更多深圳桑拿会所体验报告:http://suo.im/5PMsVq “Once I am much an oversensitive big, much sunshine, happier person, with respect to the time because of these two months, I hope to be able to die with mine, come punish casts the net borrow. " this year in July, stage name cries ” explode first – beautiful a general term for young women ” after Ms. Wang keeps this paragraph of word before one’s death, jump the building commits suicide. In final video, she told about herself the nightmare of two months is experienced finally, not only ” fame damage, friend breaks his promise, dare not go to work everyday hide in house to still be borrowed in order to borrow, cannot go up finally bank ” , the time of two months, 1500 yuan become 50 much. “Without accrual, without guaranty, without assure, loan is fast ” for nervous to those at hand person, on the mobile phone all sorts of small borrow App to have huge allure undoubtedly, once begin,can borrow money, “Pasty ” suddenly change one’s identity was become ” trap ” , borrow 1000 still 80 thousand, borrow 3000 still 500 thousand, vehicle of mortgage selling a house is endless still, debt is returned forever not clear. “Cover a road to borrow ” force not only a lot of madde深圳龙泉洗浴休闲会所r victim, still bring enormous pressure to countless families, somebody commits suicide because of cannot bearing to a huge sum borrows money and choose even, “Cover a road to borrow ” cause abominable social effect. Baleful loan is tired high debt, the victim is forced to sell a room to still be borrowed accordingly before message of Guangdong province Public Security Department, this year on June 5, mec深圳罗湖新悦水会磨棒hanism of Shenzhen city public security reachs synchronism of and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan, Henan to begin operation controlling a network in Shenzhen city, destroy some peak of a Liu to head ” cover a road to borrow ” guilty gang, arrest guilty suspect 19 people, uncover criminal case 12 cases, close down, freeze, asset of sequestered experience case makes an appointment with 25.31 million yuan. She深圳商务模特联系方式nzhen police discloses, in afore-mentioned cases, this crime gang with the finance such as Cheng Tianyuan, small finance the company is rely on, illegal usury is put borrow. According to police introduction, small finance is company of intermediary of a loan, borrow money from the fi深圳罗湖kb环保669体验报告nancial orgnaization such as the bank through helping a client, from which draw-out the formal gain that service of high specified number expends. This company dimensions is quite giant, inn of 200 much doors spreads all over countrywide each district. Weather eye checks gentleman of check scheme a surname is this ” cover a road to borrow ” one of victims. 2018, a surname gentleman because financing is tight, to Shenzhen city Cheng Tianyuan assures limited company handles loan, be served to expend by high specified number of collection of this company concoct various pretexts in this process, do not break by baleful base high debt, recycle force is urged close wait for a method to make its insolvent loan, bring about building of a surname gentleman by resell, cause深圳平安国际水会 红牌 huge pecuniary loss. Suffer after the case, shenzhen police carries thorough investigation, discover this case is not abiogenesis a case, have an organization however, those who plot beforehand is carried out ” cover a road to borrow ” guilty gang. Police investigation discovery, this gang heads with Liu Mou peak, use ” Cheng Tianyuan ” ” small finance ” wait for a company, through ” the net is sold ” ” report is sold ” ” be on sale ” wait 蒲神深圳技师推荐区for means to solicit cause client, and with ” house property change the name of owner in a register is borrowed ” , ” guaranty is borrowed ” , ” credit is borrowed ” for the name, coax victim signs blank contract, blank receipt for a loan, produce false capital running water, wanton collection high specified number serves cost, administration fee, get profit of high specified number illegally thereby. Spot material evidence ” guilty gang early days alleges, they a collection 1 % , the small specified amount of 3 % serves cost. ” Police officer Chen that is in charge of this case expresses, borrow money actually in one’s hand hind, guilty gang can be expended with bank risk earnest money, channel and the excuse such as accrual, the 30 % that collection loan counts, higher even cost. And fall in th罗湖技师红牌e circumstance that knows perfectly well a client to return ability without countervail, money of renew a book of this gang afterwards gives client ill will tired high debt, the measure that adopts false suit closes down client house property, press client pays penalty due to breach of contract more, be engaged in ” cover a road to borrow ” illegal criminality. Police officer Chen points out, the network that this is a model ” co深圳升逸水疗邪骨ver a road to borrow ” guilty gang. Police of Shenzhen of spot material evidence digs canvass greatly from inside the case of a surname gentleman, discovered this is relied on ” Cheng Tianyuan ” , ” small finance ” wait for what a certain number of financi深圳罗湖水疗会所哪里好al companies comprise to be engaged in ” cover a road to borrow ” the group of exp龙岗香水湾休闲会所300erience evil crime that waits for financia深圳有哪些高端水疗会l crime, launch group campaign successfully, destroy experience case gang early or late 11, arrest guilty suspect 98 people, close down freeze experience case asset more than yuan 8300. Since this year, shenzhen police already was destroyed ” cover a road to borrow ” guilty gang more than 50, uncover a case more than 500. This year April 9, procuratorate of top people court, top people, the Ministry of Public Security, judiciary is combined issue ” about dealing with ” cover a road to borrow ” criminal case the opinion of a certain number of problems ” . This opinion is emphasized from blame of suspect of as manner of the definition that covers a road to borrow, performance, leasehold as folk distinction, experience accusation, accomplice is formed, the much angle Shi Ming such as guilty amount. Government-owned net cut pursues      What is to cover a road to borrow     “Cover a road to borrow ” , it is right it is a purpose with det罗湖休闲会所 贴吧inue, folk of make use of’s leasehold name, prevail on or force the injured party to sign ” leasehold ” or covert ” leasehold ” ” guaranty ” ” assure ” wait for relevant agreement, add the means such as evidence of the leasehold amount, baleful production break a contact, wanton cognizance break a contact, reimbursement that destroy conceal to form debt of false creditor’s rights through empty, and the activity of relevant illegal crime that lawsuit of have the aid of, arbitral, notarization perhaps uses property of the injured party of violent, menace and other measure detinue.      Cover a road to borrow ” as leasehold as folk what is distinguished 1. Law of no more than has other belongings objective ” cover a road to borrow ” as leasehold as folk the biggest distinction depends on, folk’s leasehold lender lends money is for accrual, and the guilty suspect that carries out a road to borrow has ulterior motives, the purpose does not depend on accrual, and depend on detinue belongings. In addition, in covering a road to borrow, be empty thering is no lack of increases leasehold amount more, make give phonily pay the trace, baleful production break a contact, wanton cognizance break a contact, reimbursement that destroy conceal the behavior such as evidence. 2. Whether to have ” bilk ” property folk is leasehold it is the leasehold behavior below bilateral and real intention, and ” cover a road to borrow ” have cheated quality. Behavior person deliberatelies plan to design all sorts of covering road, false appearance of debt of production creditor’s rights, belongings of other of illegal forcibly occupy. For example, some criminals often are met with low interest, wait to attract the injured party for bait without guaranty ” swallow the bait ” , because of industry established practice prevail on the injured party signs contract of empty fast borrow or lend money, pretend to want only on time reimbursement, the loan amount with high empty need not be returned, make next give phonily pay a mark, use reject to accept the means such as reimbursement to make break a promise painstakingly, through a series of ” cover a region ” form debt of high specified number, achieve the goal of detinue other property. 3. Demand repayment whether is the method had mandatory ” cover a road to borrow ” the loan amount with production high empty, violate the volition of the injured party, the injured party cannot be freewill repay a debt, so ” cover a road to borrow ” behavior person often use both hard and soft tactics demands payment of a debt, normally with force, ” weak force ” , mobbish or the means such as lawsuit of have the aid of, force repay a debt of the injured party.     “Cover a road to borrow ” common crime gimmick and measure 1. Production folk leasehold false appearance with ” small finance company ” ” investment firm ” ” advisory company ” ” as深圳君悦酒店水疗会所sure company ” ” the network is leasehold platform ” wait for name to be publicized external, with low interest, without guaranty, without assure, draw borrow or lend money of the injured party fast loan for bait, afterwards with ” bail ” ” guild regulations ” wait for the injured party of false reason prevail on to be based on wrong understanding to sign amount empty t深圳外围经纪all ” leasehold ” agreement or relevant agreement. Some with the injured party the reason such as previous and leasehold break a contact, force the other side to sign amount empty tall ” leasehold ” agreement or relevant agreement. 2. Production capital walks along Zhang running water to wait to give phonily pay a fact according to empty tall ” leasehold ” consultative amount turns capital into account of the injured party, make already the trace of bank running water of the injured party of consign of will total borrow or lend money, take all sorts of steps subsequently will among them all or partial capital calls in, the injured party was not obtained actually or obtain completely ” leasehold ” the debt that shows on running water of agreement, bank. If the victim signed the receipt for a loan of 50 thousand, bank running water also shows 50 thousand yuan went to him bank to block account, but actually, the victim gets money, take showed 10 thousand return the other side. 3. Make break a promise intentionally wanton perhaps cognizance break a contact wait for means in order to set barrier of trap of break a contact, production reimbursement, create beak a contract of the injured party intentionally, perhaps carry wanton cognizance break a promise, ask the injured party repays forcibly false debt. 4. Amount of baleful base fast loan is become when the injured party is insolvent, the related company that person of some guilty suspects, the accused can arrange its place to belong to a company to perhaps be appointed, associated personnel repays for the injured party ” loan ” , the empty with then and larger specified number of subscription of autograph of the injured party is tall ” leasehold ” agreement or relevant agreement, plant through 深圳zj女this ” turn Chan Ping Zhang ” ” still borrow in order to borrow ” means is ceaseless base is tall ” debt ” . 5. Use both hard and soft tactics ” demand payment of a debt ” did not repay in the injured party empty is tall ” loan ” below the circumstance, lawsuit of have the aid of of person of guilty suspect, the accused, arbitral, notarization perhaps uses violent, menace and other method to the injured party or the specific relation person of the injured party is asked for ” debt ” .

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