the first ” report, I am willing to tell the story that tells me ” . When the reporter at the same time keep out is深圳夜蒲桑拿论坛 ceaseless the sand blown by wind in fill entrance, mutter at the same time when pondering over this to who look for to interview, zhang Zhencong stood the first times, in canorous report tone accumulate containing boundless self-confidence. He tells a reporter, in army 3 months, call a report actively, contend for actively the first it is the first thing that he acquires. Be worth what carry is, be in first in horizontal bar training, although he is permissive the first is participated in, cannot finish the job however. Huge psychological drop makes him ceaseless increase experien深圳罗湖水疗排行榜ced power, sturdier also however he disputes first idea, he says ” contend for ability to have progress only, only the attempt just can know difference ” . Chen Zhongxian of ● Hua Fujie path: From ” small fat ” change ” batman ” , decrease 1 year weigh 30 jins to enlist for the circle dream Chen Zhongxian is name of the 2nd annals joins the 深圳水立方 邪army. 2018 when, he does not have a predestined relationship with army brigade because of many jins 210 weight. Ever since a year, he recalls a painful experience, fitness, be on a diet, beverage of Buddhist monastic discipline, tried the method that can reduce weight, decrease weigh many jins 30, achieve what one wishes put on the military uniform that confuse colour. A year that when reduce weight, can saying is him a year when be willing to recollect least of all. “The encouragement of the dream that be a soldier and family lets me insist to come down however, up-to-date. ” he tells a reporter, enlist the dream results from parents, as a child parents teachs him ” learn existing writings skill in wushu, arrowy annals is a country ” , so he resolutely come to army, chose the most difficult Xinjiang, the youth深圳畅想国度水会 红牌 that hopes to use two years makes bit of contribution for the motherland. ● blessing cropland is street Yu Junhui: In the day of army, he learned to hold to ” as a result of weight lay particular stress on, physical ability is my weak sports all the time, also be me most the place that be afraid of. ” Yu Junhui tells a reporter, just arrived army when, he generated fear to physical ability training, the thought ever also was immersed in confused. Run in 3 kilometers when, slower and slower pace, thicker and thicker breath, ever let him think of to a深圳龙岗区上门丝袜按摩bandon. This moment, his recruit monitor comes to the side of his, supporting sb with hand at the same time he, let his after-thought come at the same time of army first heart, ponder over military responsibility and obligation. This momently, mix to military warm blood as a child adore swarm into brain once more, become the belief of the travel before him. “As a soldier, want to finish the job stoutly namely! ” Yu Junhui says the day in army, he learned to hold to. ● garden mountain is street Cheng Boxiang: Arrive from ego collective, from curtilage male become a soldier ” what I live in oneself no longer is microcosmic in, it is companion with the mobile phone all day, it is class and collective consider morely however ” . Cheng Boxiang tells a reporter, of army take exercise let him from curtilage male became a soldier. The life that strikes a proper balance between work and rest in army trains work and rest, it is to let his feel just like a fish in water more. To him, suffer from again again tired, a small holiday is OK ” full blood is renascent ” , when touching a gun for the first time especially, he feels everything was worth. ● Mei Lin is street Li Jia a person of extraordinary powers: “Thank army, let me realize decay ” Li Jia a person of extraordinary powers tells a reporter, the life of army brought huge change to his body and psychology, body function and healthy level promote ceaselessly, psychology bears ability increases ceaselessly, active study sex increases ceaselessly, he thanks army very this ” university ” , let him can get decay inside short time.

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