Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Cc ” sun just in time ” , Ni Hailan ” wind has been blown from the road that bask in cloth ” , He Zhaoxin ” the hill in ” , Lvbubu ” ghostliness plane ” , south Xie Xiang ” Shenzhen poetic chapter ” , , 11 work, gather together and contain a lot ofbright characteristic into and have representative ” southern and narrative a series of books ” . Recently, by Shenzhen city area of couplet of article of collect lake area, collect lake is made assist newest roll out ” southern and narrative a series of books ” come out formally, become 2019 Luo Hu culture history and even Shenzhen culture history a commemorable grand occasion. The fictionist of Luo Hu of include of this a series of books, poet and proser work, vivid report Luo Hu in recent years literature creates achievement. Since publish, collection is extensive get attention, no matter theme of a series of books, still be work content, cause heat of the literary world to discuss constantly. Recently, ” southern and narrative a series of books ” area of vice-chairman of association of writer of city of chief editor, Shenzhen, Luo Hu is made assist chairman, ” Luo Hu is literary ” chief editor Wu Yading accepts a special report, the plan that introduces a series of books in detail edits a concept. ” Shenzhen business signs up for ” : This a series of books with ” southern and narrative ” name, is there He Shen idea? “Southern and narrative ” be to below what kind of good luck those who put forward is? Wu Yading: Shenzhen literature takes the profound effect of reforming and opening, in atmosphere of culture of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province development becomes the new southern literature that has distinguishing feature of bright Shenzhen terrain. Regard Shenzhen as literary participator, in the meantime, also serve as ” Luo Hu is literary ” chief editor, at this late hour, I still remember 2014 that autumn, we are in first ” Luo Hu is literary ” put forward ” southern and narrative ” or ” southern writing ” concept. Not, is stopping a concept? In fact, that year, we are expecting a kind agog to name brand-newly, will generalize and explain the writing of contemporary Shenzhen literature. Some day of that year, shang Jiyun of professor of c南山区不正规按摩ollege of I and literary essayist, Shenzhen ever spread out with respect to the current situation of Shenzhen literature and future discuss. Shenzhen is located in Nanhai bank, in this city, the person that has deep love for writing increasingly grow in quantity, every year new personality is made newly come out. Here, green face is knitted the domain of writing, new personality comes forth in large numbers, an excellent work is ceaseless. Here, youthful energy is leading the tide of writing, and become conspicuous literature to create advantage and label increasingly. Here, literary creation has become colourful to be grand, vigor the 4 cannot stem influence that shoot. Yes, shenzhen is contemporary literature, the course counts the innovation that comes 10 years and development, what entering to have width and depth more is active period. And as indebted at reforming and opening, flourish increasingly the S深圳会所微信公众号henzhen literature of development, behoove gets common people more attention and take seriously. The ground of the hope is full of in this, have the city of the southern econ东莞沐足技师可以叫出来吗omy of vigor most in this, the literature of Shenzhen needs more pressingly to seek his development coordinate and way, need identifies the future that is clear about his and mission. We think jointly, shenzhen literature should Geng Xuhe promotes the romanticism tradition since Qu Yuan, the southern culture gene with confluence and of long 深圳会所推荐standing and well established development, below ideal banner, the literature of be adopted as heir to one’s uncle is old and new fighting spirit dreams. Be based on this, we think the stand of Shenzhen literature, write on such big character: “Southern and narrative ” , or ” southern writing ” . ” Shenzhen business signs up for ” : You once wrote: “About ‘ southern and narrative ‘ , we are to want to express an earnest wish actually, an expectation about Shenzhen literature. ” say again: “This is a kind of new-style literature, had a kind of brand-new literature view, what it tells about, be about new city narrative, also be about south narrative. ” when rolling out this concept, what bewilderment do you have? Wu Yading: Of course, we also have a worry. Among them one of the worry is, shenzhen literature studies weak sign is relatively clear. The university of Shenzhen is little at that time, culture (literature) the research organization is little. Be in Shenzhen, the professional that can consider to discuss Shenzhen literature current situation and development from theoretic system is opposite also less. To sum up in a word, the situation that we face is, st深圳环保 668什么意思ill lack for the Shenzhen literature bang the drum for sb, development strike that is Shenzhen literature and the person that breathe out. Then, we are imagined, it is OK collect lake writer is core, with ” Luo Hu is literary ” wait for literary periodical to be platform, associated more produces power, drive this literature to move? These tentative ideas and motive, like the internal heat of star, ignited easily ” southern and narrative ” or ” southern writing ” ablaze torch. ” Shenzhen business signs up for ” : Specific how be to make this concept possesses call force and impetus? Wu Yading: Thenceforth rises, we are full of enthusiasm, lake of collect of base oneself upon and Shenzhen, in the open up in literary periodical ” southern and narrative ” platform, focusing this locality is important writer and poet. To urge literary creation, enlarge social influence, we and professor of literature of Shenzhen university part and scholastic good faith cooperate, the key deserves to deliver the newest comment about contemporary Shenzhen literature and academic research positive result. Of course, more important is, we recommend Shenzhen author writing with main energy, in this respect, we have main column ” writing of author of southern and narrative · is recommended ” . And about ” southern and narrative ” theory is discussed, we have ” forum of southern and narrative · (academic) ” ; About ” southern and narrative ” author writing evaluation and delibrate, we have ” southern and narrative · is commented on ” wait for a column. Now, this ” southern and narrative ” of a series of books make up write with appear, can saying is another grand深圳夜蒲桑拿论坛 opera that Shenzhen literature much voice part presents. In contemporary to Shenzhen literature perambulatory or scanning is medium, we think, publish work through the magazine, it is an important way of course; And the publication that passes a publishing house and issue the creation that will drive literature and prosperity, also be an important way that nots allow to ignore likewise. We believe, these pass different kind casting character, picture and noise, the literature that builds a a Shenzhen group picture, build case big and attractive ” southern and narrative ” brand-new literary landscape. ” Shenzhen business signs up for ” : “Southern and narrative ” go up with common meaning ” is literature southern ” have why to differ? Wu Yading: Our nowadays place advocates ” southern and narrative ” , not pure the concept that is a district or azimuth, however the culture concept of the double consciousness of a prominent person and literature. In our memory ” southern and narrative ” , pay close attention to its world consciousness and contemporary value particularly. Go up in this meaning just about, we bring into ourselves self-consciously baronial and extensive southern concept, bring into southern category. Because Shenzhen is located in special southern situation, the writer artist that by inland each save Shenzhen of go to somewhere for shelter and comes, the influence of culture of their experience south, formed with each passing day the new southern temperament that builds anew is mixed on the body. These people, be called again accordingly Shenzhen new immigrant. We hope, south of the newborn on this kind of new emigrant body is temperamental, can with bead trigonometry area, with Na Yue earth, with China southern article style of study enrages echo each other at a distance, form climate. False with time, they will with new southern literature gene, finish different culture confluence, with the attitude of innovation, enter the literary process designing with Chinese new south, add writes the romantic new page of southern literature. This is covered ” southern and narrative a series of books ” , arise below such times and literary setting. ” Shenzhen business signs up for ” : Regard this a series of books as chief editor, how do you choose author work? Wu Yading: Collect 11 writers in this a series of books and poet, what its write work stylistic pervade novel, poetry and essay. Among them, have the elder that from last centuries 889 times enter Shenzhen people, tens of year come, arduous and cultivated be in Shenzhen on this land, results quite abundant. Have come deep later young girl and boy, they marry a person to get married here, wive is parturient, however still cherish literature dream, in works busily dedication literature is created, have beautiful form repeatedly. They no matter the men and women is senior young, busy all the time ground is active the Shenzhen in instantly, in each night and daytime, persistence of ground of be most willing to struggles the battlefield at literature. They have deep love for a character, be willing to be composed for oneself, be willing to be composed for Shenzhen, be willing to be composed for the dream. They are willing to be composed for life. Their writing, form magnificent Shenzhen folk is giant the one part of writing history. And their itself, also be namely ” southern and narrative ” a flock of literature in spring tide do tide. The novel is in ” southern and narrative a series of books ” in, of cc ” sun just in time ” with Ni Hailan ” wind has been blown from the road that bask in cloth ” it is two novel market that have female color very much. ” sun just in time ” by 11 stories labyrinthian, language is beautiful in the short story is formed, mostly with ” love ” give priority to a problem. The language that author cc understands meticulous be bored with, substantial affection change modelled a youth in another love story woman, big sentimentality is true and they are enthusiastic, yearning for a dynamic, the love that why begs all one’s life, and the tragicomedy of love also is performed time and again from this. “What is love, what kind of part should the woman act in love? I am examining minutely this hard all the time. From young when the love of flatter oneself woman swears by the moon and the stars in the skies to love forever namely, want to have independent moral quality in love to the woman nowadays, no matter which are planted love, all sorts of temptation that should endure time and life and torturous. ” cc says frankly, of this novel collect almost each, it is the domain that she lives. She says: “I want to efface the trace that I live in the novel more, discover the novel in me however in, send out everywhere the breath that I live. ” literary essayist Liao Lingpeng thinks, cc is written in the female on having the mind that examines minutely persistence, examine minutely love ceaselessly, examine minutely happiness, brought reflection resonance to readers. Additionally she can pay close attention to the double predicament of the body that is faced with to modern woman and spirit, reflected a writer take on spirit. ” wind has been blown from the road that bask in cloth ” collect 24 short stories, it is author Ni Hai Lan comes from 2011 the writing achievement 2019. Ni Hailan draw materials from Dongguan, Hangzhou, Shenzhen 3 ground, from inside bromide content and ordinary life setting, abstraction gives each vivid and bright affection old practice, the lowliness before for instance some is loving feelings is like trifle, also some inspects love t深圳新悦水会客服o be do not put in a road ‘s charge. Their nature is kind-hearted, have deep love for the life, be full of pursuit and ideal to future, but in the life before this tremendous eddy, always be flooded to come heartland. Can say, each text, it is actual to the life portraiture. Evaluation of Shenzhen writer Zhang Mou says: “24 stories in the book, in smooth, sober, bear, popular feeling is touched continuously in the narration that exercise restraint, let a person feel dimension spends the time of over or across to interweave with memory, produced peculiar narrative landscape. ” of prosaic Zhao Yiping ” the late night is written down ” , Luo Song is born ” mountains and rivers-land of the wording and purpose of what one writes ” , of Xie Mingjing ” had taken this field ” , of La Yunzhang ” Shenzhen feeling is strong ” , , be ” southern and narrative a series of books ” the 5 essays collect inside, represented the battle array actual strength that collect lake essay creates. ” the late night is written down ” chapter of place incoming dispatches all related to Shenzhen, or objective description, or on business and feeling, have historical record, have actual impressions, mirrorred author Zhao Yiping a few years to see a move in the place of Shenzhen from each flank, the experience that also recorded Shenzhen from different flank at the same time and certain change. Observation angle of Zhao Yiping is novel and chic, literal guileless is beautiful, can make already wherefrom the times had walked along comer to look to be able to produce resonance, and the Shenzhen person of new student generation, can at this point peek Shenzhen in those days one of spot. ” mountains and rivers-land of the wording and purpose of what one writes ” draw materials is extensive, have gules stay away from home, have landscape travel notes, the seaside sweeps past a shadow, also have the land of depict birthplace; What have pair of histories already is contemplative, also have pair of actual reflection. No matter be to collect folk songs of the Jinggang Mountains, still cross in Yunnan that magical land, author collect pine gives birth to all without exception by at the moment knowledge is touched, take the first stroke of a Chinese character cannot refrain fromingly then, the language that uses a poem goes revealing give that attractive elegant demeanour. In ” had taken this field ” in one book, author leaf bright mirror is 100 condition, humanitarian to home occurrences in human life, natural scene, city the material spade husbandry such as story of transitional, history, fact of express the real situation feels, comprehend culture essence, look for the beauty of 100 condition life. The city of the rural area with full text traditional cent, overgrowth, dimly walk on mark, far 5 parts such as the claver of the back that go, tea beyond. Xie Mingjing says: “Have deep love for the life, enter swing the life, understanding lives, imagination ability gets alimentary, powerful with each passing day. ” ” Shenzhen feeling is strong ” it is author La Yunzhang’s old painstaking effort crystallization. Regard local born and bred Shenzhen as the person, la Yunzhang is experienced personally, witnessed home town reforming and opening 40 years of the vicissitudes of life of world-shaking change. He is full of the true love of pair of native land Shenzhen, great to this period be thankful, change an implied meaning of a strong feeling 南山金丽园可以爱爱吗of full of Shenzhen, the scenery landscape of the roc city that contain of Yi Ke peek is in at the back of Lou Yuyu fining jade and consuetudinary country situation. ” distant fairy tale ” it is Luo Hu celebrated director Mei Yuwen is close of 20 years of own job from amusement make. This book included amorous feelings of friendship kissing affection, folk-custom, associate with print and film the content such as titbits. Can see language of author plum jade is right from which parental yearning, to the deep feeling of brotherly sister, to colleague friend miss, to the be sentimentally attached to of home town old haunt, to the passion of natural mountains and rivers-land, to the aftertaste that once experienced, the fun that obtains in professional job with the author. Poetry ” southern and narrative a series of books ” return compile the poetry work that Luo Hu has representative poet 4 times, include He Zhaoxin ” the hill in ” , of Lvbubu ” ghostliness plane ” , south Xie Xiang ” Shenzhen poem chapter ” with Yu Wenhao ” it is in the morning in arboretum ” . ” the hill in ” the poem that collects an author to He Zhaoxin is published in last few years and had be notted publish in all is made in all more than 190, time span more than 10 years, the overall view that in recent years poetry creates He Zhaoxin was reflected on certain level, the growing move of the gender with brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy is extended for nothing when having. This book cent is 4 small part: “Before wind comes ” ” come late have wind ” ” moon and sea ” ” secret condition ” 深圳QM社区. The poem makes attention countryside and city, arrive from reality ideal, arrive from detail heart, grab the spoondrift of each life, the popular feeling of poetry force warmth that uses a convention. The poem makes pursuit elegant and refined, pure and fresh meaning accumulate, have sagacious and dark thought reason already, the human affection of full of and full-bodied lingering. ” ghostliness plane ” the poem that collected Lvbubu to came to was created 2018 2013, and partial poetics essay. In the times that we live, face richer the condition that has energy more, the bounds of writing has disappeared, cloth of author Lv cloth is in those who endeavor to understand this period is insignificant with great place. To the recall of Shi Zhe and even intellectual itself and form model, to the practice of the life, experience and observe, write ” must write down ” language, update the administrative levels feeling of poetry and information content, how the person that reflect a contemporary writing understands in fluctuant time ” the person’s humanness ” . ” Shenzhen poem chapter ” it is the poetry that writes in recent years south poetic Xie Xiang is made newly, peotry anthology undertook distributing part to the theme greatly according to what the poem writes. The first collect ” the basis of the life ” , what basically choose is the poem that to real life wisdom sex discovers is made; The 2nd collect ” with hairpiece love ” of main compile is to keep love, close passion, reach the poem that handles to affection to make; The 3rd collect ” painful, carry full passenger ” of main compile is to write the place of contemporary u龙岗活最全的休闲会所rbanite, person and the verse that have life keenly feel to make; The 4th collect ” video poem chapter ” those who choose is a basis photograph and video and a series of versicle of creation, inspect region broad, have exploration and experimental sex. ” it is in the morning in arboretum ” this anthology, criterion the poem that grand of compile beyond article begins heretofore to be written afresh from 2004 goes, in all 207. Content distributes part, the observation that includes real life is mixed realistically lyric, the longing of the recall that lived in the past and birthplace old friend, ponder over express naturally with what the person concerns, of love search reach expression. Poetry holds to realistic now Shi Chao, of character have simple and content, genuine and moving. ? ” southern and narrative a series of books ” Luo Hu district of city of vice-chairman of association of writer of city of chief editor, Shenzhen, Shenzhen is made assist chairman, ” Luo Hu is literary ” chief editor Wu Yading.

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