更多深圳桑拿会所体验报告:http://suo.im/5PMsVq Original title: Shenzhen of the people’s livelihood these this year of 2019 hot words, see development benefit and the people’s livelihood sweep black except congress of ferocious a rally to pledge resolution before going to war sanded park of public housing big plum makes an appointment freely achieve Wen Xuan to pass a second to approve remove pail of public housing Shenzhen to be fulfilled in the round in the center of ” the house lives to be not fried ” requirement, accelerate advance public housing construction, accomplish hard ” live house having appropriate ” , defeat the predicament that sees difficulty of big city housing. This year on October 23, shenzhen holds project of 13 public housing of whole town to concentrate start working activity, pull open large-scale public housing to build a house prelusive. August 2018, municipal government puts forward to will add construction newly to raise money 2035 of all kinds housing 1.7 million, among them talent housing, install house commodity house and gross of the public housing that rent not less than 1 million. “Cannot little ” , this is municipal government of municipal Party committee the acceptance to citizen masses. Predict ” 935 ” period end, shenzhen builds the public housing that raise money to will achieve 420 thousand, overfulfil ” 935 ” program goal. Begin from next year, shenzhen will have large quantities of talent housing, install house commodity house to face the talent that accords with a condition, citizen to supply. The price of these public housing all is price of room of circumjacent region market 5 – 6 into, among them talent housing and bring house commodity house top price does not exceed price of square metre of 50 thousand yuan of / , 深圳南山洗浴minimum left and right sides of square metre of 20 thousand yuan of / . (Dou Yanwen of reporter of newspaper of Shenzhen special zone) comment on: Public housing, how protecting hard ” quantity ” carry ” qualitative ” . “Cannot little ” , price is market room price 5 – 6 into, a series of act make a person cut the feeling that cut the ground to be being solved housing by Shenzhen really the strength on problem of this one the people’s livelihood and sincerity. Shenzhen advances public housing construction with great quantity, to come true ” live to be resided somewhat, live house having appropr深圳外围经纪.v讯:zck9600iate ” offerred strong prop up. Achieve civil this year, ” civilized town is built in all share proposal ” in the citizen heat is passed, harvest enthusiastic response. Come one this year, shenzhen is solid begin civilized town to found ” interrogate problem, fill short board, hurried promotes ” the action, civilization is founded ” 10 big moves ” advance side by side- do two or more things at once, drive the deep promotion that the city works each, cultural and ideological progress infiltration arrives square field surface of the city. This year, shenzhen is returned on line civilized Shenzhen ” conveniently is patted ” exposure stage small order, the citizen needs to undertake operating on the mobile phone only, can reflect the uncivilized phenomenon beside to exposure stage, close to in all the town is civilized. The advertisement of commonweal of socialistic core viewpoint of value with street visible everywhere, ” new citizen grooms ” 深圳环保会所报告the civilized accomplishment that to come deep citizen gets on ” the first class ” , activities of all sorts of teenage moral education that school inside and outside develops… Shenzhen is trying hard to blend in socialistic core vi龙岗哪些会所可以搞ewpoint of value the citizen to teach whole process, make the mind that is people is changed inside socialistic core viewpoint of value pursuit, outside melt into the self-conscious action of people. (Han Wenjia of reporter of newspaper of Shenzhen special zone) comment on: Every Shenzhen person feels the change that founds civilized town to bring, and a lot of actions are participated in among them. It is the motion of a from above to below not only, more is to send from the Shenzhen person immanent self-identity to civilized behavior. Civilized action has appeal, civilization is founded have vitality, also accordingly, our city is becoming better and better. Zhen tastes Shenzhen is typical food input city, have apparent food safety to input sexual risk. Hong Kong person has ” the food that offer port ” enjoy, shenzhen and Hong Kong case are similar, when to also have ” for deep food ” ? This is Shenzhen the dream of a few acting people. Municipal Party committee, municipal government basically is led put forward to want to be opposite mark international is top-ranking, roll out ” for deep food ” , make the food safety city of people satisfaction; The science that should build Gao Shuiping evaluates a system; Want to have strict admittance level. Here the principle falls, superintendency bureau of Shenzhen city market installs countrywide home standard to be a foundation with food, exemple of compasses of referenced Hong Kong undertakes index contrasts, both photograph relatively take take completely severe as bas深圳方圆汇水疗环境ic principle, establish a standard, constituent attestation, mixed on August 31 on December 13, supervisory management board of Shenzhen city market was held twice ” Zhen is tasted ” appear on the market the ceremony that start. “Zhen is tasted ” namely ” for deep food ” abbreviation, product category covers treatment 深圳678国际水疗会所of product of vegetable, fruit, aquatic product, animal produce, birds, commissariat, commissariat to taste, dairy produce 8 kinds big. “Zhen is tasted ” sheet tastes gross to achieve 80, thereby preliminary compose is built go out to arrive from farm pilot of risk of entire chain of mensal food safety is high grade for deep food system. (Yi Dong of reporter of newspaper of Shenzhen special zone) comment on: “Zhen is tasted ” the label is product quality ” gold-lettered signboard ” . Defend the safety in food basket of good common people and quality, just can let common people obtain feeling more, happiness to feel solidder. Area piece catenary November 2019, first pieces of traffic of countrywide fines bill of electron of finance of area piece catenary to leave in Shenzhen piece, this also is bill of electron of finance of catenary of first pieces of area piece of Shenzhen city. Open a bill of electron of catenary of first p深圳水会哪里有服务ieces of area piece of countrywide from August 2018 up to now, shenzhen area piece the quantity of make out an invoice of catenary electron bill already broke through 10 million pieces. The use of bill of electron of area piece catenary, reduced an enterprise to handle the working load of duty personnel, reduced financial cost freely with the ticket, the proper motion after the user shops files make out an invoice, the labor power that reduced an enterprise is devoted. Through a year of many be born application, shenzhen city already had many 7600 enterprise to accept system of bill of electron of area piece catenary, amount of make out an invoice exceeds 7 billion yuan. Current, the financial insurance that bill of electron of area piece catenary is used extensively to be in Shenzhen, shopkeeper exceeds, hotel meal, jockey the industry such as the service. Nowadays, shenzhen has formed a series of divisions piece application of catenary be born. (Wen Kun of reporter of newspaper of Shenzhen special zone) comment on: Shenzhen opens a bill of electron of finance of catenary of first pieces of area piece, it is vivid practice when taxation processing mode innovates not only, it is Shenzhen is walked into more ” wisdom duty ” the key of the times on深圳推油技师微信群e pace. Future, setting of application of area piece catenary will extend the square respect range of the life further, bring more science and technology to change the surprise of the life to us. Sweep black hit definitely except evil spirit ” cover a road to borrow ” new-style black evil crime, firm is hit the gangdom outside the condition is permeated and cross economy of convoy of the people’s livelihood of condition crime, focusing… sweep oneself black since be being begun except evil special accuse and denounce at a meeting, shenzhen city public security bureau according to in the center of, requirement of deploy of province, city, shenzhen of base oneself upon is actual, elaborate organization, complete alarm arouse, sweep black except the evil advance side by side- do two or more things at once that treat chaos, obtain level sex result. As sweep black advance ahead ceaselessly except evil special accuse and denounce at a meeting, public security of criminal of whole 2018 town always alarm affection drops compared to the same period 23. 1 % , whole town security of society improves continuously, the acquisition of people is feeling, happy feeling, safe feeling increases ceaselessly. City public security bureau holds water to save the first to sweep completely black except team of evil assault fortified positions, choose force of policemen of more than 200 essence from global limits, basically lead by city bureau personally assume leadership, form it is bibcock with team of assault fortified positions, each substation cooperates in coordination sweep black weave a system except evil working group, aggrandizement intensive is used alarm, realize resource conformity. In addition, sweep for the standard black except evil work flow, make Esau black plan 3 years to be gotten for all except job of evil special accuse and denounce at a meeting, try to find out the real intention investigation, administer, investigate, report, responsibility is found out, the working standard such as social processing and flow are additional ” 1 + 7 ” working mechanism, ensure synthesis fights standard of strong, clew management, handle a case to be depended on lawfully compasses. (Zhang Yan of reporter of newspaper of Shenzhen special zone) comment on: Sweep black except evil have strength, people just has safe feeling. “A hand is direct deploy, harmonious, direct ” , ” establish complete province to be swept the first times black except team of evil assault fortified positions ” , make ” 1 + 7 jobs mechanism ” , true court real action hit Shenzhen to sweep black except evil gain, build for the citizen had solid safe defense line. The second is approved since this year, “The second is approved ” high frequency word was become in Shenzhen, become Shenzhen to deepen the reform, significant move that optimizes battalion business environment. On March 20, admire is in individual and industrial and commercial Hu Ouxi face of person of first floor of hall of service of administration of area of Shenzhen dragon hillock identifies self-help to get card chance, got first pieces of intelligence of countrywide ” the second is 足浴加钟怎么玩技师approved ” the SOHO that pass does business charter, ou Xiqin plaints repeatedly honest too convenience! Afterwards is rolled out successfully this year in March individual and industrial and commercial door establish, cancel ” the second is approved ” hind, city market superintendency bureau combines Baoan area, bright division again, before sea management board rolled out difficulty bigger, suffer numerous vaster enterprise is registered ” the second is approved ” , synchronism is built ” the second is approved ” qualitative check system and ” the linkage that ascend a canal ” mechanism, efficiency of implementation business start and quality ” double promotion ” . On September 20, shenzhen enterprise is registered ” the second is approved ” the system is enabled formally in city market superintendency bureau, shenzhen vasts power company of biology science and technology finished what need time 1 day originally to register formalities with a few seconds only. The our city comes on stage ” digital government ” reform pilot executive program integratedly, the college graduate settle that Shenzhen rolls out ” the second is approved ” wait for another act obtains favorable result, “The second is approved ” enclothing Shenzhen more and more domains, “The second is approved ” Shenzhen calls noisy whole nation. (He Yong of reporter of newspaper of Shenzhen special zone) comment on: “The second is approved ” the vivid expression that is Shenzhen speed, reveal a Shenzhen to direct to the service of the pursuit of efficiency and administration. Sometimes, the appeal that understands Shenzhen is so simple, let enterprise and masses cast off handle affairs ” tired ” , enjoy a service ” ” , be Shenzhen fetching ability, get together an uniqu深圳罗湖新悦水会磨棒e skill of the enterprise. Make an appointment ” make an appointment ” it is an our city in recent years the high frequency word in traffic administration, arboretum of celestial being lake makes an appointment jockey, area of scene of the eastpart part makes an appointment beautiful city of a travel, winter jasmine makes an appointment jockey, large meeting is exhibited make an appointment jockey… in December, shenzhen policeman innovates again act, in the our city 3 hospitals are pilot make an appointment jockey, the patient goes to a hospital seeing a doctor, in make an appointment registration still can give illicit home the car at the same time ” registration ” make an appointment car. Natural resources of our city road is very limited, density of car of every kilometer road occupies countrywide first place high, parking space gap is huge, average 3 cars grab a car, large activity meets exhibit block up surely, key scene area meets the holiday is blocked up surely, limited natural resources satisfies fulminant requirement hard. Shenzhen policeman is advanced continuously ” make an appointment ” traffic administration, the balance is searched in contradiction of supply and demand, those who seek public interest is the biggest change. Carry out make an appointment after measure, of place of key time, key embraced a problem to get clear improvement, the citizen drives go out to need not resemble going again all right in that way angst, the concern on the road is blocked up, arrived to worry again cannot find a vehicle, make an appointment let a citizen go out row more sex of in a planned way, more also easy. (chief correspondent Jie Shusen) comment on: The logic that make an appointment depends on ” civilian ” . In road resource finite feasibility condition falls, make an appointment debus ” ” and ” crowded ” ” what cannot bear is heavy ” , go out to bring bigger advantage all right to the citizen. “High school city ” take an examinat深圳水磨论坛ion of in this year after putting a list of names posted up, high school degree makes the central point that the citizen pays close attention to for a time. Be aimed at the problem with high in short supply degree of our city high grade general, this year in September, shenzhen holds whole town to teach congress, release ” the opinion that develops about boosting educational high quality ” . With before a high school of construction of a ground is different, ” opinion ” innovation sex ground puts forward clearly, explore new pattern of construction of average high school and management, build through the key ” high school city ” will advance school of our city high school to build, then ” high school city ” become social heat quickly to discuss a topic. ” opinion ” put forward, to 2022, change extend newly 30 fair run average high school, add degree newly 60 thousand, amplitude exceeds 60 % . Current, the our city already planned city of 4 place high school uses the land, among them 3 lie inside Shenzhen city, 1 place is located in area of deep Shan collaboration. High school city establishs the pattern that draws lessons from college town, implementation dimensions changes construction, alleviate degree of Shenzhen city high school is nervous, reasonable, structure optimizes form etiquette model, qua福田红牌技师lity top-ranking, characteristic is bright, red-blooded teach a situation with the high school of opportunity of survival. (Yao Zhuowen of reporter of newspaper of Shenzhen special zone) comment on: Accelerate fill neat degree inadequacy is short board, it is the premise that promotes development of educational high quality. Build ” high school city ” pressure of supply of Shu solution degree, responded to the pain spot that Shenzhen teachs and difficulty in time, it is to advance ” learn to actor teachs ” in the problem justice. 5G2019 a years this year, shenzhen strides 5G times formally, the wisdom of interconnection of everythings on earth lives from now on true can touch. On October 31, business of operation of 3 big communication uses 5G in deep official business. Aeriform achromatic 5G network, covering roc wall everywhere, whole town 5G base station amount broke through 15000 to close greatly on December 19. In Tian Gaotie of citizen center, blessing (the subway) the much place such as city of深圳九龙湾99号技师 university of group of trade of north of station, Hua Jiang, Shenzhen, overseas Chinese, 5G net fast in 700M / second – 1. 6G / second, be 4G network 10 times – 20 times, the high-definition film that downloads 100 minutes needs only about 1 – 2 seconds. Classroom of wisdom of 5G wisdom surgery, 5G, unmanned drive, 5G wisdom alarm electrified wire netting of Wu, wisdom… the wisdom force that 5G brings thorough Shenzhen all trades and professions, the change that brings to the job, life, study is increasing, more and more apparent. Doorsill of formula of 5G of business of 3 big operation starts from 128 yuan, 199 January formula can satisfy major individual user at present 5G uses requirement, 3 years in the net above user all has 7 to lose or so privilege. To the end of 2019, whole town 深圳罗湖水疗排行榜main area has 5G network generally to enclothe, base station amount and network dimensions rank the first phalanx in the whole nation. (Wu Fan of reporter of newspaper of Shenzhen special zone) comment on: 5G times came! Interconnection of everythings on earth is like one night between ” illuminate into reality ” , 5G gave us space of too much imagination, each overturns sexual innovation be about to come true not as good as. Shenzhen is had on 5G technology absolutely send an advantage first, had run ” the first Cheng ” just ” a master hand’s first small display ” , the target of Shenzhen — commanding elevation of 5G of race to control, whole journey is gotten run! Pattern of Shenzhen of classification of the rubbish that remove a bucket is overall open, 2019, shenzhen goes in uptown big thrust ” center classification to put in + to time the superintend and director that decide a dot guides ” rubbish classifies mode, will strive for 2019 village floor ash-bin is removed in the round before the end of the year. Why should rubbish classification follow ash-bin of a floor to be impassable? If every floor is in,the answer is the action that produces rubbish classification, the member that guide impossibly that every floor appoints superintend and director goes guiding, the spot that comes true to classify behavior to the dweller hard guides and supervise effectively. The accepted rubbish on the world classifies well-done place, if Germany, Japan reachs Chinese Taiwan and other places, it is to apply the time concentration that decide a dot is classified put in. Shenzhen is carried out after removing a bucket, a lot of dwellers are mirrorred generally, although just began a bit unaccustomed, but time is long, very apparent effect is floor clean, eliminated the environmental sanitation problem that creates mosquito, cockroach, mice and bacteria, return dredge fire control passageway, such advantage lets person expect be less than. (Lin Qingrong of reporter of newspaper of Shenzhen special zone) comment on: Remove a bucket, not be to think big guy absolutely ” add ” , drive rubbish classification however lift necessarily. Although change habits and customs is not easy thing, but should open good head only, hold on, rubbish classification brings ” green welfare ” the life that is us with respect to regular meeting brings more wonderful! Comment on: Shenzhen special zone signs up for picture of Xin of news analyst Zha东方园水疗 飞机o: Shenzhen special zone signs up for photography ministry to offer

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