Dispatch of network of collect lake home: One the individual’s lifetime, divide probably to be born, enter a school, obtain employment, housing, marriage, bear, emeritus, funeral affairs and complete lifecycle this nine phase, the item that needs to deal with shares 116. In Shenzhen collect lake, the conduction of these item, the new media that needs to log onto near future of collect lake district to roll out only serves platform integratedly ” I Luo Hu ” (include public date, APP, small order to wait) , move it is good to move finger to be able to do each business can do each business. And the business license that place of a company needs open, seal, open an account card, duty accuses dish etc, also do not need to be like again before same, run the many places such as city inspect bureau, revenue, bank, take a mobile phone to login likewise ” I Luo Hu ” but ” match neat ” , finish whole technological process to deal with… on December 13, chief appears on double week to release related management board of data of service of government affairs of Luo Hu region, made ” ” ‘ I Luo Hu ‘ , the wisdom that makes finger tip go up 5 stars government affairs ” ” the theme is released, point out Luo Hu to the area holds to and be fulfilled ” it is a center with people ” development concept, accelerate construction service government, 5 stars government affairs serves the wisdom that makes finger tip go up, implementation government affairs and public service ” should go up, whole journey is online ” , let masses, enterprise move it is good to move finger to be able to do each business can do each business. According to introducing, “I Luo Hu ” through intensive conformity each government sector serves whole area, serve item to receiving 1200 multinomial government affairs, 43 public services, open letter of 11 ki深圳学生外围女价格表nds of government affairs ceases, and 5 kinds politics civilian interactive service, realize 100% government affairs to serve item to run at most, the item of more than 80% comes true 0 run move. Government affairs serves implementation ” one net is connected do ” , “The second is approved ” a few course that be being changed with setting is service of government affairs of region of window reviewing Luo Hu, management board of data of government affairs of collect lake region is relevant chief (the following abbreviation is relevant chief) saying frankly is arrive from 1 edition of 3 edition upgrade. In the past, individual or the company works, often should run different branch, later, collect lake area all following the sectional business conformity that examines and approve item to concern arrives one case, from ” deal with dispersedly ” to ” concentration is dealt with ” , very much to going to the lavatory the citizen, this is 1 edition. And 2 edition are from ” do below the line ” to ” do on the line ” , namely from run the spot deals with move to arrive get online deal with. Nowadays, the 3 edition government affairs that Luo Hu makes serves, namely from ” do on the net ” to ” do on the palm ” — login through the mobile phone ” I Luo Hu ” implementation ” one net is connected do ” , finger tip of the government on implementation palm handles affairs. And be aimed at special group, “I Luo Hu ” the special group theme such as the personage outside still providing the disabled, old people, place, ethical religion personage, student serves, the group that invites these weak force groups to perhaps have special demand can find those who belong to them very easily ” zone ” , want to be operated through the mobile phone only in the home, never leave home to be able to apply service item, farth深圳678水疗er convenient and special masses handles affairs. “I Luo Hu ” rapid rate obtains common people to nod assist greatly. And this need is mentioned ” the second is approved ” reform, pass namely change of the government examine and approve mode, undertake weighing model and give somebody a new lease on life to examining and approve flow, the real time that passes data is compared right, realize whole process to be examined and approve automatically what unmanned labour intervenes. Such, common people handles affairs need not ask a concern, need not do legwork, also need not queue up, huge saved time cost, the acquisition that promoted masses to handle affairs feels. Brilliant signs up for a reporter to understand, luo Hu can have realized 111 business at present ” the second is approved ” , among them whole town pushs 11 the earliest. citing, in ” the s深圳福田洗浴中心招聘econd is approved ” before reform, extend senile old person fills (ferry) stick general need 7 weekday, “The second is approved ” later, the certificate data related staff member input affirms after be no problem, general 1 minute深圳四大高档夜总会 in, the citizen can get conduction result. According to introducing, collect lake area has many深圳678水疗会所招聘信息 3000 old people one year can indebted, approve the addition of item as the second, more and more masses will experience what bring accordingly is convenient. Refer is annual 6-10 month this year’s graduates reports for duty fastigium, luo Hu reachs 300 more than person one day, each business closes make an appointment with 15 minutes constantly, examining and approve time limit is 10 weekday. And after the second is approved, the undergraduate n深圳锦鸿休闲会所价格eeds to login on the mobile phone only ” I Luo Hu ” page, examine and approve a result from what upload material expect to receive an application finally, whole technological process can be finished in a hour. “This is reflected not just gave Shenzhen rate, more body reveals Shenzhen this city is mixed to the talent’s give special treatment deep love ” , relevant chief says. Offerring government affairs service to go up for citizen and enterprise, collect lake area is passed ” I Luo Hu ” roll out a Jing Huahe individuation to serve, already combed an inn of serve a meal at present, groom the setting type of the 40 multinomial themes such as orgnaization, nursery school guides run a service, implementation lets a citizen ” fill less, run little newspaper, less, do quickly ” . And individuation is the business that through handling affairs masses has conducted and big data analysis, accurate hold and sentence masses to handle affairs beforehand demand, implementation intelligence essence is pushed definitely send, become passive the service is active service. At present this job has rolled out 4 item, include family planning award, community to reside a provide for the aged to serve allowance, extend senile old person fills (ferry) stick and inquiry of information of policy sex housing. According to introducing, collect lake area serves as Shenzhen city’s only mobile phone short message to carry essence of life to be pushed definitely send pilot, “I Luo Hu ” platform already passed short message and date of small letter public to push send nearly 20 thousand essence to be pushed definitely send a message. Public service civilian service more intelligence, recreational and sports activities is very rich ” I go out to need not carry wallet now, taking a mobile phone to be able to realize all capture to expend ” , the Miss Wa小姐500全套指的是什么服务ng agitato that lives in Luo Hu tells a reporter, downloaded recently ” I Luo Hu ” hind, happy index rose a lot of, “Give make things convenient for somebody be accommodating, seek medical advice is handy, can examine of all kinds recreational and sports activities at any time, the demand of contented cultural life ” . As we have learned, to gather together better public service is mixed civilian service resource, “I Luo Hu ” with Hui Minli look forward to is core, around civilian, the domain such as medical treatment, style, traffic, compose builds platform of public service key position, for Luo Hu the official service of area characteristic provides the entry on centralized control, solve service masses last kilometer difficult problem. Current, “I Luo Hu ” already received Luo Hu area 43 public services. Most those who make the citizen that pays attention to cultural life surprizing is, “I Luo Hu ” to accepting Luo Hu area under one’s jurisdiction branches of two high frequency the people’s livelihood, one is center of activity of adolescent of collect lake area, another is library of collect lake area, of sex of former of all kinds HP, commonweal sex groom, let a citizen again also need not all night queues up to sign up to the spot, online can inquire curricular circumstance, circumstance signing up pays fee in time. And get through library borrows after reading a passage, the citizen borrows book and return a book to go to the lavatory much. Additional, “I Luo Hu ” still gathered together the content of respect of a lot of style, for instance gallery of l深圳商务模特联系方式iterary world, art, read space, cultural relic to read extensively, mass organizations has about, offer the recreational and sports activities of rich and colorful for the citizen. Interesting is, the citizen that has facility of intelligent door lock to the village, “I Luo Hu ” still have function of powerful mobile phone key case, want to be at the door the communal gate of village first floor and parking lot only, through ” I Luo Hu ” APP clicks pushbutton to be able to bolt open the door. Additional, “I Luo Hu ” conduct propaganda of classification of the rubbish that return part, information, function at an organic whole, aid what rubbish of force collect lake classifies to begin. Collect lake administration serves the hall. Website of portal of government of district of lake of government affairs fair Caire has the honor to win performance of Chinese government website 4 years to evaluate continuously (area county class) get through of the first Luo Hu area, street, community 3 levels, came true decision-making and open, carry out open, management open, service the result is open, open, release, unscramble, respond to and supervise string together a chain. “I Luo Hu ” the form such as hall of service of small order of communique of website of portal of government following a division, government, administration establishs form of characters or letters to make public channel, implementation is open catalog of item, standard, handle affairs 2 dimension pile up the information translate into such as the guideline, the citizen can sweep a code consult. Additional as we have learned塘下涌金色桔园, this year on December 6, evaluate a center by Chinese software (industry and informatization ministry software and integrated circuit promote a center) sponsor ” performance of ability of service of 2019 numbers government and website of government of the 18th China evaluates result news briefing ” on, released performance of website of government of the 18th China to evaluate a result. Website of portal of government of collect lake district (” Luo Hu government is online ” ) have the honor to win performance of Chinese government website to evaluate again (area county class) the first. So far, collect lake area becomes the throughout the country exclusive and successive 4 years (2016 – 2019) acquire unit of class of county of countrywide first area. Release 深圳 桑拿 论坛 蒲神 bbsin the double week that day on, relevant controller is special still disclosed Luo Hu ” government affairs + ” roll out 3 combination fist: The party is built + government affairs, government affairs + dak, government affairs + finance. Specific and character, the party is built + the limitation of district of government affairs breakthrough, drive more government affairs to serve item to sink to community party group the service center is accepted, realize 200 many item to be connected in street, community do take, make ten minutes ” government affairs serves a group ” . And ” government affairs + dak ” the biggest characteristic is 24 hours not put up the shutters, suit office worker to do not have time to need the requirement that handles affairs in the evening by day particularly, “We innovate in the talent party of garden, area group station of U of service center, volunteer, alarm the area such as Wu E station configures the self-help such as Wu of inspect of public security, city, duty, social security, government affairs to serve facility centrally. ” recently, branch of government of collect lake district and branch of labour travel Shenzhen, Construction Bank Shenzhen signs agreement of strategic collaboration framework, in government affairs service and financial service respect come true strong strong together. Current, luo Hu widened service network, the first batch of services that rolled out 10 sites to set wisdom government affairs only window, live for instance build, the business altogether such as manpower resource, education has 340, the citizen can deal with social security ginseng to protect in the bank, the governmental business such as change of orgnaization of accumulation fund extraction, legal person, bank clerk still can be offerred guide do, assist in managing service. “This is a 3 winning businesses, it is the government served a network to come true on one hand outspread, company of the 2nd field expanded service content, promotion to serve quality, also extended get numerous range, masses of tripartite face also got material benefit. ” relevant controller expresses, luo Hu general according to municipal Party committee, area appoint deploy, accelerate advance digital government construction, achieve active, energy hard the government affairs that type of accurate, whole, intelligence changes serves, raise processing system and level of processing capability modernization ceaselessly. Future, luo Hu will be in further ” the government on the palm ” on continue to explore, go ahead of the rest sets an example, administer modern ode for Shenzhen city with data can.

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