Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Artistic road is boundless, famous artist Chen Xiangbo searchs up and down all the time, his work brings the artistic world with Anacreontic and pure and fresh one party for us. Afterwards was in famous artist Chen Xiangbo 2016 Chinese art gallery, in Suzhou art gallery was held 2018 after exhibiting again important exhibit, in season of this warm winter, the audience with roc city ” 0 distances ” face-to-face.
By Shenzhen city wide report of culture of collect lake area travels sports bureau and combination of association of Shenzhen city artist are sponsorred, collect lake art gallery, 318 artistic nets undertake, fund of commonweal of art of meeting · Chen Xiangbo mixes Shenzhen city charity alumni association of deep harbor of Guangzhou academy of fine arts 深圳伴游预定assist those who do ” Hunan water aftereffect — Chen Xiangbo work is exhibited ” was in Shenzhen city a few days agSngod蒲神o Luo Hu art gallery kicks off. Chen Xiangbo presents work to collect lake art gallery ” Grain Rain winter jasmine is unripe ” . Exhibit this through the plan that try to be unique, the audience that gives roc city brought the exhibition of a high quality, the audience can draw wind scholar through this batch elegant, writing experiences painter Chen Xiangbo in masterly work assiduous artistic pursuit, feelings and have an individual to differentiate spend and the artistic style of distinctive scene. According to plan the Yu Yanfeng that exhibit a person, Liu Zhenwen introduces, this exhibits cent to be ” spring ” ” summer ” ” autumn ” ” winter ” ” predestined relationship of settleclear heart buddhist ” and ” lucky rat winter jasmine ” 6 themes, showpiece high-quality goods master piece 101, cover the subject matter such as traditional Chinese realistic painting characterized by fine brushwork and close attention to detail, enjoyable, line drawing. The interior course of Chen Xiangbo of description of relatively comprehensive ground and art go after item on display, no matter be the technicality exploration that writes ability law to go up in labour, the case other people that still is solar term of pair of painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style is sent know, present the indefatigable exploration on the road that Chen Xiangbo is drawing with brand-new appearance. Your beautiful writing drifting cheer all shows artistic trait to watch Chen Xiangbo’s stroke, colour Zhang Hua sees first, picture full paper, answer see delicate spare time is tough, if water is tender. Chen Xiangbo exerts oneself to do sth. the biggest, with affection the deepest traditional Chinese realistic painting characterized by fine brushwork and close attention to detail is drawn, having fluent and fine龙岗桃花源休闲会所188 line, accurate and the coloring of quietly elegant, constitute pure and fresh and composed picture effect. Fine fine article admire ” spring, summer, autumn, winter ” when the picture is made, the audience can be experienced get fish of bug of painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style the affection section law of the life division law in harships life and author is interlinked corresponding, present the rich sex of natural life and uniqueness thereby come out. Fish of bug of natural scenery, flowers and plants, have oneself individual life, its fore-and-aft gemmiparous come into leaf blossoms the life contrail that die of old age, with the land of country of snow of pair of transverse rain of hardships of a journey or of one’s life, life bear lose and experience, it is change boundless imply is endle深圳滨海水会398有什么服务ss. “Predestined r深圳外围联系微信elationship of settleclear heart buddhist ” present Chen Xiangbo to be opposite the appreciate of Buddha culture, what he says no less than: “Art matter can say is the artist is realized to the buddhist of the boundless universe, through advocate objective shine upon seeks copy way with poetics picture meaning. So, what China draws is clever with gas charm it is the heart picture that essence of life takes, be learn to raise reveal, be character outside excessive, be freedom is indicative. Alleged picture is tasted, be a heart to realize rank. ” Chen Xiangbo insists every year to create an any of the twelve an深圳桑拿休闲会所预约imals subject matter, not exceptional also this year. “Lucky rat winter jasmine ” it is Chen Xiangbo during coming to receive New Year and creation, in this one theme Chen Xiangbo uses brushwork of water ink freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, outline the shape of lucky rat with water Chinese ink, calligraphy deserves to reach running hand with seal word, not only abounded a picture, built strong traditional interest and section to celebrate colour at the same time. See Chen Xiangbo’s picture, it is artistic ablution not only, it is the satori of life more. Casting of culture of Hunan another name for Guangdong Province thinks with respect to artistic scene essayist, in life course of Chen Xiangbo, hunan another name for Guangdong Province is humanitarian those who grind synthesis to be his establish one’s reputation as an authority is the biggest shove a hand. Zou Chuanan and Guan Shan month, save labour strokes Great Master for Hunan, send thumb for the picture austral mountain, it is the adviser of Chen Xiangbo bear in mind constantly. The road of the creation that Mr Zou Chuanan is in beauty of Guangzhou of Chen Xiangbo attend school the first year of the courtyard to bring him painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style of drawing of go to work, gentleman of month closing hill receives him to teach its to read painting and calligraphy to draw to close door child in old age, development is natural, face the life. Hunan regards the creation of labour strokes as strong province, make Chen Xiangbo had the energy of life end the massiness of creation; Style of the drawing austral mountain pays attention to paint from life, be in harmony collects the length with painterly Chinese and Western, a person of extraordinary powers of picture atmosphere merry and lively, writing vertical, colour is dripping wet of pure and fresh, moisture, dizzy catch even wait 深圳罗湖kbfor a characteristic, excessive of more than 30 years of dip among them Chen Xiangbo,深圳休闲会所排行 had the clever gas of creation and heroic spirit naturally. Shenzhen is an emigrant city, modernization and internationalization are the pursuit of Shenzhen. In the process that moves toward modernization and internationalization in Shenzhen, humanitarian adjusting is the majorrest theme and the most powerful thrust certainly. What Chen Xiangbo’s work has pair of traditional ability ways is successive, h罗湖 明珠555骚琳ave the passion of pair of natural zoology, have the taste of pair of Buddhist culture, have an eye of pair of lake Hunan scenery, can see Hunan another name for Guangdong Province is humanitarian adjust gift he makes a picture for the person with powerful energy. Accordingly, shortly will be crossed year during, city is built 40 years in Shenzhen, be about to receive the hour that establishs a special economic zone 40 years, art gallery of Shenzhen city collect lake exhibits ” Hunan water aftereffect — Chen Xiangbo work is exhibited ” those who be different district is humanitarian how to adjust the example that provided a success, in the meantime, establish tribute 40 years to Shenzhen special economic zon深圳js会所e with artistic high-quality goods. It is reported, this is exhibited exhibit to on December 26, the citizen can be headed for view and admire. ” Grain Rain winter jasmine is unripe ” paper this fill in colors on a sketch 2016 ” Xia Yin of · of the four seasons ” paper this fill in colors on a sketch 2011 Chen Xiangbo

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