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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Total final of year of dance of standard of 2019CBDF China International / grand ceremony of honor of year total integral / the night that Luo Hu of world super giant star brig深圳西海岸大厦 会所hts, on December 11 – 15 days are in Shenzhen start shooting of Luo Hu gymnasium. Bencibi surpasses b深圳高端模特联系方式e CBDF annual match to stop government-owned深圳西乡汉鼎休闲会所 fight, by a definite date 5 days, match result will regard player of domestic GB dance as the main standard of the rank directly, no matter to amateur or professional player character, it is the match that a meaning is different from every to ring, the effort of all player an深圳淑凝高端私人荟所nual will submit a perfect exam paper in this contest.
Total final of year of CBDF of match dimensions exceptionally grand occasion establishs 2011, it is contest of a be in harmony, performance and honorary celebration the grand ceremony of omnibus year dancing that is an organic whole, it is dance of China International standard the domestic dimensions that bureau of sports of travel of wide report of total meeting and culture of area of Shenzhen city collect lake sponsors jointly the set of the biggest, GB dance government that provides authority most match, all previous drills via burnish of nearly 10 years and all previous, the contest already made one of culture activities that Shenzhen city’s most notable culture brand project and governmental focal point promote, also be one of contests with Asian the top scale, most massive zone at the same time. Current contest is history of athletics of dance of refresh China GB more, group signing up fastens afterwards innovate again after last year tall, match group does not exceed 19000 person-time. Distributing from area in light of, outside dividing Tibet, the whole nation visits town 30 times (province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) share more than 8000 520 delegations, fine athlete to take part in the match. The player of professional group elite that includes before domestic GB dance fastens the whole nation each groups to rank 12 inside, contest photo corner chases each groups year total champion! International evaluation presents as leading role hold criticize 5 days of time, integral of performance of year total final, giant, year is honorary grand ceremony, fashionable the hotspot such as red carpet show, teenage prize-giving grand ceremony is dye-i陈店金苑休闲会所半套n-the-wood. Evaluate a respect, the organizing committee invited RobinShort of chairman of honor of world dancing board, England from the GB powerful nation such as England, Russia, Italy, Keluodeya, Norwegian, Japan Hei Chi evaluates international of tounament of LeonidPletnev of chairman of reputation of union of dancing of GoranNordin, international, En深圳外围微信群二维码gland open, comprise total final to evaluate a group formidably, make public justice for players hold judge. Dance platform leading authority gets together水源国际水疗 again Luo Hu holds match opening ceremony late on December 13, prize-giving ceremony of before holding total integral of group of 2019 year profession, armour A group, youth group to rank 12 year and red carpet are beautiful, invited the MirkoGozzoli of champion of dance of fashionable of preexistence bound profession that comes from Italy and EditaDaniute, world Latin that comes from the United States at the same time the DorinFrecautanu of dance champion StefanoDiFilippo and Dasha, champion of world Latin dance that comes from England and MarinaSergeeva in all dance of dance of 6 worlds top class GB person display for Shenzhen citizen on. Still have at the same time came from school of Beijing famous dancing to bring tribute new China to establish work of party dance with sth in one’s hands 70 years ” I love your China ” with CBDF dance of performance of dream of dazzle dance China is exhibited perform gold prize work ” rich weichis ” , this will be a top class vision regale. The test and verify of the summary that elite gathers together to flare with the stage CBDF year total final is person of all GB dance a year and effort, have already here gallop the veteran with seasoned competition ground, also be like the rising sun rise first, the elegant teenager that dares to go all out in work, their brave and dauntless, all show elegant demeanour on this the most glaring arena. In recent years, development of facilities of dance of GB of Chinese spare adolescent is rapid, the crowd with the largest number of dance of GB of teenage since our country, also be the mothball power with substantial progress of future of Chinese GB dance. CBDF year total final installed amateur 8 years old in all, 10 years old, 12 years old, 14 years old in all group of 9 teenage elite is fastened, this kind of group fastens a player to sign up this contest, need to be in CBDF in the match before this, ceng Huo gets corresponding place (before partial match is 6, before partial match is 12) just can obtain take part in the match qualification. Group of spare elite youth is so other take part in the match player, all be came in March 2019 the winner in 34 matches that CBDF contest fa深圳kb场体验报告stened in December, they stand to the arena of total final eventually again through effort of a year, have year with countrywide overmatch culminating argue. And what be worth to be carried particularly is, in this match, the champion of dance of fashionable of group of 12 years old of elite and Latin dance and runner-up, will become directly dance of standard of the 18th international will surpass the world cup publicly in July 2020 in, the Chinese team team member of national boy dual meet, come from the elite teenager of the GB powerful nation such as Russia, England, 深圳罗湖kb环保669体验报告Wukelan, Italy to battle on behalf of China. Agglomeration charity delivers Daaiben second match will have many pieces of 2000 entrance ticket to be connected through Luo Hu style, pioneer of broadcast of brilliant newspaper APP, wide report 89.8 wait for channel to send a bill, free to 5-13 year old children and its guardian give 11 days – 12 days of entrance ticket that watch game (namely every children and its guardian are obtained each give entrance ticket 1 piece) . Be in at the same time appoint a place to buy a ticket (harbor dragon dancing grooms center) , section of bill of place carry out donates Shenzhen city charity to meet entirely, protocol of money of be apt to is used at cure to shut disease children, Mediterranean exsanguine little patient oneself. Whole journey direct seeding watchs game at any time the audience below this second match line predicts to will amount to 30000 person-time. And much seat number of match whole journey also will have 5 days on the line high-definition direct seeding. Besides, this the contest still takes kind of photograph direct seeding, players can download his beauty to take accept as a souvenir quickly through platform of photograph direct seeding. Current contest is supported by foundation of art of literature of Chinese dancer association, China; Bureau of sports of travel of wide report of culture of Luo Hu district of city of total meeting, Shenzhen sponsors dance of China International standard jointly; Union of group of art of literature of city of bureau of sports of travel of wide report of Shenzhen city culture, S深圳水疗排名henzhen is directive; Dancing of sports of area of Shenzhen city collect lake (GB dance) association undertakes; Shenzhen city Gang Longwen turns operation of sports limited company; Seminar of dance of standard of international of city of center of communication of dance of standard of Oriental international of city of company of development of investment of the money in Shenzhen city, Shenzhen, Shenzhen assist do; An Lifang (China) clothing limited company is special assistance.

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