Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Since this year, collect lake area appoint district government height takes seriously sweep black except evil special accuse and denounce at a meeting, regard an area as its appoint central work will catch, coordinate departmental door force, the strength that cites whole area carries check scheme on the head to drive, whole area formed a division appoint catch in the round always, politics and law appoint leading deploy, what each unit fights in coordination is neat catch condominium work structure. Since beginning special accuse and denounce at a meeting. Luo Hu area insists to be punished severely lawfully, dig thorough greatly to check, hold to ” the edge sweeps an edge to build ” , highlight integrated processing, extensive conduct propaganda is started. Destroy market of cloth auspicious seafood especially ” seafood bully ” and detect new-style ” cover a road to borrow ” bilk, formed good social atmosphere. Among them, discipline of collect lake area appoint inspect appoint carry out seriously fulfil superior to sweep black except evil job deploy, strengthen supervise hold discipline asks duty deal with with supervisory investigation, punish stoutly evil corrupti深圳福田会所on of experience black experience and dig black vicious power greatly ” umbrella深圳商务模特上门价格 ” , purify political modes of life and relation to their environment continuously, investigate in all ” umbrella ” case 19 19 people, dozen ” umbrella ” the amount ranks front row of whole town each district. Fulfil chase case sift out, handle a case in coordination the mechanism expands dozen ” umbrella ” discipline of area of Luo Hu of results of battle appoint inspect appoint the black gang of of all kinds experience that stares at early days closely to already was destroyed and case of group of vicious power crime, dig Ma Mou greatly of backside of gang of crime of vicious power of some provoke affray violate discipline to violate a problem, all give to disobeying 4 policemans of working discipline within the party punishment of warning. Severe check what with Lu Mou some heads to force to trade the relevant personnel of backside of vicious power gang violates discipline to violate a problem, put on record 15 people, give within the party serious punishment of warning 1 person, leave a party to look carefully at reach government affairs to dismiss punish 1 person, move send a judiciary 2 people, the others personnel turns over the unit gravity that has administrative limits of authority to handle. In the meantime, perfect as black as mechanism of Information Circular of public security mechanism and experience experience ceaselessly evil and ” umbrella ” problem clew is turned over, investigate feedback mechanism, in investigate cloth auspicious farming approves the market with Luo Hu public security substation is fulfilled in seafood bully case ” 4 synchronism ” handle a case in coordination mechanism, turn over clew in time, obtain evidence in investigation on strengthen cooperate, report case progress case each other, rise effectively handle a case efficiency. Hold harmonious meeting with substation of collect lake public security for many times, supervise and urge fulfil detect to do case of crime of black vicious power to did not discover black experience of experience of Party member cadre is evil and appropriative ” umbrella ” of problem clew endorse bulletin system. Fulfil superintend and director to guide talk about a mechanism to fill in time about neat short board in the light of the branch evil corruption of street experience black experience is mixed ” umbrella ” problem clew feels a number to be the circumstance of 0, discipline of collect lake area appoint inspect appoint be versed in through talking about street discipline about appoint secretary, hold superintend and director to guide the means such as special subject conference, superintend and director guides each are street strengthen experience black experience evil corruption and ” umbrella ” problem clew is felt discharge and move send, strengthen clew to feel a guidance in routine. At present superintend and director guides the job obtains favorable result, 10 street all realize problem clew to feel a platoon to destroy 0 targets. Wait in the light of asset of collective of embezzle of community joint-stock company violate discipline to violate crime to send an issue more, discipline of Luo Hu area appoint inspect appoint begin a case to analyse deep, the analysis discovers system issue and system flaw, drive national endowment to collect money the concerned branch such as the bureau is rectified and reform fulfil, through editing collect lake area gives aid to special capital of share collaboration company runs way, upgrade company of perfect share collaboration is superintended integratedly ” 4 platform ” , exploration enhances the way such as capital audit by tripartite orgnaization, strengthen the superintendency of community joint-stock company. For example, be aimed at the cloth auspicious seafood that deals with this year bully ” umbrella ” case, supervise and urge Inc. of proposal city produce with cloth auspicious farming approves the market to transform for chance, advance industry punish, normative market order, cogent defend environment of market fairness competition and food basket safety. Besides enhancing blow strength, discipline of collect lake area appoint inspect appoint still increase strength conduct propaganda to sweep continuously black except evi深圳休闲会所全套推油l, blow ” umbrella ” practice of effect of typical case, job, window, experience, build good atmosphere. For example, in public date transmit ” get behind black vicious power ” umbrella ” , eradicate stoutly tip off information ” inside ghost ” ” ” graphic sweep black except evil what does expression of medium formalistic bureaucratism model have ” wait for an article, through ” clean-fingered Luo Hu ” government of date of small letter public, Luo Hu the means such as breath of short message of online, mobile phone is sent to worker of 深圳已经没有不正规按摩whole area cadre sweep black except black vicious power of evil, blow ” umbrella ” relevant content more than 13000, poster of placard of special subject of print and distribute more than 15000, form grumous propagandist atmosphere up and down in whole area. Typical case destroys market of cloth auspicious seafood ” seafood bully ”     on December 29, 2018, basis of substation of public security of collect lake area is swept black the clew that in eliminating evil job, discovers, public security bureau is in city is swept black divide group of evil assault fortified positions direct as a whole below, associated net alarm, special alarm wait for much branch to be in Shenzhen Luo Hu area, Long Gang area and and other places of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region act at the same time, destroy successfully to be illegallied or forcibly occupy for a long time in market of cloth auspicious seafood, rise with Lu Mou (byname ” old 5 ” ) head ” illegal hold the market ” group of vicious power crime, add up to capture guilty suspect 40 more than person, close down place 5 place, now already criminal detains 36 people, arrest 23 people. Main suspect Lu Mou has this case (male, 54 years old) it is cloth formerly the have trade relations of a general that auspicious farming approves central seafood terminal market door. Rose 2016, the person such as article of Chen Mou of the get together since Lu Mou, organization holds water ” 4 enjoy benefit to vacate ” (shellfish) , ” close a letter ” (shrimp kind) , ” always prosperous ” (fish) company of 3 aquatic product. The behind the curtain that rises in Lu Mou is directed and hold accuse to fall, the person such as hero of Chen Mou of staff member of market of in collusion with, take pair of markets business door detects often, detect optionally wait for a method, in order to detect hind the index such as aquatic product chloromycetin exceeds bid for, aquatic product of wanton pair of business door amerce, sequestered destroy by melting or burning, close down is rectified etc, coerce with this business door goes to the company of 3 aquatic product since Lu Mou replenish onr’s stock, achieve goal of hold the market. After the aquatic product forestall such as the fish of the market, shrimp, shellfish is formed, the aquatic product of piscine shrimp shellfish of terminal market of cloth auspicious seafood trades acute is decreased, the market is major 深圳按摩环保什么服务business door mirrors him sales volume to drop half above, price of market aquatic product compares expensive 1-2 of unit price of circumjacent terminal market on average yuan, market devitalization reachs competition ability, a large number of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year go to market client the other terminal market 深圳龙华磨棒场所such as Dongguan peace and tranquility takes money. The business that seizes management aquatic product door introduce, from old the company of 5 takes goods to just can sell, can be pulled otherwise Tophet sells 水御国际水会小姐finish, and every car goods wants much be on friendly terms of hundreds of detect cost, and every jins of aquatic product is additional even collection intermediary cost, “The price that business door takes money is high, sell the value that give nature relatively tall also, unit price wants at least tower above 9 yuan, the client of cafeteria of a lot of wine shop is helpless choose other market to take money. Be in ” seafood bully ” after the gang is caught, detect in what pay forces before carriage car entered the market to do not have cost and intermediary cost. “Without the price difference of these 9 money, we take goods resell little also this part price difference, and one car also saved the firm 779 yuan, also be willing to come more, the aquatic product money of the market is enougher also, nature also can sell some more cheaply. ” lady of business door king is laughing to say. “Than last year the category of this moment seafood is much, the value is relative a bit lower also, buy dish to be able to save 5 money to control every time. ” a yellow aunt that picking live fish says frankly, sweep black except evil let people get looking so that see, the material benefit that feeling. Detect new-style ” cover a road to borrow ” bilk appeared often in recent years a new expression ” cover a road to borrow ” . Alleged ” cover a road to borrow ” it is a purpose with detinue namely, folk of make use of’s leasehold name, through ” empty increases debt ” ” sign false loan agreement ” ” empty increases line of credit ” ” production capital takes Zhang running water ” ” wanton cognizance break a contact ” ” turn Chan Ping Zhang ” ” false suit ” wait for belongings of method detinue other, perhaps use violent, minatory method to establish creditor’s rights by force, demand payment of a debt forcibly, essence is the solid fraud of folk of make use of’s leasehold renown travel bilk. By Feburary, collect lake substation is being swept black in eliminating the evil job that feel a platoon, detect successfully one case ” cover a road to borrow ” bilk case, destroy to just headed with He Mou ” cover a road to borrow ” experience evil gang, criminal detains 5 people. Via investigating discovery, he Mou firm correct adds up to Zhao Mou its (female, 25 years old) , Zhu Mou mark (male, 31 years old) , Shi Mou (male, 32 years old) , Liu Mou billows (male, 33 years old) wait for a person, hold water ” limited company of broker of estate of Shenzhen building predestined relationship ” , borrow money with can helping others handle high specified number, mortgage through buying a house bank loan means carries out the fact of bilk after. On Feburary 28, case group policeman undertakes receiving net general He Mou firm, Zhao Mou its, Zhu Mou mark, Shi Mou, Liu Mou billows is captured. Before common ” cover a road to borrow ” be serve as an object with the house深圳外围服务微信号 proper宝安休闲会所包吹ty personnel that has certain assets, through ” cover a region ” make a victim bear liability of high specified number, ceaseless dun, final victim asset possess oneself of. And this case, the victim need not have certain assets, need to loan demand accords with a condition only. Guilty suspect He Mou is firm wait for a person to be registered through marriage, head of pay for sb and expect to be repaid later pays buy house property, deal with duty to buy the resort such as social security, pack the injured party become the person that has certain assets, reentry is designed all right ” c深圳桑拿休闲酒店over a region ” urge return the method such as money of pay for sb and expect to be repaid later, the victim is taken to be borrowed to each big bank conduction credit, car after etc, possess oneself of of victim earning loan.   

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