Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On November 23 afternoon, in Huang Bei on square of culture of street new beautiful community, bright, contain teachs a theme Yu Le sweep black except evil special accuse and denounce at a meeting activity of interlocution of knowledge having reward is here fervent perform. So wonderful performance, lively interactive game aroused the citizen’s passion, won spot audience blast an applause. Similar so large volume is minor found propaganda in safety, huang Bei is street already developed 60 much the number of showings of a film. This is Huang Bei street all-around, much territory, stereo ch深圳罗湖水疗推油会所ange development to advance restful construction, let safe feeling make the working reduction of new dominant position of new calling card. The reporter understands, huang Bei’s street restful construction is used ” arduous and onerous ” will describe again appropriate nevertheless. From located the place looks, huang Bei is street it is Luo Hu area appoint district government seat, have one, 2 class fear an unit instead 3, port of pass through the territory 龙岗不正规休闲会所of a country 2, border again Hong Kong, lie to fear defending forward position of cruel, reverse osmosis instead; From dimension certain topological features looks, number of social contradiction dispute, letter visits personnel of correct of key person, company, drug taking, number of mental obstacle patient all resides whole area perch, security personnel protects stability to must hold commanding elevation completely; Look from basic level foundation, huang Bei is old street, old the city zone, content of much, security of society prevents old old village ability prevents historical bills due more. The responsibility that special restful construction situation decided Huang Bei is street and special takes on. Huang Bei is street 2019 ” 12.4 ” national constitution day propaganda. Hold to a problem to direct hit people of a bright heaven and earth most abhor what, huang Bei is street what to hit with respect to severity. This year April, huang Bei is street sweep black the masses that feels a blow group to receive illegal element to use APP to undertake a network gamble except evil special accuse and denounce at a meeting is informed against. The investigation that passes 3 many months, obtain evidence, cloth accuses, capture wait for the job, with one action detects the network that involves amount of record of gang of 40 much people深圳皇室水疗休闲会所, experience to exceed 10 million gamble case. “Similar this kind of organization, operate, manage yellow the black vicious power that bets the illegal crime activity such as poison, it is to sweep black one of focal points that hit except evil special accuse and denounce at a meeting. ” sweep black since be being begun except evil special accuse and denounce at a meeting, huang Bei is street stand with highest politics, the strongest politics takes on to be advanced deep, pay attention to action of type of van of play Party member, the organization is led ” do quadruplet ” on personnel composition, the Party member holds great majority. The party is versed in appoint the conference considers every months to drive, carry out ” 1+6 ” working mode, hold to clew to check with ” open an umbrella broken net ” double synchronism, conduct propaganda starts the line on the line to fall neat advance, since this year, in all punishment arrest experience is black, evil illegal crime suspect 133, arrest 52 people, destroy a gang among them 8, let people of area under administration share restful bonus with real results of battle. Be aimed at the telegraphic bilk that people abhors, huang Bei is street keep severe make high-pressured state, telegraphic bilk case is detected in all since this year 78, rise compared to the same period 90% , suspect of punishment arrest crime 41 people, arrest 35 people, destroy bilk gang 4, crime of bilk of network of blow processing telecommunication is special action achievement whole area the first. Issue of where public security is the most outstanding with respect to where of assault fortified positions. Huang Beiling piece area case of security of society is relatively complex, people report is strong. Street undertake hanging out one’s shingle to Huang Beiling punish, sign with community ” military orders shape ” , as a whole relevant force executes associated punish, what had 20 much showing number not only is restful found conduct propaganda, also began rented house safety is big to check, ” 3 small ” spatial big punish, fire control promotes greatly, will of all kinds safe hidden trouble is eliminated in be in early small. Village of yellow shellfish mountain has 40 thousand much person to live, how does energy standard service, essence allow to manage? Huang Bei is street implemented project of video entrance guard, in all Lou Dongsheng class installed video entrance guard, in ” provide a person with the room ” intelligence is changed, informatization respect steps stride attack. “The information of video entrance guard and system of information of area public security are comprehensive butt joint, population management more essence of life is accurate, convenient ” . Adopt each strong measure, the public security of this area alarm affection drops ceaselessly. Huang Bei is street course of study of happy scene garden appoint can change an election spot. Hold to firmly of bottom line thinking to hold dimension firm security to counterpoise actively this year is new China holds water 70 years, protect complete look of stable, security personnel not to get the least bit accident. And the letter that this are street dynamic control visits key person to amount to 38 people, be in 598 people of mental obstacle patient (quantitative whole area the first) , add community the special group such as personnel of correctional, drug taking, dimension firm security is arduous the gender cans be imagined. Below such situation, huang Bei is street innovation ” 4 in ” working law firmly held dimension to counterpoise actively firmly. It is to make clear where Hunan person is. Organize trends of 300 much person-time to master a letter to visit key person to be in the position in all, be aimed at different ground (census register population) key person, firm branch of dimension of special harmonious place undertakes accusing firmly, be on guard go 深圳罗湖丝足休闲会所to a province to be visited into Beijing; 2 it is to make clear what Hunan is thinking. Receive through call at sb’s house visit, leadership package case, communication is深圳已验证kb communicated wait for efficient way, master thought trends in the round; 3 it is to make clear what Hunan is doing. Fulfil 深圳福田水疗会所” one person one plan one only class ” , in special during defending, hold to ” a day of double newspaper ” , essence of life allows a palm to accuse mobile circumstance; 4 it is to make clear Hunan is in charge of in which control level. Before union 3 ” be in ” actual condition, grind integratedly sentence a canal to 按摩环保是什么项目control level, enact specific measure. Rely on the measure that these ground connection enrage just about, came true ” 0 into Beijing, 0 go to a province ” blame visit incident. Not only such, huang Bei is street in special appropriate is returned to prevent incident of dimensions sex group several cases to happen during defending, to maintain social overall situation stability makes vigorous effort. For instance, this area under administration east beneficial car trades square was not moved after building project program licence to expire temporarily from, affect town planning badly. Face involve many 30 12 4S inn, parallel import of the car company such as car business and many 2000 employee remove firm security of clear field dimension is arduous the task, this are street insist to ensure confluence of linkage of legitimate rights and interests, an organic whole, stereo safety to be on guard, difficulty of checkmate of macrocosm lash-up safeguard, one by one, successful assault fortified positions formidable task, implementation ” 0 appeal for help, 0 conflict, 0 public feelings ” , get an area appoint clerical comments is praised. “Receive to you visit and the seasonable investigation, operating conditions that checks reflective problem spends later period, I am very satisfactory. ” a few days ago, the say of dweller yellow gentleman that in Huang Bei street letter visits the window to come round to understand a letter to seek a result. In recent years, this are street exert oneself is made ” sunshine letter is visited, law letter is visited, responsibility letter is visited ” , the intention, with affection, explain with action profundity ” 3 reach the designated position to be handled ” . According to statistic, since this year, huang Bei is street receive 779 letters to visit in all, already did a form at present 749, rate doing a form is amounted to 96% . “People changes to canopy, fire control, city governm南山能玩的洗浴中心ent, course of study appoint the social government such as conference vote, property management administers square field surface to be able to have a few views, opinion, appeal to beg, this is very normal. We are in charge of according to who, who is in charge of a principle, unified turn do, harmonious, feedback, implementation have assured source, at every turn has turn. ” the complexity of contradictory dispute decided to dissolve means must diversity, deal with col must reach. Street do good people to mediate the job to be put in the first place, hit the basic level below counsel, establish counsel group, fulfil according to type of law street, menu legal system is publicized, appeal to visit depart to wait for assorted fist, mediate of all kinds and contradictory dispute in all 1703, mediation is into power 98.7% , make each party sufficient in mediating a case feel fair justice. Huang Bei is street return exert oneself to strengthen patient of 598 spirit obstacle to serve manag深圳洗浴中心大保健ement to work, solid platoon is checked solid, visit a side to teach, extend custody is accessorial 595 thousand yuan, accomplish a canal to reach the designated position t深圳最新2019扫黄活动ruly, the side reachs the designated position. Additional, huang Bei is street firm in be on guard and handling evil cult to work in have into, many bits of breakthrough in poisonous job is banned in the whole people. Huang Bei is street the party is versed in appoint vice secretary Li Guowen (in) rate team visits market trade mart to feel an experience black evil clew. The development thought that holds to demand to direct carry out is a center with people all right is in Huang Bei is street new beautiful community ” party group discuss official business is met ” on, the reporter sees dweller representing upsurge enthusiasticly, mirror adequately for the sake of the opinion that works restful construction. Similar such ” party group discuss official business is met ” it is street insist to be with party organization lead, start with all possible means the another pioneering work that force shares community to administer jointly. This platform is ” the opinion collects a place, ask travel of politics collect midpoint, carry out demonstrative dot of the mass line ” , it is a humanness civilian the service fulfils the hub that reach the designated position. For instance, the management that the village of old old house that mirrors in the light of masses faces difficult, Bao Jie is difficult, safe wait for a problem hard, dot of street rate foretaste carries out Huang Bei content provides a service ” bale ” mode, company of get through property offers service, community to help the administrative link that pool efforts of management, street department supervises, defeat solution effectively ” small area ” ” unmanned canal ” predicament. Current, 22 when first Huang Bei is street propulsion already finished apiration to collect without property management village, already garrisoned content pipe company in succession now, walked out of from ” unmanned canal ” to ” normative canal ” new approach.

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