Dispatch of network of collect lake home: A romantic wedding march, an a grand marriage gauze, very straight business suit, comprised turn one’s head of an old age the better collective former days is bridal. Recently, huang Bei is street party of happy scene community group the se深圳沐足有包吹吗rvice center falls in the support of Party committee of happy scene community, 12 pairs of senile couples are in area under administration of organization of community company labor happy scene garden experienced marriage gauze films jointly reach collective wedding, among them marriageable age of Zhou Zumin, Li Yuanlian’s couple is the longest, already had gone hand in hand 52 carry. Before camera lens, deep feeling of week plum couple is right look. The street love that offer a plan ” long-distance running ” be fond of a knot 9 years to join manage soldier family at the National Day, regard the important composition of social community as the cell, what have average family already is run-of-mill, have certain specific characteristics again. The home of young soldier, have get together to leave much test less, also have good interest interweave; Have the confluence of close love affection, what also have disposition feelings is complementary. Zhou Zumin and Li Yuanlian’s couple are husband and wives of such a pair of soldiers. On October 1, 1967, zhou Zumin and Li Yuanlian are fond of a knot this day to connect manage in the National Day. When speaking of love, two people have different view unexpectedly. “We are parental introductions, be equivalent to ‘ arranged marriage ‘ , ” Li Yuanlian answers one’s voice in speech to did not fall, zhou Zumin is grabbing an explanation: “Also be free love actually, because meet the first times,liked to go up. ” the 香水湾休闲水会有什么服务elder sister’s husband of Zhou Zumin’s father and Li Yuanlian is a colleague, get along in two in the process, its and wife took a fancy to Li Yuanlian’s guileless, said this marriage for the son, but when meeting for the first time, zhou Zumin and Li Yuanlian fell i深圳足浴按摩哪里好n love at first sight, began amative time. When two people love, zhou Zumin still reads in the school, li Yuanlian is in a country native place, they experienced the love that is as long as 9 years ” long-distance running ” , till 1967 two talents are fond of a knot to connect manage. “That moment marries or carry with a large bamboo or wicker basket dotal get married, mosquito-curtain of quilt of the mount in a large bamboo or wicker basket, ate a meal to be finished together with family. ” Li Yuanlian corners of the mouth go up slightly raise, tell an as simple at that time as the old partner spousal, also reveal happy look. To re广州四季酒店沐足view in those days the sort of feeling, li Yuanlian is in be informed happy scene community to hold better collective wedding again, put forward to want to attend to Zhou Zumin for a short while, “Also invited us on one year, but feel at that time the old couple does not want so disgusting, when inviting us again this year, I want to attend particularly! ” respecting this, li Yuanlian appea水围轻松释站会所rs very excited with excited, “Attend today as expected very happy, put on marriage gauze to feel he changes again answer young girl! ” the invitation that expresses to thank community very much. Li Yuanlian reveals the clothing that the old partner makes with one’s own hands for her. The other side of consideration of the street everything that offer a plan is experienced ” last ” marriage has tricks of the trade the 3rd year 1961 is their love, zhou Zumin is a soldier in Changsha, li Yuanlian converts labor in West Hunan bosom, and be in a commune should go up woman section chief; “Although she did not read a few years of books, but all the time very very aspirant, laborious. ” speak of able wife, zhou Zumin is profuse in praise. Space a few years that of two ground, they can be given priority to with writing letter news report only, place of song of no less than sings: “Former day color becomes slow, car horse mail is slow… ” a letter sends half month to go, but also do not affect them fine narrate worry of the daily life of a family, pour. Zhou Zumin eye hopes distance is immersed in memory, and the story when tirelessly path will express feeling in order to believe: Corduroy in a certain moment sudden popularity rises, li Yuanlian’s elder brother’s wife, elder sister and circumjacent friend wait to also have clothes of a corduroy in succession, only alone the Li Yuanlian that oneself do not have disclosed the wish that wishs a corduroy in the letter, the Zhou Zumin that is a soldier in Guangzhou at that time to satisfy a wife, walk along Guangzhou to buy a more beautiful pattern, send jacket of country of a country’s rare corduroy of design and color finally. “She is wearing corduroy of this design and color at that time, tremendous sensation was caused in home village or town, everybody feels particularly modern! ” Zhou Zumin is delimiting with hand comparing say, aside Li Yuanlian also laughs so that spend branch chaos to quiver. 1968, zhou Zumin becomes barback cadre when, li Yuanlian also was reunited with the husband eventually by tone. After this, two couples ended the life that two ground live apart truly. In Guangzhou the job lived 13 years aft深圳福田最好的水疗er 1971 hind, zhou Zumin Li Yuanlian’s couple was moved to Shenzhen 1984, the construction that participates in a special zone works until emeritus. Lived 40 years jointly, two husband and wife think consistently, for marriage ” last ” recipe is mutual respect, consider the feeling of the other side more. “No matter important matter bagatelle, I know he won’t have what opinion, I am willing to ask how he looks. ” come for years Li Yuanlian is in charge of doing the size thing outside the home in the home, and marital Zhou Zumin also all along the meaning down the wife, think ” want her only (Li Yuanlian) happy good, my what is OK ” . After Zhou Zumin Li Yuanlian’s couple puts on suit and marriage gauze, speak bluntly returns young time again. Street for the graph ” I also know the individual character that she knows me her disposition ” ” we do not quarrel! ” Li Yuanlian laugh is breathed out breathe out the ground to say, “When having contradiction, do not have a thing basically at a draught, two people tell do not have a thing, it is good that we said the word namely, never of of the previous night. “Circumjacent person envies us a few, she knows my individual character, I also know her disposition. ” Zhou Zumin complements. Respecting likes the other side most which, li Yuanlian replies wittily: “Like him to love to pull the land most. ” say to covering the mouth laughed. Zhou Zumin is tightened reply then, she is best is laborious, able, and very remember with concern he, “A lot of things in the home I no matter, it is she is done calm, I need not worry about the thing in the home. If I was away on official business two days, she is remembering with concern I cal清原县洗浴哪家好l to me, very c逸豪会所怎么样onsi玉林保健按摩derate. ” Li Yuanlian sees the old partne摩雅7号足浴水疗会所怎么样r replies seriously so, also express: “He is best loved to do chore namely, in the home I am basic be to need not do chore, what he is willing to assume. After retiring, still made a lot of clothings to me. ” speak of to make the clothing, zhou Zumin also in high spirits, speak of very proudly: “In the home patchy be my bag, sewing machine also is euqally. ” Liyuan is cold-shouldering week of Zu Mintai to get a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument on lotus mouth, but very happy still take the clothes reveal, look reach Li Yuanlian often is worn go up in the body, mood is very happy: “He himself does what I wear. ” after Zhou Zumin says he is emeritus also idle does not come down, begin to learn to make the clothing, do not know dimension ravels Li Yuanlian’s dress, folding newspaper to cut fall to be able to repeat used. Be like like making the clothing, want to make a clothing that makes the other side formfitting, be unavoidable to spend time to spend kongfu to go measurement and cut out, love, marriage also is such, each other know the other side and make corresponding change for the other side, the life ability enough experience of two people is long cover is new.

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