Dispatch of network of col深圳洗浴会所的会员资料lect lake home: 250 thousand ㎡ exceeds general quantity, 7 big themes attain choose house, whole world costly household brand appears centrally… on November 30, the household business that millions of people fixes eyes upon — treasure can · the first space sets sail formally, area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province lives in the surveyor’s pole with new business to be born. Practice that day, exceptionally grand occasion, media of many 50 delegate of each old brand trade, industry and the honored guest that design bound and artistic group famously domestic and internationally are assembled in hereat, treasure can the high-level leader of the group alls almost attend, witness this one China to live in industrial grand occasion jointly. The sea before having on the west, there is bamboo shoot post east, treasure can the first space regards · as hillock of Shenzhen bamboo shoot the city that first coming out updates a project, stand in the global se深圳水疗会所588一般是干嘛x consideration of industrial strategy, grasp the development opportunity that demonstrative area of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province and go ahead of the rest builds, devote oneself to those who drive China to live in an industry to change development, the country in leading lives the tide way that industrial future develops. On practice celebration, treasure can Yao Chun of controller of the first space expresses · , the long evolution center that the high end of Shenzhen lived in brand and stylist to have a concentratio深圳福田区外围女价格n, the citizen of area of bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province had appreciate world to live in the experience center of culture. Art of 3 big themes exhibits work of Great Master of national treasure class to aid blast besides the HongKong and Macow that it is another name for Guangdong Province business of household of big bay area brings brand-new commercial pattern outside, the international high end such as hundreds Italy, United States, Germany lives in a brand, and Chinese nation is gotten army brand and achieve design brand to land Shenzhen formerly, the art of 3 big themes that made painting and calligraphy of Great Master of national treasure class, communal sculpture and contemporary work of art at the same time is exhibited, with overturning completely traditional project head is beautiful, bring industry and consumer unprecedented surprise. "Times of & of Oriental great master is classical " international art exhibits: “Bright 4 ” Lv Ji of painter of delegate Chou Ying, palace, ” Hua Ting draws a clique ” on behalf of Dong Jichang, clear generation ” Yangzhou 8 strange ” the gold of first farming with Wang Shishen, clear Dai Qianlong city of dimension of money of 10 years of Number One Scholar; Modern Wu Changshuo of painterly Great Master, Xu Beihong, Qi Baishi, magnify 1000, the Great Master such as Fu Baoshi is gigantic make, and the professor of beautiful courtyard of Russia row guest is classical the picture is made and the work Jing of contemporary painter Gu Jielun admires appear. Have 3 czars more, 8 are slaughtered (assist) 28 meters of photograph holograph preface and postscript gigantic a hand scroll ” family tree of face of Yao all previous ” the shock appears, draw complete the area just outside a city gate to note. “Urban · art elephant ” communal sculpture exhibits: Sculpture of topaz dragon pioneer, li Ming lights philosophical sculpture, clear of Chinese Taiwan Liao Ying, spain ” small Dali ” Aogusi? Weiliya, and the work of domestic and international famous artist such as eagle of aigret of wool Californium, Chen Jinqing, Wang Shaoshuai, Chen Lingping, king, Wang Yan is in treasure can · couplet of spot of start business of the first space sleeves appear.
“Spatio-temporal · travels ” couplet exhibit罗湖 会所磨棒 服务s international artist: By brand of domestic pioneer sculptural — space of Ou Guxuan art combines 8 big international couplet of famous artist work sleeves appear, in order to cross spatio-temporal means, open multivariate and artistic spatio-temporal journey. Design big Ga gathers together to pursue in all ” the design of world-class bay area develops ” attain choose the whole world costly household brand, rely on treasure can office building of central first class, treasure can · Hui Gu designs industrial group, treasure can · is round-the-world assemble the form a complete set of high quality commerce such as shopping centers, will make complete household industry chain, become high end to live in a brand to reveal, the assemble ground of base of household headquarters company and high-end stylist select material, communication. Practice fell that day midday, the peak also can be in stylist of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of the 2nd another name for Guangdong Province treasure can the first space holds · , gu Bei is thought of, the cacique of 200 many stylist such as hardworking a深圳宝晖商务酒店按摩nd thrifty of Hong Zhongxuan, Li Yizhong, Wei Xuesong, Peng Hailang, Wu Jianwei, king and high-end stylist sit and talk, pursue in all ” the design of world-class bay area develops ” . In the project 7 buildings, synchronism exhibits work of bear the palm of optimal design of 10 years of whole worlds exhibits Ai Te award, the building of international a gleam of that include comes from world each district many sets 100 d深圳罗湖环保js交流群esigns work of bear the palm of company and building design Great Master. Make treasure of body of win-win of business of household industry chain can · treasure of travel of carry out of project of the first space can group ” in all be in harmony, achieve in all, share ” company core viewpoint of value, with ” action business, raise a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, help business, strong business ” concept, integrated group natural resources, make treasure with all one’s strength can the strategy purchases platform and fund of household industry catenary, the development that devotes oneself to to live in an industry for high end provides engine power, for all business door provide more convenient and efficient service, realize cooperative win-win in the round. Mobile spot, treasure can group tall canal awards treasure can the first space is · treasure can group ” strategy of furniture building materials purchases base ” , not the coming year purchases the forehead will amount to billions of yuan of RMB, all accords with a condition business inside field door will enjoy group fight to collect lien, share treasure to be able to develop bonus. In the meantime, the spot establishs treasure to be able to live in industrial catenary to develop fund, strap with Roberto Cavalli, Germany brilliance of the rising sun, ea深圳罗湖环保技师微信群sy household, Lai but space of art of g深圳水会里面有什么roup of international, Han Li, Ou Guxuan, assist sincere science and technology, super- treasure is industrial wait for first businessman to be signed formally about, form strategic partner, pursue in all bay district future. Hol深圳高端商务模特深圳上门ding to treasure likewise can group ” society of development property, redound ” company mission, be located in treasure can · treasure of the first space can the city hair brand that trader of first 1A-22 mark spreads is on sale synchronism opens central Shenzhen shop now. Future, treasure can city hair brand is on sale central Shenzhen house will with treasure can · the first space is strong powerful combination, international household brand resource and real estate develop business to develop mutual link, the deepness that advances landed development and ho深圳微信外围预约看图usehold service transition to upgrade further cooperates, promotion city beautiful good person ranks new experience. More than hereat, the fulfil guest activity that spends energetically during practice, consumption has an opportunity 5000 yuan to win completely take room of certificate of high-end apartment living authority, houseboat, seascape to wait for ceremony of a person of extraordinary powers. MALL of art of life of costly to taking the whole world of climate, favourable geographical position, support of the people household — treasure can · for the first space, practice is the first pace that sets sail successfully only. According to introducing, future, treasure can · the first space will last to be carrier with exhibition of culture, artistic, design, household culture makes the urban culture mark that has extensive force, for HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province big bay area lives in industrial development to offer new model for painting.

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